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Happy Friday!!!  Yes, I am doing FOUR Blog hops today!!! I wasn't going to do the LBF one, but then I thought, "why not? It is only an extra link I have to post". I also decided to participate in SUYL this week as well.
So, let's get started!
1. I mentioned this yesterday, but I am grasping at straws for FoF this week, so I may be repeating myself a few times. My mom has written a book!! I am so excited to say that it's on Amazon! Since is a PG - Type title, I am going to include the link only. Go and take a look!!
2. I got (FINALLY!)  the third season of Downton Abbey. I haven't even begun to watch it yet. Hopefully, I will start on it in this wknd.
3. Speaking of this weekend, we are going to be SUPER BUSY tomorrow; or at least later tomorrow afternoon/evening. Our church is having our 2nd Annual (at least in name) Fall Family Fai. Last years was so much fun, and a ton of people came! It's a lot of work, but it is worth it. I will probably go sometime during the day to help set up, and then help manage the booths. Then half way through the evening, I have to run to check out Mom's Book Launch/Party. Should be a fun and crazy night!
4. We have no money. True Story. My younger brother and SIL were in town, and they bought me a PSL at Starbucks. SO good!! Oh, and we had a nice chat, too:) Then I stayed on after they left to read magazines from the library.
5.  I love fall. Most of this week we have been engulfed by fog. While I hate driving in it, I LOVE looking at it:) Here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday on my phone.

I love it!!! These pictures don't do it justice.
5.1. Again, I know I already said this in my WS link up post, but I went with my friend to see her mom and dad about a half hour away. The drive there and back was simply amazing!

Linking up with Nancy at A Rural Journal for this weeks Random 5 Friday.
1. A couple of opportunities have presented themselves to me (us) this week (well, actually yesterday). We are both excited about them. More to (maybe) come in another post.
2. I need to get some new underwear. I actually had none yesterday when I went to get dressed. I had to do a load of laundry yesterday morning, so that I had a pair to wear today. True Story.
3. We have no money until we get paid next Thursday. Another True Story. Not sure how that will work. I also won't be able to buy any magazines this week. I know. Sob Story.
4. The heat at work has gone. So, I was very cold yesterday. At least the fireplace works.
5. Anker has been dehydrating fruits the last week. Apples, grapes, plums. Yum!
5.1. I now have 21 Followers on my blog. So does my blogging friend Sky-Ann.

Linking up with Kelly this week for SUYL!
I haven't been participating lately in this link up, because simply put, I haven' been experience (or have experienced) (for lack of a better word), the subjects that she has been highlighting, which is totally ok! This week, however, I think I can participate, since I AM married! I have posted several times on the blog about our love story. If you spent a few hours minutes scrolling through the blog, you will surely come across it. But to sum it up, we met online, we met fast, we married fast. Yah, because we are fast like that:)
There are a few pieces of advice that I can give, especially to ones just starting out;
1. Marriage is NOT going to be perfect. It isn't going to look the same as your siblings, your parents, your next door neighbour (obviously, no hitting, or abuse or neglect  should EVER be involved! THAT IS NOT OKAY!). What works for them may not work for you, and vice versa. You are going to go through hard times. That is inevitable. It isn't going to look like your favourite actors/resses, or characters on your favourites shows. Unless you are wealthy, you won't be able to afford a nanny, a gardener, a chauffer, etc. You have to do most of it yourself. And it is hard! We live paycheque to paycheque. I have good friends who are MUCH more well off than we will ever be. And you know what? That's ok. That's just life. Of course, strive for more, but on the whole, embrace what you have (ok, I hate living PC to PC, and we are hoping that it will change soon, but I think you get what I am getting at).
2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! I cannot say enough about this. Spend time with each other. A LOT. William Harley in his book, His Needs, Her Needs recommends that a couple spends 15 hours a week ALONE with no interruptions. That means, no TV, no other couples, family, kids, etc. People say "we can't spend that much time together, we don't have the time". Quickly think of how much time you spend watching TV or being on the Net, or having girls night out? Maybe 15 hours IS too much time. For you. Maybe you can't physically make it happen. What about 8 hours a week? Heck, even 4! That is an hour after your kids (if you have any) 4 nights a week after you kids are in bed. So, I guess what I am trying to say at least try to spend time with your partner at least once a week talking. Hubby and I try, but we don't always succeed. A lot of times "date night" consists of MY making a dinner (or us getting taking out) and watching a movie. It isn't the best quality time, but at least we are together, and we will often spend time talking after the movie. The last few wks we haven't had a date night. We have spent time talking and being together (road trips, etc), so that is good, but we haven't spent a TON of time talking. This wknd isn't going to be much better, as either one or both of us are going to be busy for most of the day tomorrow, and into the evening; but we do what we can.
3. Marry someone who has at least some money! Trust me, it isn't everything, but it sure does help!!
That is my little piece of marriage advice:)


Laura Lee Evans said…
Love Downton Abbey too :) and I'm also a couple seasons behind. Enjoy!
congrats to your mother, what a great accomplishment!
Great 5 On Friday, Thanks for stopping by my blog as usual. Hope your having a great weekend.

Congrats on your mom's book
Nancy Claeys said…
Gorgeous fall color April!

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