Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Muse #1

Just a quick (I promise!!) post to link up with Nancy at A Rural Journal. I don't think I have participated in this before, but I had a photo that I wanted share (well, I have a lot I want to share, but I will only share one). I actually shared it on my earlier post today.

This is what the temp was when I got up this morning, at 8 am
True Story.
Here was the temps at noon.
Yup. I am wearing pants. And I have the heat on at work:) Another true story!!!


Nancy said...

It was rather chilly here today, but not that cold! Yikes~

Mary Hill said...

We are still in the 70s F and 80s in the deep US South. It is nippy for us at 50 F.

Thanks for the visit to my blog today. I also followed your linky and found a new hop. ;)

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Sky-Ann @ The Little Button said...

Hi April, the other day it was chilly and we had to turn on the heat too, but crazy today I step out to get the mail in a sweater and I was so hot...had to come home and change!!! Whats up with the weather???? lol