TToT #10

Most of this wks TToT will be from yesterdays post, but I wanted to add a few more things.

To be honest, I am finding it hard to be thankful right now. Our power company wants me to pay a security deposit of over $100 (after me being with them for over 7 years), I am frustrated with some people in my life right now...and I didn't get the job that I thought I was going to get. When I left work yesterday, I was in a  bit of a fowl mood. I flew off the handle in two groups (one of which I created and managed), and I felt bad about both of them, so I deleted the one in my group and the other was deleted in the other. I was just all round grumpy and tired  I called up my neighbour and friend to see if she wanted to grab a drink or a bite to eat. It ended up working out for her, so after grabbing supper at home (perogies and sausages,..yum!), we went to a local pub (read PUB, not bar!) and had drinks and a snack. I had a soft cider...yum!! We went to the mall, and then to Walmart. It was a fun evening, and I felt better afterwards. I went to bed almost as soon as I came home.

So, to add on to yesterdays TToT, here are some extra's.

1. Girls Night (see above).

2. Nectarines. I can't believe they are still around! I grabbed a few last night. I had one in my breakfast this morning.

It looks gross, but it is good. Really. I may have to get a few more after work.

3. My free drink at Starbucks. I used it today instead of yesterday. It is good, as usual.

4. I am in a group called Bloppy Bloggers on FB, and I really like it. I actually left, and then right away came back, because I realised that I really wanted to be in it. I love connecting with other bloggers.

5. Bebop called me last week. It was hysterical:) We "talked" for a few minutes, then we said goodbye, and he called me again (on his own). He cracks me up! I miss them. A lot.

6. I already posted about this yesterday, but I am thankful for "Screamers". I had me one the other day. It was such a lovely day, and I sat out on our greenspace and read and enjoyed the summer treat!

7. Again, I already posted about this, but I am thankful for family. I had fun posting a bunch of pictures on FB (I took pictures of the pictures), from when I was a baby. I was very sick as a baby, and there a lot of pics of me with family members who loved on me. They drove up to 8+ hours (sometimes longer) to see me. Although Mom didn't stay with me like moms would do now when their babies are sick, she did the best she could at that time. A LOT of prayers went up on my behalf.

8. So I guess this leads me into my next TToT...MEMORIES. I also uploaded pics of when I was growing up. I had SO MANY fun memories growing up :) I even uploaded pics from when I was still single and living on my own. Fun times, for sure. It sometimes seems like a life time a go, but I smiled with EVERY picture I put up.

9. This Blog. I love this blog. Yes, I journal, and that where I put stuff I don't want anyone to see, but I love this blog, as a way of allowing people to see what it is like to be an infertile couple.

10. The cooler weather. I am happy that we have been having some cooler weather this week. I am still wearing my Capri's though.

Well, I guess I DID find 10 more things to be thankful for! Whaddya know!!!

Happy Saturday!

Here is another post that I wrote the other day on my thoughts about my life in general.

Thank you always, to Liz for doing this each week, and for allowing me to participate.
I didn't do this last week, as my hubby had my computer (he was working on it), and I didn't feel like doing it on Sunday. I missed not doing it:)


Zoe Byrd said…
We all have a right to be uptight once in awhile but I know what you mean because whenever I act on it I usually feel worse. I'm so glad you have a really good friend you can go out and pub with and kudos to you for calling her. I can't tell you how many times I just made it worse by sitting home and moping. I hope you feel better and I hope the rest of the week goes better for you. If it helps at all I look forward to reading your post and I missed you last week!
Zoe Byrd said…
oh yeah I wanted to ask what was that Starbucks concoction? It looks awesome.
Considerer said…
Wahey! I'm really glad you managed to find ten more, in spite of not feeling very confident about it.

I hope the power company thing gets unsnaggled soon - that doesn't sound fun.
Hi Zoe. It is a Salted Caramel Mocha. I asked for some more whipped cream (after I took a few sips) and salt so that I could take a pic, but he accidentally put cinnamon on it. It was ok, though. B/C I asked for extra, and I was in a hurry, and I didn't ask him to scoop off the WC and get more.
Christine said…
FYI: this is a comment for both yesterday and today's posts. :)

I used to use Melalucah! (or however it is you spell it) The one person I knew to sell it quit, so I haven't had any for several years now. It was good, I have to admit.

I'm glad you had a friend to call when you were grumpy. A good girls' night out always puts me in a better mood, too.

Glad you are back this week!
C Farley said…
I agree with the others, it is part of the real (in reality) that things get too far...
friends and others are the way to keep it (a mood like that) from becoming harmful to oneself...
Kristi said…
I also enjoy looking through photos and reviewing the associated memories.
See, there's always something to be thankful for, even in a craptastic week.

I got a box of old family photos from my parents' house last time I was visiting and brought it home with me. I'm going to go through them and scan them into the computer. Many are old (and I mean OLD) polaroids that are faded.

p.s. I love the cooler weather, too, but am also still wearing my capris. Just can't give in yet!
I hear you about the Capri's, Dyanne!!! I cant seem to give in, either:) I am wearing pants today, and I am COLD:) So fun about old pics!! Gotta love the old faded poloroids! I am sure they thought they were on to something when they invented those, right? I remember I thought it was soo cool when I discovered them..then it was 1 hour photos. I remember thinking "it was just an hour ago that these were taken, how weird is that"? How far we have come:) Thanks for stopping by!
icansaymama said…
Wow, you still got to wear your Capri's! The times of summer clothes are officially over here, unfortunately.

I love nectarines, too!

And I am really glad that the girls night with your neighbour cound change your mood!

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