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Boy Behind the Blog

I completely forgot about BBB this month, well, with Christmas and all, and when I went to find it, I was too late to link up, but I thought I would do one anyway...

1. What is your favorite cereal?

2. Pancakes or waffles?

3. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Collecting glass ornaments (old/antique). 

4. Finish the sentence: All I want for Christmas is...
A dehydrator (sadly, he didn't get it; we are waiting for a cheap one to become available...maybe at Canadian Tire, as he has a gift card there).

5. What was your best moment of 2013?
Taking the sheep up the mountain this August.

TToT-2013 Edition/Christmas Week Edition. Two posts in one.

Happy Sunday.

I am going to do two posts of TToT in one. I am going to do the Christmas (this last week) edition, and Liz is also hosting a 2013 edition; which would be 12 things of thankful:)

So, first off...Christmas Week Edition:

1. The roads were okay/fair going out, and they were great coming back.
I hate winter driving, and I am always stressed about it. I was glad that the drive both ways went well.

2. Spending time away from the family at the B&B.
As much as we love spending time with the family (and we do), we also love getting away from the house and having our own time in our own little place for a few hours. Anker especially needs this time away.

3. I can still make my own fire (and keep it going).
I woke up at 4 am, to a cold cabin. Usually Anker would get up and get it re-lit, but I thought I would try. I got it going, and it went pretty much all night. Yup! This girl still has it!

4. Yummy food. 
This included LOTS of mincemeat and butter tarts, fruit cake, ginger-t…

Five on Friday

I will an official Christmas post with pictures either later today or tomorrow, but for now, here is a quick FoF post:) You may see some of these in my TToT post as well:)

1. I got to spend LOTS of time with my family, including my niece.

2. We had Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve, which made Christmas Day very relaxing!

3. Bailey's. I am not a huge alcohol fan, but I do love Baileys:) Over ice. Yum!

4. I got Yoga Pants for Christmas. I love them.

5. White Christmas (pictures in next post). I actually snowed on Wednesday!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their friends and loved ones!

TToT- Christmas Edition

I haven't participated in a TToT in awhile, partially b/c I don't feel like I have a lot to be grateful for, but also because I just don't feel like blogging. However, since it is CHRISTMAS, I thought I should would this week.


1. The REASON for the SEASON:

I am thankful for the REAL reason that we celebrate Christmas, and that is JESUS!! If there was no Jesus, there would be no Christmas; simple as that!

2. Christmas Tree and Christmas Decorations:

It took us awhile to get into the "Christmas Spirit" this year; ie, putting up the tree. But we finally got to it. You can look herea tour of our home at/on/for the holidays. I usually do love putting up the tree, and decorating the house. Once I got to it this year, I actually enjoyed it.

3. Christmas Baking:

I LOVE baking (esp cookies) ANY time during the year, but especially at Christmas:) I have baked a few batches of cookies already. This also includes treats that you bu…

Five on Friday and Christmas Traditions

Happy Friday! I am a little late, because, well, I didn't feel like blogging until now..haha!

So..Five on Friday; the last Friday before Christmas!!! Wow! I have been a "real" blogger for nearly a year now:)

I think it will just be a quick one this week; I was going to do a FoF Christmas Edition; but I think I will do that next week, since I already did Holiday Tour of my Home. (my fav things in that post, even though I didn't state what they were/are).

1. A (Free!) Date Night.
Hubby's Brain Injury Association had a Christmas party on Wednesday night. The food was really good (except that they ran out of Pumpkin pie; who runs out of Pumpkin pie so early??? Clearly, tey had no idea WE were going to be there!!), and we came home with some sweet swag:) It was an early night, but it was a great evening. I came home and watched TV (I think).

Yah, I hate driving in this mess (esp at night), but it makes for a cozy day at work. I love watching thee s…

Christmas Tour of our House; SUYL. (and maybe a Christmas recipe or two)

Hi everyone (again)!

I have been slacking off in the blog link ups as well; including SUYL. I completely forgot about last wks SUYL, which was on Christmas recipes. The week before i purposely missed, as I in a very grumpy mood. Moving on.

So, this week it is Christmas Tours of homes. I AM NOT by ANY means claim to be a Martha Steward, and I have been VERY jealous when I see people who have the decorating bug, and who are able to have nice homes to show their skills in. Oh well...c'l've, right? LOL I do what I can with what we have been given, and what we can afford:)

I do love decorating, for Christmas, or other wise, though:) I thought it would be fun to show/share some pictures of our lil place all decorated up for the season.

Our wreath. It is on the inside of our house. We have had it up all year. It isn't that Christmass-y, is it?

                                                                          The tree.
                    Stockings. We will take them to my…

Christmas Gatherings, Ramblings, and a General Update

As have I said, I am not really in the blogging mood at the moment, but since is my first Christmas as a "real" blogger, I thought that I had better document about what is up with us around this time year:)

First of all, I am very blessed that I am alive, am pretty healthy, and my family is happy and healthy. My sister survived Spain, and is on her way back to Canada this wknd! My lil brother survived his first semester at college, and I am excited because I get to see them soon!

I also should note that I do try to remain grateful at what the Lord is doing in our lives. I can't see it right now, but I know that God is doing SOMETHING in an of us. But like I said in the last post, I am finding it hard to see where He is helping us. I know that we somehow make it from one paychq to the next without going homeless and having things turned off (that being said, our electric was almost cut off the other day..nice).  But we sure can have down days, that's for sure. I was g…