Happy Saturday/Sunday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Today was fun, but busy!

I thought I would do my TToT (or at least start on it) tonight.

1. Nail Deco Art.

 I got these a few weeks ago when I went to our district sales meeting, and I just now finally tried them on tonight. I thought I did pretty well for someone who has 1) put them on myself and 2) who has never had them on before. EVER.

2. My family and friends that bought coffee and dinner for me today.
We have NO MONEY for nearly another week. True story. I couldn't even buy my mags yesterday. It was a sad day. BUT today, I met up with three different people (for different events) and they all bought me coffee, iced tea and dinner. #thankful
3. I am growing more confident.
In order for me to grow my Avon business (more on that in another post, maybe), I have to be more confidant in asking people if they want brochures, or dropping off my business cards, etc. Today, after meeting with my Avon mentor (and new found friend), I decided to ask two ladies who were sitting at table behind if they wanted an Avon brochure. They both said YES, with enthusiasm:) I am normally not like that. I must be growing up:)
4. We haven't had any snow yet.
I am sure in some parts of B.C have had some (mountains) but we haven't got any. Love BC, and I love where we live!
5. Christmas is less than 2 months away.
I love Christmas. 'Nuff said. And most of my siblings all be together.
6. Awesome (even though they are dated) Shows, like FRIENDS.
There will never be another show like FRIENDS (well, there is usually not another show like another show, but you know what I mean). I love it. I am watching it at night as I go to bed. Love it! I am watching season 3 now. I think my fav is well, I can't even think of who my fav character is. I just love them all! Their lines are classic!! And yes, it is getting dated, but I think that is why I love it all the more.
7. We have awesome parents/friends/mentors/family for sounding boards.
I love having friends, family, parents, mentors that we can go to and ask for advice, or if we have an idea they can be a sounding board. I also love hearing their different ideas and answers/suggestions.
8. My (Little) Nieces and Nephew.
Yes, we actually have two nieces. I miss them all. I can't wait to see them again. I love it when Bebop calls. He and Adam called me ystrdy, but I missed it, so when I called them back, only Adam was around. Oh well...It was awesome talking to him. We usually connect about once a week.
9. My Siblings
This leads me to number 9. I LOVE my siblings! I miss them when I do see or talk to them. My lil brother told me that he love BBT, and we may have to sneak downstairs at Christmas to watch a few episodes:) I got to see my younger brother and his wife for awhile the other day. We had a nice short chat, and he bought me coffee (I am poor, remember?)
10. When I become "friends" with my aunts, uncles, friends mom's. etc.
Tonight at dinner, it struck me (tho not for the first time) on how neat it is to become "friends" with my relatives. It is so neat that ALL my aunts are now married, but tonight as was visiting with one of them at Mom's book launch (more on that in the WS post), that my aunt (among others) is in a way in the same place as me; we talked about s*x and realized that we are both in that place (yes, it had a bit of a yucky factor, but it was still neat). Also my mom's friend was there, and it was to talk to her on an adult level (yes, we have talked before, but I was again struck by that fact). I guess I am growing up!
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Considerer said…
So happy that you've got such wonderful friends and family around you.

I love 'Friends' too :) It's a classic.

Good luck expanding your Avon venture - sounds like it's going well.
Zoe Byrd said…
The whole post was great but I got stuck on "My moms book launch." Huh? Youre just gonna drop and leave?
Michelle Liew said…
I love friends as well. An awesome list
Cortney said…
LOVE those nails! So perfect for Halloween!
Good friends and family are so awesome, aren't they? Glad you have a good collection!

And you are right - there will never be another show like Friends. Period.
Christine said…
I am right with you on becoming friends with your relatives. I have so much fun visiting with my aunts and uncles. Even my great-aunts and uncles! Growing up has a few advantages. :)
Love the nails!
Kristi said…
Family is great, and even better when family members are friends!
The fingernails are very cool! Did you just press it on? My daughter would love those!

Glad you managed to have a good week in spite of everything. It's good to have family and friends!

And I LOVE "Friends"! I never get to see it anymore, because it isn't showing on any of the broadcast channels, and we don't have cable. I was working at Warner Bros. Records when the show first started, and I used to see the cast at lunch at the commissary. Then the show took off and got very popular, and they didn't eat in the commissary anymore!

Have a wonderful week, April!
Rich Rumple said…
Really good that you have just a great family to relate to. I grew up an only child (for the most part), and have none to talk to. So, I've had to become a little more satisfied in my decision making process. As far as selling Avon is concerned, remember, everyone is a potential customer! The worst thing that can happen is that they say, "No", so go for it. It's the only way you'll ever succeed in the business. Good post!
icansaymama said…
Friends is such a classic. Might have to watch it again soon, too. Thanks for the reminder!

Your nail art is cool!
Hi everyone:) Thank you for the lovely comments:) I don't know how to respond to each of you individually, so I will do one massive comment. I will visit each of your blogs later today. Yes, I agree, FRIENDS was one of the best shows ever made! Zoe, yes, my mom has written a book, and you can find it on I will post more of it in today's post. Dyanne, I remember you have said that before..odd. LOL. Thanks Liz re: my Avon adventure. We shall see what happens in the next few weeks. Yes, the nail art I just pressed them on, and some of them are still on my nails.

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