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                                                                      Happy Friday!!!

I hope everyone had a great week. Ours was ok. Nothing too exciting, but it wasn't bad, either, which is a good thing!!! I think I have Saturday off again, as we are going to a funeral tomorrow:( Our Pastor to Seniors died a couple of weeks ago, and the funeral is tomorrow.

Here are the 5 things I am loving this week (I have to actually come up with a few; can't seem to think of them off the bat today for some reason).

1.  I got two new bubble baths from Avon this week. Warm Vanilla and Fig, and Vanilla Peppermint Swirl. Love them both!
I also like the Soft Pink, too:)

2. As much as I like going barefoot in my sandals in the summer, I LOVE buying and wearing fun socks!!!  I bought two new pairs of Halloween socks, and sadly, I have already lost one of one pair, and the other pair were too small. I have been buying socks coordinating with the upcoming! So, that is my new thing; fun socks!

3. I KILLED it on Monday; organizing and cooking my first Thanksgiving Dinner. Other than the turkey being a bit over cooked, it all turned out well, and all the food tasted awesome.

4. I have loved this for awhile now, but I keep forgetting to write about it; I love the International Delight line of their flavoured creamers. French Vanilla and Irish Cream; Yum!

5. Autumn Colours. The leaves are falling off the trees in the beautiful:)
...oh and of course, the puppies!!!

Linking up with Nancy @ A Rural Journal
1. I have started playing CCS, and FHS again. Darn those games!
2. I ate fresh apples, and fresh plums off of Mom's trees last wknd. SO DELSIH!!
3. I am watching the third season of Hot in Cleveland. It is a fun show!
4A.I am still waiting for the third season of Downton Abbey to be com available from our library.
4B. I am thinking of starting Upstairs Downstairs. It seems very similar to DA. Has anyone watched it? Is it good?
5. Hubby's bday was on Tuesday. We had a quiet night at home, complete with TV and a cake:)


Nina said…
Your puppies are just adorable! And I'm also a great fun of Downtown Abbey ... Enjoy the 3rd season when you get it :)
Happy weekend to you,
Barb said…
Well, of course, those pups steal the show. Happy b-day to your hubby.
aww, those puppies are too cute. so sweet. ( :
Maggid said…
Puppies and Socks . . . Excellent Stuff . . and, I don't know how anyone can tell turkey is dry . . I bet your entire effort was stellar and people are talking good about you - when you are not in the room.

Ida said…
Fun socks are great. I'm wearing a pair right now & want to go get another new pair this week to add to my collection.
Congrats on that T-Day dinner. Ours isn't for another month.
Fall is lovely, the leaves here have been wonderful so far.
The bubble bath sounds nice, especially the peppermint.
Oh my those puppies are adorable!
Hi ladies...yah, the puppies are pretty sweet, and they are all spoken for, which makes my parents happy!
hula-la said…
Relax Honey and enjoy all that this beautiful universe has to offer you. Pay attention however, lest it pass you by! And more importantly, dig as many awesomely cool socks as possible, even if they don't match! I hardly ever wear matching socks. And it's okay. Because in my cowboy boots, nobody knows it but me:) And I laugh because I know that there is a matching pair, somewhere, to the mismatched socks that are currently on my feet. Aloha. SMILE BIG, just because!
Those puppies are adorable! I'll take two please. :)
I wanted to bring all of them home:) thank you for the kinds words and comments, ladies:)
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