Wknd Shenangigans; over 10K Views, and 24 followers ( SO close to a draw!!! )- GIVE AWAY!

 Linking up with Sami for this past wknds Shenanigans!

Well, I had quite the wknd, and not in a good way (well, it didn't seem that way).

Friday: The day started out ok. I watched movies and was in my jammies when I got a call from the place that I was planning on working for/at; hopefully in the next wk or so. I got a call from them saying that they couldn't offer me employment. I was not happy. I asked them why, and one of the reasons was that they felt that I was too "aggressive" in pursuing the job in the last couple of weeks since my interview. Well, I was very upset. I don't know if I have never been that upset re: a job in my life!

I got dressed, threw stuff in my purse, slammed the door, and left. I also had a good cry in Anker's arms. I left and went to the church, to talk to my friend who works there, and I also had a chat with one of our pastors. If you have been following me on FB, you will know how the rest of the wknd went...but if you didn't, here is the rest of it...

I went to the mall and had some New York Fries:) They were VERY GOOD! It was Black Friday (yes, Canada has some sales this wknd, too), and the mall was NUTS! I didn't stay too long at all. I came home and just hung out. I watched some Grey's Anatomy, and called mom/dad. My aunt called, which was really sweet:) My dad was nearly crying, he was so upset.  I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening being upset and eating:) I did go to my friends place on Friday night. We went to Walmart (it will only be open 24 hours for the three days before Xmas); it is currently open til midnight:) We had fun wandering around. I didn't spend a dime:) Came back her house and hung out and vented.

Saturday. I slept in and relaxed in the morning, and then my friend called and asked if I could take her to the bank. Mom also called and asked if I could go to the store and get a few things for her for the seminar that afternoon. Dropped my friend off and met up with mom and Val at Sw!ss Cha1et. I went to the mall for a second, as I thought that I had lost something (I ended up finding it in our couch), and then off to the seminar. I had no idea that there were going to be that many ladies. There were about 10 paying ladies for the SOF seminar. It went well. As we were all leaving, my aunt gave us some money to watch Catching Fire. I think we will go this week to watch it. I just came home and watched some movies. I hung out with my friend for a bit in the late evening.

Sunday. I went to church alone (after talking with hubs for a few minutes), and then went to the mall to grab something to eat. I did wander the mall a bit this time. It was still pretty busy, but not as bad as on Friday. I came home and relaxed all afternoon. I did fold some laundry, and organize our room a bit. I hung up some pictures on our wall, and watched way more TV than what is good for me. Hubby and I watched some DVDs from the library; The Company Men, and Guilt Trip. Hubby went to bed, and I watched a movie (well, I finished a movie), then ran up to my friends for an hour.

Please note that the entire weekend I did not succumb to Starbucks ONCE! I did go and grab a snack, but NO Starbucks!!

This morning, we woke up to SNOW! I think I will be staying at home today:) It is after 1, so I should probably get a few things done.

 I also should say that I have had now over 10K views on my blog!! I am very happy!! That was a long time coming, and I am very proud!!!

 I also have 24 followers. Once I get to 25, I will do a random draw for a small Avon product.

Happy Monday!


Katie said…
I am sorry you had a rough weekend. Searching for a job is no fun at all and seriously you are always either to eager, or not eager enough... over-qualified.... or under-qualified. I hope something works out for you soon.

Congrats on the milestones for your blog!

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