5 on Friday/Random 5/Let's Be Friends Link ups.

Happy Friday!

Did anyone notice that I took a couple of days off from blogging? Did anyone miss me? Naw..I thought not:)

I hope everyone's week went well. Mine went ok...I have LOTS of random things to share. I will try to keep them short, though.

First...5 on Friday
1. On Monday (?) a friend from my home church came into to town and took me to dinner. We are keeping her car while she flies East for a couple of weeks. She is such a sweetheart, and would do anything for you. So for thanking us for keeping her car, she took me out (hubby stayed at home). We went to White Spot, which is a BC favourite, and had a great time. The food wasn't quite as good as it normally is, but the conversation more than made up for it. Their milkshakes are always good!
2. I have been hanging out with my neighbour a lot. We hung out a bit last weekend, and we have been texting a lot this week. We will probably get together this wknd for a Brideszilla fest:)
3. We got The Big Bang Theory season 6 yesterday. We spent the rest of our night watching it. I love that show! We spent a good part of each episode
4. Have I mentioned to you on how much I like C0stco? They have cheap(er) movies/dvds (W@lmart was selling TBBT for over $40, C had them for just under $30). Their gas is cheaper than the rest of this town, and their magazines are cheaper, and they come in a day early than everywhere else, and you can get yummy (fast) food for a good price.
5. Hubby and I had date night at C0stco last night. We had fun...walking the aisles sampling free food (sadly, they were closing down as we got there), and losing each other. We had supper at their "food court" and then went home to watch TBBT.
5.1. I am loving DA. I am in the middle of season 2. I may have to buy it. All 3 seasons. Yes, I know. I am sad. Or something. I really do like that show, though.
5.2. I told you a while back that I love Zedge. I spent a few minutes the other day downloading autumn wallpapers.
And now for the next part of my post...
1. I applied for a few jobs this week. Sadly, nothing has come from them. I do have an interview at a place that I dropped off a resume awhile back. I am for the most part taking a break from job hunting right now.
2. Celine Dion has a new CD coming out in November. I will be in line to buy it, for sure. I also want to get KU's new CD. I nearly bought it yesterday, but I restrained myself.
Yes, I am an unashamed fan. I love her. I think I have all (or at least most) of her CD's/
3. I entered our local TV Stations photo contest on FB.
What do you think? You think I have a shot?
4. Along that line, I saw my first Autumn tree the other day. I was sad/happy both at once:) Fall is nearly here!
5 My AV program has expired, so I am looking for a new one (preferably free) to download. I think I found one. Have to ask hubby first.
5.1. I can't let this wk go without acknowledging 9/11. That will be one day in history that I will remember where I was, and what I was doing. I will never forget. Hubby spent most of the day watching 9/11 stuff on TV. I find it too sad to watch it over and over again (and to be honest, it kind of becomes the same after awhile), but the bit I did watch made me remember. Although we Canadians were "safe", we were all too well made aware of it, as most every airport all over the country (and essentially, the world), was closed for a few days. I know that some Canadians were also killed that day (don't remember the numbers, I know..bad me).
5.2. I am really trying to take better care of myself. You know, brush my teeth, put on night cream, take me meds more effiantly, am trying to eat better. That sort of thing.
5.3 I have been debating about joining Lindken. Is it worth it?
5.4 Judge Judy is now airing new episodes!! I love that woman!
5.5. Hubby and I spent Tuesday night watching TV. Hwy Thru Hell, WDYTYA, TLC, and some BBT's on TV. Fun night.
5.6 . I had my last texting convo with my sister for the next three months on Sunday. I miss her so much! While she is away, I have on my Big Sis necklace. I hope she has hers on, too:)
5.7 We have crazy party people living in the complex below us (they are still in the same development, just a different unit). They are nice enough, but can get noisy (esp with their music blaring). At least the only time we hear it is when they blare it in the parking lot.
Well, that is more than enough for today!
After work, I am heading to SBX, then to the mall:)


Nancy said…
AV? SBX? I'm so old... not sure what these are, but thanks so much for sharing your week with us at R5F! :)
HI Nancy:) Av=Antivirus. SBSX = Starbucks:)
LisaS said…
Happy Friday! -Yeah, we like to hang out at Costco too sometimes. Wait until Saturday...the free samples seem to be more profuse ;)
augcott said…
5 on Friday AND Random 5!!!!
LOL ... Good for you.
Free samples at Costco are always good .... but sometimes I swear it looks like most people haven't eaten in days!!!! LOL
HI Lisa..that is TOO funny! I JUST NOW saw and commented on your blog/post:) We are LU neighbours on ARJ:) Yes, I love Costco on Sats, too. I love the free samples..I am bad,because I love to go back more than once
Nicole said…
ahhh! love downton abbey! i cannot wait for the new season in just a few more months.

found your blog tonight via a comment you left on 'i love you my dear'.

happy monday, friend!

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