I am JUST getting under the wire this wknd for TToT:) I wasn't going to participate in this wk, but since I didn't do it last wk, and I feel that I need to be thankful, that I should post;)


1. We have the use of this little baby for two weeks.

Our friend is out East, and has asked us if she could park her car in our complex while is away. And for "payment", we get to use it. I thought about texting her to tell her that we had driven it to Vancouver. Twice. But I don't know if she would find that funny. We have enjoyed being a "two car" couple for a couple of weeks.

2. Good TV. Yah, trivial, I know...but hey, I am loving the TV shows this year.

3. I already said this (twice, I think), but it warrants my saying it again. It actually happened last week, but since I didn't do TToT last week, I am posting it now. My hubby FINALLY went to a VERY important meeting that I have been wanting to go to for a few years now. I won`t go into it, but it has to medical/emotional support. He went, and it went well.

4. We went to a Create Happiness Seminar yesterday (it has to do with his appointment), and it was a good/informative meeting. Plus, it was time with hubby.

4. Coffee/popcorn/fudge date with hubby the other day.

We had a blast. Just sayin'.
5. CD's. I bought two CD's this week. WOW Hits 2014, and KU's new one. I love them both!
6. Farm Fresh Corn and eggs.

I got corn and eggs from the farm when I went home last wknd.
7. Solo Starbucks dates, and a good book, and a few mags. There was a bridal shower this afternoon, so instead of going home, and I went had grabbed a bagel and GTL, and read through my new book, and some magazines. Bliss (I also did this on Friday night...I only read mags, though).

This is a good book. Easy and fast/short.
8. Puppies. Yes, it warrants me saying this a THIRD time.
I mean, how cute are they???
9. My Avon stuff (finally!) came in this week! It was the first order in about 2 months. It is like Christmas every two weeks when you're an Avon rep:)
10. Seeing out of town relatives. We met up with my aunt and her new hubby. We had brunch at McD's, and had a nice visit. I also got to see their wedding pictures.
That is all this wk!


So glad you were able to find time to post this weekend! And you have a great list! It would be so fun to get the use of a new-to-you car for a few weeks. 3. and 4. sound promising. And my son is going to see Keith Urban in 2 weeks.
Have a great week!
Considerer said…
Thank goodness the appointment went well - it sounds like it was an important one and well worth doing.

Love that you guys have a popcorn date - that's so cute :D

And also, YAY for fresh foods from a Real Place. Nothing like it :D
Christine said…
What's not to love about puppies?? They are adorable!
The meetings and appointments sound promising. I hope you are able to get many positive things from them.
I'm glad you took the time to join in this week!
Kristi said…
Dogs took the spotlight in my entire Ten Things of Thankful list this week, so you know I'm going to comment on the cuteness of those puppies.

Fudge and popcorn sound great, too!
Zoe Byrd said…
Love the pups... I was so smitten with Kristi's basset as well! Its a doggie week but if it couldn't be at least it was a popcorn week! Love the dates!

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