Weekend Shenanigans, Life Lately, and Misc Monday Link Ups

I wasn't going to do it this week, but as always, I end up blogging/linking up:)

My weekend went a bit like this...

Friday, I worked, then I had my Friday Starbucks time; reading magazines and well, relaxing. I haven't actually sat and read in a coffee shop for awhile, and it felt nice to be able to do so. That evening, we just relaxed. I did my nails, and had a bath, and watched TV and Steel Magnolis. I love that movie! The neighbours started getting a little too loud, but they kind of calmed down around midnight. Gotta love condo/apartment living!

Saturday, we met up with my Aunt and her hubby (they got married in June during the Alberta floods), for breakfast/brunch. Had a nice time together, as always. Went home, changed and relaxed for an hour or so, and then we went to a seminar about happiness recommended to us by hubby's support program. It was really interesting. The guy was funny, plus he was from B.C, which is always nice. And there were snacks. And door prizes. Went home and on the way, hubby casually mentions that there is a bridal shower for a girl who's wedding we are going to this Saturday. Umm..thanks for letting me know, honey! I haven't been at church for a few weeks, and the girl who hosted it didn't put it on FB, so I had no idea that it was going on. EEK! I was able to go out and find a gift for her. As soon as we got home, I froze some corn that I had gotten from the farm. It was only three bags, but I had fun doing it anyway.

Saturday evening, we relaxed, and I watched some TV, then we watched a movie on VOD; Now you See Me, which was well..interesting. Please don't go out and buy or rent it. Anyhoo, it was an interesting movie, to say the least. Watched a couple of episodes of Border Security, and then went to bed. I also did my nails. A few times:)

Yesterday (Sunday), went to church with out hubby, and I helped with Sunday School for the first time in years. I loved it! Since the shower was at three, I just decided that since I had brought everything with me, I would stay out. I went to St@rbucks again, and sat and read my new book; The Christian Atheist. It is very good. It is a quick and easy and short read. I had some nice quiet time, and then went off to the shower.

The shower was excellent! The girl who put it on, Ms. B did awesome! I told her that it was definitely Pinterest-Worthy!!! P's colour is blue (and brown, I think?), so there was blue juice:) It was very good, btw:) I stupidly only took my phone to take pictures, and since I don't have a USB, etc, I have to upload every.single.one. True story. Since I often have problems uploading straight to FB, I do it through IG, and then it uploads easier. Don't ask me why.

Here are a few pictures that I snapped...
I loved this candle in water on the food table.

The party favours.

The blue juice:)

The Gift table.

Stuff for the games:)

                                                                More elegance.
Another one of the table
There were about 40 women in all:) This was only about half of what/who was there.
Maple Bacon Cupcakes. They were good:)
We did a few games, had lots of laughs, and it was done around 5. I went home and went to bed and watched some shows that I had PVR'd last wk. We had Fish and Chips for supper. I didn't even go on the computer until around 8 or so. Hubby fell asleep in front of the tv on the couch. I had to wake him up, so he wouldn't get a sore back from sleeping on the couch all night.
Misc Monday/Life Lately.
I am going to the doctor after work to go over my blood work. Was going to go on Friday, but he got sick, so the called to cancel. I think I will have to start taking insulin and chking my blood at home.
I know a lot of things that I have said this week have been repeats, and I need some new material. I am working on that.
Mum asked me to be in charge of Thanksgiving Dinner. I am pretty sure this will be the SMALLEST TG dinner in my family's history. But the puppies will be there:) LOL
I just looked outside, and I see (I think) that gas has gone down. (there is a gas station the next plaza over).
I have an interview on Friday!
It is my brothers bday on Friday!
It is hubby's bday next Tuesday!
I think that is all now. I have to leave work in a few minutes. I may re-edit this and add some more pics.



Glad you had a great weekend. Sounds like you were busy.I love all of the pictures from the shower. I second that it is pinworthy!!!!!

I think you will do great for thanksgiving dinner!!!! You can do it!!!! Take lots of pictures I want to see what your making.

I am not sure what we are doing or if I am up to making a tukrey this year, usually I make turkey, stuffing, squash, mashed potatoes and turnip. If you need any ideas let me know. I love to cook.

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