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Happy Monday!!!
As I write this, I am really tired, and I have no clue why. I could really just fall asleep. I am at work, so falling asleep is not an option:) We did get some new stuff for the store today, so I have been having fun going through that:)
A couple of things that I didn't mention on Friday;
My friend informed me that her and her family are moving back to town! They lived here about 5 years ago, and we lived (and still do) near them, but we never really took full advantage of it, so when they moved, I was sad. So, when she told me last week that they were coming back, well, I was very happy. It may have made my week!!!
Hubby had an apt last week that I have been trying to get him to for ages. He finally went. It was very positive and encouraging. I feel hopeful that good things will come out of that.
As I type this, I very nearly crying. I am really stressed, with EVERYTHING, and when I tried to tell hubby that I was stressed, he wanted to know what I was stressed about:) I tried to tell him, but I think he thought I was nutz:)
I hope this week is a good and positive week, for both of us!!!
My weekend started out by my getting my blood drawn. Let me tell you, it is never a pretty sight when that gets done! I have small veins, and well, you know.

Yes, that is my bruise...and they poked me 3 other times. Thankfully, this was by far the worst of it.
I got some had some coffee from home, which I happily drank after my test (I had to fast). At noon, hubby and I met up with my aunt and uncle for a quick coffee/lunch at, you guessed it, Starbucks. We had a nice chat, and then we all went our separate ways. Friday night, we had fish and chips. There is a new fish market that opened in town, and their fish is very fresh!! And good. And expensive. But it is worth every penny. Ours cost about $15 for one huge fillet. He cooked them and the fries in the deep fryer (where our house still smells like oil), and we ate in front of the TV (we always do). I spent the evening watching tv, playing my games (FHS, and CCS), and watched shows on our PVR. I actually have no clue as to what I did Friday evening. Not much, but it was nice, that's for sure. I am pretty sure I wasted my evening watching TV:)
I know that hubby fell asleep on the couch. Even our cat was wondering what was up :)
Saturday, I went with my friend to an Avon Sales Mtng that was out of town. I got packed, ran to the dollar store, watched my cooking show, got ready to go, ate breaky and was all ready by 11:)

After she quick stop at Tim's we were on our way!
Yes, I took a selfie. So sue me:)
The weather wasn't exactly road trip driving - worthy, but it was nice, nonetheless.
We got there early, so we wandered around the town a bit. Sadly, it was raining there, too, so we couldn't exactly be walking tourists, but it was nice to see another town. I have only been there once or twice, and that was just driving through.
The mtng went long, but it was nice, and I am getting excited about selling Avon again:) I even got some free swag to take home:)
I was planning on going to my parents Sat night, but the mtng ran later than we thought (and it started late), and since it gets dark around 7:30 now, and I hate driving in the dark, and it looked like it was going to rain, I decided to put it off until Sunday. Anker and I watched Employee of the Month, and Made of Honor. So, we had some nice time together.
Hubby decided that he didn't want to come (don't get me started), so off I went on my own. The time away was great. I got to church at the last song, and the service was great. I was in a bit of a bad mood, but after visiting with people, I felt a bit better.
Spent the day with SIL, and of course, playing with the puppies. We had a great afternoon together. We had tea, toast and tomato soup in front of the fire. We chatted about and looked through Avon stuff, and we talked with Mom and Dad, too.
One that I felt was really odd was not having my other siblings there! With S, A, and V all off on their adventures, it only left Baby Brother #5 as the only sibling left who lives there, and of course J (they live SIL's parents place), so it was VERY quiet!!!
 I dropped her off, and we had pie that my brother made, and I went back, and played with the puppies some more. Just relaxed in the evening. I showed my parents how to work their new PVR, and we watched Two Weeks Notice. Played on my computer during and after the movie, and went to sleep.
This morning, got up early (for me), had breaky, played with the puppies, answered the phone (our house is a very place), and got the car ready (gas, air) for the trip. I met up with SIL again for coffee on my way back.
Cheesecake Cherry Chocolate Tart. Yes. I had one. Yummy!

                                                        I had their PSL. It was pretty good:)
I got some fresh corn. I am a happy girl!
And some eggs....oh yes, I did:)

And now for the stars of this post....

My brothers dog Ginger, had her SECOND little (NOT planned) in 10 months!! No worries. This will be last, apparently. She seems to enjoy the male companionship a little TOO MUCH! She had them the end of August (not sure of the date..late 20's), and they are 5 wks old. And they are looking for homes. And yes, we want at least one. But we can't. And that makes me sad. Sigh! She had 8; 4 of each. I tried to get pics of all 8, but I wasn't that successful.
They are at such a fun age right now. They don't goo too far, but you have to be careful you don't run over them when you come and visit. This little one actually made it up my parents' steps (which is no small fete, as they are kind of big steps), and got into her Mama's food. They are so roly-poly right now. And I may or may not have taken a couple into the house. Maybe. I hope that at least a few of them will be there in two weeks. Even though they are a bit of a pain (selling, etc), they sure make everyone smile. Dad even wanted to see the pics I had taken of the puppies (and he lives there!). Is it wrong to want to put stunters in them so they stay that size?
Some of the pictures I took were blurry...

                           haha...Ginger (the mom) isn't all that impressed with her Octuplets.
Kate Gosselin has nothing on Ginger.

Let's eat!!! I love the brown puppy's little bum in this one.

                                         I love the one...I love the brown puppies' little bum!!!
Me and one of the group of 8.

5 wks old:)

                                                    We love hiding under the bike rack:)
We're really going places.
4 on one side...

...and 4 on the other...

A straight on view.
It was a great 24 hours, and I am glad I went:) I got me some puppy therapy, some free food and gas, and I also got to soak in their new tub!!
Happy Monday!


Anonymous said…
Hi April, I could fall asleep now too!!! but I really wanted to catch up on some blogging. Sorry to hear you were crying and hope your feeling better and not stressed. Your poor arm, hope its better soon.

Oh what cute puppies!!!! puppies are the best :)

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