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As much as I LOVE link ups (and I do!!), I only seem to be blogging when it is LU day, which is fine, but I really haven't been doing real blog posts, lately. You know, the ones where I share my heart, and leave you crying :) Seriously, though,  I think I will do a real blog post tomorrow. I will probably still link up, but I will try to write out some things that have been on my heart and mind. I hope no one minds that/when/if I link up with other bloggers. I love meeting new people, and I like it when people come and say hi on my blog (or even just check it out). I have been really feeling the pressure to blog lately...with every day there seems to be some kind of link up, so I feel that I "have" to blog, so I can link up, etc. I didn't even participate in TTOT this week. That was partly due to my not having my laptop at work with me on Saturday.

Ok, so with out further are some ramblings...

This wknd was pretty slow, quiet, and even a bit boring, but it was still good.

Friday, I worked all day (that is when I blogged last), and I treated myself to SBX, and relaxed and read mags, etc. I went to the mall, and wandered around, and had super in the food court. Hubby stayed at home. I enjoyed wandering around and looking for and buying nothing at all. In the end, I did buy some PJ's that ended up being a bit too small. Oops! I came home around 8 or so, and relaxed. I went to my friends for an hour or so, and we had chocolate and tea, and watched Bridezillas. I love that show!  She wasn't feeling well, so I didn't stay too long. Just came home and relaxed for the rest of the evening. I have been going to bed late and getting up ridiculously late. I hate that. I have no clue, either.

Saturday, I went to get some new bedding to match our autumn-coloured duvet cover. Grabbed SBX, and went to work. I didn't have my computer, as hubby was working on it. I read books and mags. I ran a few errands after work, and I grabbed dinner at McD's, as hubby wasn't feeling well. I wasn't feeling well, either, but I was hungry, so I ate anyway. Hubby wasn't feeling well over the wknd, so we didn't do too much together. I went to my friends house on Saturday night. We watched some episodes of BZ, and she was wanting pizza, so we went on a late night run to the pizza parlour, and then went to 7-11 to grab more snacks/slurpees. Went back to her place until around midnight. I went to sleep around 12:30, and hubby didn't come into bed until around 2:30. He got into a movie.

Sunday, we totally lazed around all day. We even skipped church. I know. Bad. I watched Y&;R, and the rest of DA. I am ready for season 3 to become available at the library now. I did leave for a few minutes, only to take back some books at the library drop off at the mall, and then I came straight back. We watched Big Bang (we are nearly done season 6 already!!), and went to bed. We watched an epi of ER. We have to stay true to our favourite TV show, you know:)

Today, so far, I slept in late (I won't state until what time), read my book, chatted with hubby, called a friend, had a bath, got ready for the day, and ran a few errands, and came to work. Not sure what my plans are after work...I know I am getting a cheesecake, I think the rest of the evening, I will just stay home and relax. The final TARC is on tonight!!!  Spaghetti is on the menu tonight..Yum

Here are some pictures from the wknd. Not a lot...but a few that I captured.
My (our) new bedding. The duvet cover we already had. The colours are purple, yellow, and red.

The sheets in their pkg.

KitKat sitting on top of Hubby. Hubby has the pillow over him, and kitty sat on the pillow.
Kitty drinking out of my cup of iced water.
My new PJ`s. I used to (well, I still do, really) have a PJ fetish. I used to get a pair a week. True story. I got another pair last wk for three bucks. They are SO comfy! These were nearly twenty bucks, and not quite as comfy, but they are still nice. The bottoms are shorts.
I am nearly done this book. I really do like it.

One of the autumn-themed wall papers I downloaded from Zedge the other day.
This was taken just a few minutes ago. It has been raining on and off all day. There is currently an accident near my work. It is also rush hour. Our city is fairly small, an we don't have a lot of traffic plug ups when there is RH, but this is one of the places where it does get plugged up.
I couldn't end this post without a starbucks pic:) This was my breakfast and lunch on Saturday.
This has taken me over an hour to do...btwn pictures, etc.
Have a great week!


Regine Karpel said…
Cute kitty!
leelee said…
Great new bedding. It looks so comfortable and inviting.
Jessica said…
glad you had a fun but relaxing weekend!

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