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Hi, I am April. Remember me? I used to blog. Every day. It seems that I have neglected my blog this week. I just haven't been feeling the blogging writing bug this week. I was going to blog last night, but TV got the best of me (and the evening).
So, without further ado, here is my Five on Friday for this week.
1. My Avon Leadership Pack arrived today! I actually had no idea that it was coming, and hubby discovered it on our door this morning. So, I had something fun to open up...and it was free!! I love unexpected surprises!

2. Every once in awhile (like twice a year), I get the urge to make something really interesting. I was watching one my of fav cooking shows Best Recipes Ever the other day, and she had on a few really neat recipes that looked fairly easy and delicious to make! I was feeling motivated the other day to make something, and since we had steak ready to be eaten, and I had the time, I thought, why not?? I made Shallot and Garlic Butter, Marinated Steak, and Twice Baked Potatoes. They all turned out really well. This picture doesn't do them justice. I didn't EVERYTHING (the steak I used was different than what they said, but who cares?), and I added a few extras, and it turned out well. Even hubby, who is a picky eater liked them. And yes, the butter sounds odd with the steak, but trust me, it is very good and it does add extra flavour!
3. I started my Long Wknd off right. A Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks!
4. Although this isn't a favourite, it is new to me this week. I now have to monitor my blood at home. It sucks...but I have to admit, it IS kind of cool to see how your BS is during the day.
5. We are definitely having cooler weather. It was -1 the other morning!! EEK!!
This was from the other day (yesterday, I think?).

                                               Linking up with Nancy @ Rural Journal

1. It is Thanksgiving in Canada this wknd!!! I heart Thanksgiving!! I think even better than Christmas! No gifts, better weather, nice colours, and it doesn't take up as much time commitments!
I also get to see the puppies this wknd!
2. A man from our little village (where I grew up) been missing since Sunday. The entire community, plus helicopters, RCMP (police), and Search Teams have been out all week! My family is helping to look as well. Our church bldng has been a base for the SAR/RCMP, etc. If you would like to chk out the news clip our local news stn did on this yesterday, click here. My dad is the Pastor that they interview(ed). So, because of this man being missing, and everyone is
out looking, our LW may look a little different than normal. We are just playing it by ear.
3. I have an interview this afternoon. I am excited, but nervous!!
4. This wknd is going to be CRAZY, as we have a wedding to go to (reception, too) tomorrow, have to help Anker clean the church, then head off to the ranch late Sat eve. I am so happy, though. I love wknds like this!
5. I have given up on CCS and FHS. I CANNOT get past the current levels that I am on. I think they are cheating me. I don't have time to play games like that anymore.

That is all for this wk!!! I will try to do a Thanksgiving Edition of TToT.

PS. Just a few more things to add...

A. I have been feeling sick the last few evenings, and I am sure why or what...hmm...I even wasn't feeling well during the night, and even this morning. I hope whatever it is will go away soon.

B. We went over our finances with Anker's Support Worker on Wednesday. We are going to try the "envelope" route and see how things go. We want to totally revamp our finances/budget. We need to. There isn't a choice, really.

C. I helped my friend and neighbour get her spare room in order. It made me want to organise our house. Maybe.

D. This was brought to my attention on FB this morning..
This made me very sad. Will probably pick it up later today.


Nonnie said…
The food looks fabulous and my husband would love it!
The newspaper article was indeed sad.
I'm your newest follower. :-)
Donna said…
Twice baked potatoes are one of my favourites! I was super excited to come across another Canadian blogger on the Five on Friday link up!
your coffee looks good & warm. Happy Thanksgiving to you! ( :

enjoy your weekend.
Anonymous said…
Hey April, hope your having a great weekend. Thanks for your kind words. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Hope your feeling better.
Definitely love the comfort food you made April -- thanks for making some time to share at R5F this week. xo

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