Tell Us Tuesday/Wild Card Wednesday

Just a few things today...

My email address is
I now have 18 followers:) Remember, my 25th follower will get something from me.
I actually did stuff before getting on the computer this morning. Cleaning, folding clothes, etc. I know. I am awesome.
We got new stuff at the store today.
October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month... 1 in 4 have been touched by loss...My mom has suffered 6 or 7 miscarriages. I can count at least 10 (?) ladies that I know FOR SURE that have lost babies (either through miscarriage, stillbirth, died shortly after, etc).
This was shared on FB today.
We had a yummy supper last night.  Pork medallions, fresh corn, potatoes, and I had a salad, and we had some crepe things for dessert. I just relaxed last night. I watched TV, and hubby and I watched TLC, JJ, and TAR together.
I found out what that towel thing was that my friend got me. It is to be worn after you have a bath or shower (or the beach or pool). I actually kind of like it.
My DR wants me to come and see him about my blood work. I am a bit nervous, and I am taking Hubby with me.
I was feeling really tired yesterday, as I mentioned, and I wasn't feeling well last night at all. I seem to be feeling better today, though.
My Avon package is delayed a day. BOO!
I saw these little things on the internet the last few days...
One of my blogging friends posted this on her blog over a year go, and referred to it again today. I hadn't watched it yet, and I had time, and it was very moving. Her church did this neat project/video. She is on 3:45, and her daughter (with her family in the background) is at around 6 minutes.
Chr1s T0mlin Video...
Saw this on FB as is a few minutes, but watch it if you have time.
I think I am going to pin my Mac n Cheese Recipe to Pinterest:)
Speaking of Pinterest, I now have 12,291 pins to my board.  I clearly have a problem, no?
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Jennie said…
Prayers go out to all the women who lost a baby. Can't not believe what thy go threw.. So sad. Doing a giveaway today, go check it out :)

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