Capture your Grief, Days 1&2

I have seen this on several blogs over the last month, and I finally found out what it was/is all about. I thought it was an awesome idea, and I decided that I would try do to with our infertility.  Capture your Grief is a 30 day "challenge" or project for people (mainly women, since they are the ones who blog the most) to blog on several topics related to their baby losses, and I thought it be helpful (for others and for myself) as well as healing for me to do something like this. I hope I can do all 30, I may fall of the wagon half way through, but I really want to try to do most of it. I may make it a weekly thing. Also, I don't know if all of the subjects will be applicable for me (relating to our infertility), but I will do what I can.

I will let you look at the "rules" and subjects on your own, mainly so I don't bore you, but here are a couple of pictures I got from Carly Marie's website. Ok, I just now saw this was a photography project..oops...cause I read well like that:) Well, I add these pics on for now, and I will take better/proper ones tomorrow. It's a shame, too, because I was around blocks at Sunday School today, too. I could have used those to spell out their names. Oh well.

Day 1. Sunrise: I thought it would be very meaningful for us all to capture the beginning of this journey and important month by us all getting up early to photograph the sunrise from wherever we are in the world. I know depending on where you are and what climate you are in that there may not be a sunrise, but if you can still get to a window, snap a photo of the morning. When you share your photo online make sure you write what State/Country you are in and the time of the sunrise. It will be a wonderful way for us all to feel connected.. This picture was taken in August at my parents' place at around 3:30 am. It is "officially" the sunrise, but it was (too) early in the morning, so I think it is good enough:) BC, Canada
Day 2. Identity: What is your child’s name? Why did you chose that name? What is the meaning of their name? If they were born, what were their birth details. What were their features? Who are they?
I love talking/thinking about baby names. I could spend HOURS on this subject. When we still thought that we could have kids (and were sort of trying to get pregnant), we talked about names on a few occasions.
For a girl, we liked (and still do) Addisyn. I think we would have spelt it this way, as well. We both loved the name; it is different, but not so different that it is a weird name.

Audrey would be her middle name, after my hubby's mom.
Joy would be her other middle name; as that is my mom's middle name (and also the middle name I wish I had had).
For a boy, one of the names that we really like is Asher.
I couldn't find the middle names on the internet, so I will try to take pictures of them this week.
Earl and Keir.
I imagined that either gender would be born with darker hair, and probably would have curls. They would be probably weigh btwn 3-8lbs (I would probably have had them early, because of my health concerns). I would hope that they would perfect..u know, sleep through the night, be great eaters, etc:) Yah, right.


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