Throwback Thursday #2

I didn't link up with WW, and Midweek Randoms this week, because, well, I didn't feel like it;) Anyhoo...I will blog more tomorrow (five on Friday!), but for now, here is a pic for TT:)

I thought I could turn this, so I am sorry that it is on it's side. This is me on my 11th bday (I think). My two brothers are beside me.


Anonymous said…
I love old pictures!!! especially birthday ones.

Did you try to right click on the photo and the select the rotate right or left button. Also if you have a photo editor you can, if you don't pixlr is free!!!

Love the photo :)

Yah, I did;( Oh well..most of them aren't like that...Thanks for the pixir tidbit:) Thanks for liking my photo!

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