Tell us Tuesday/Wild Card Wednesday Link up.

If you have been following me for anything length of time (ok, in the last couple months) you know that I love link ups, and I found yet ANOTHER one to link up with. It is going to be a short one, because I am tired, and I don't feel like saying much today. So, since it is still Tuesday, where I am, and it is Wednesday everywhere else, I thought I would do it now:)
So, today hasn't been the best day. I woke up in an ok mood, but the day just went down hill from there. I won't go into all of it, but suffice it to say, it just wasn't that great. I was grumpy, I was sad, I was frustrated. Pretty much everything was ticking me off. I did manage to get dressed up semi-nice and go out and drop off a few resumes today, which did make me feel better. I spent the morning connect with family and friends over the phone, which was also good. My parents are coming home for Alberta today, so I didn't bother them while they were on the road. I spent some time talking with God today. I was basically just pleading, and crying with Him to please provide me with something. I am getting frustrated with job hunting. I am getting some more hours at the store this week, so that is great news, too. I also went to school to see if they would buy back a book (they wouldn't, it only cost $13), and it was the first day back, and I was sad, wishing that I was going back to school today, too.
Kitty threw up, and whatever he is eating is making a big stink in our small apartment. I can hardly stand it. Ugh! He threw up about three or 4 times today. Hubby isn't feeling well. Last night, he thought he was getting Strep Throat. He really wasn't well today at all. He asked me to go out and grab some soup and crackers, which I did.
Well, that is the short version of our day. I did manage to get Season two of Downton Abbey from the library today. By the end of the day, I really wanted carbs and chocolate...I only was able to have the carbs. So sad, but probably healthier. I did manage to have a J3llo pudding, which was really good, although not chocolate. (I forgot to grab some chocolatey goodness for myself).
Tonight, Hubby and I hung out and watched TV, HwyThruHell, and The Little Couple and WDYTYA. Next week Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) will be on! So happy! I actually nearly cried as we were watching TLC (on as little Will came on. My yearning for a baby is bad today.
I really miss my family. I don't even know why. I wish we could have all gotten together this past wknd. I wish all my sibs could be together and hang out. I miss. them.
Oh, one thing that I didn't talk about (much) over the wknd, and yesterday, was that my brother, his wife and Little Miss came through. We all met at Starbucks (of course!), and we all enjoyed a very fun hour chatting and holding LM. I think that was the highlight of my week; oh and hanging with my sisters the Monday before. I think I already mentioned that. Such fun!
 I have no clue as to how I got blue writing. Maybe it works, since I was feeling blue today!
Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention was that hubby and I watched Ep!c on Sat evening. It was actually pretty good!
Happy Tuesday/Wednesday.


Anonymous said…
Hi April, Life is full of ups and downs but always remember God is with you through it all. Even though we may not understand why things are happening God has a plan for you. So hang in there. I am sending a smile your way and wishing you a great week.

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