Five on Friday/Random 5/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Linking up with the girls for Five on Friday!
                                                1. Puppies! I mean, how adorbs is this??
                                      She is not a super-impressive mom. LOL. She had 8!!!
My brothers little dog had her 2nd litter in 10 months. No worries. This will be her last.
2. Coffee date with Hubby.
Yes, we went to Starbucks!!! We also went to a Gourmet Popcorn and Fudge shop. Yum!
3. Impromptu Girls evening Manicures (sorry, no pics). I met up with my neighbour earlier this week, and we ended up doing our nails. Such fun!
4. I bought two CD's this wk.
Yup. I had to have KU's new CD. I also got the Wow Hits 2014 from work. Love both of them!
5. Farm fresh eggs and corn.

5.1 Spending lots of time with SIL while I was at the farm. On my way home, we stopped in C to have coffee. When I saw this, I had to have it.
Oh yah, cherry chocolate cream cheese tart.
5 Random (Farm Edition/facts) about me.
1. I pretty much lived in bare feet from late spring to fall. The funny thing is, my lil sister does the same thing! Life was too busy for shoes and socks.
2. I hate chickens. I will actually go all lengths to avoid them. Like walk around the entire farm to avoid one. True story. I was attacked by a rooster at the age of three.
3. I love the smell of gas. Especially when I got my drivers license. Our farm had (and still has) gas tanks (with gas). It represented freedom. Or something. I love the smell.
4. My first "fort" was a play house that my dad and his friend built. I spent hours playing on/in/around it. I was very sad when I came home one year to find out that they had taken it down. Something about rotting roof? :)
5. My mom had a HUGE garden growing up. I hated the weeding, but I loved the planting and harvesting. My mom still plants a garden to this day (along with my brothers' help).
I am linking up with Tiffany at The Dwelling Tree for this Friday's Let's Be Friends Blog Hop:)


Buttons said…
It is amazing what a childhood incident would effect us like the rooster thing but then you and your sister with no shoes and socks the great memories about your fort and the memories tied in with your Mom and Dad oh I love the way our mind and emotions work. Those fun memories always beat out the scary ones. B
Alica said…
I remember when I was a little girl, running around in bare feet all the time. I didn't even care if I stepped in a "cow pie"! Now I wear shoes mostly, because my feet aren't as tough as they used to be! That cherry chocolate tart looks delicious!
Barb said…
I went without shoes all the time growing up - not so much now. That cherry thingy looks mighty good! You had some tempting "dates" this week!
augcott said…
Running around in barefeet is the best ....
Isn't it funny the memories we carry from childhood and how they affect us as adults??
Have a crisp weekend!
We need to get you over your aversion to chickens -- lol. Maybe an intervention involving cute fluffy chicks. :)

Oh, chicks are just fine! I love 'em!!! Once they loose their fluff, and start getting feathers, that's when I leave them alone :)
Too bad about the rooster - it's funny how a childhood incident can last a lifetime, but so true. I'd like to have some chickens - it's on my list for someday. The puppies are adorable!
Melissa said…
I grew up hating to weed the garden as well, and now a city dweller, the garden is one of things I miss the most about the country.
Lmkazmierczak said…
Love the puppies! And I'm a Starbucks fan....but only for their hot chocolate! My Randoms:
Anonymous said…
Glad you had a great weekend!!! Love those puppies, how cute :) I love fresh eggs, now I want to get some too!!!

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