Five on Friday and Christmas Traditions

Happy Friday! I am a little late, because, well, I didn't feel like blogging until now..haha!

So..Five on Friday; the last Friday before Christmas!!! Wow! I have been a "real" blogger for nearly a year now:)

I think it will just be a quick one this week; I was going to do a FoF Christmas Edition; but I think I will do that next week, since I already did Holiday Tour of my Home. (my fav things in that post, even though I didn't state what they were/are).

1. A (Free!) Date Night.
Hubby's Brain Injury Association had a Christmas party on Wednesday night. The food was really good (except that they ran out of Pumpkin pie; who runs out of Pumpkin pie so early??? Clearly, tey had no idea WE were going to be there!!), and we came home with some sweet swag:) It was an early night, but it was a great evening. I came home and watched TV (I think).

Yah, I hate driving in this mess (esp at night), but it makes for a cozy day at work. I love watching thee snow fall, and laugh and point at people who are driving (knowing all too soon that I will be driving in it).

3. TrainStation
Ugh! Hubby got my hooked on this FB game a month or so ago, and I am actually starting to like it. I am on lvl 40, and hubs is on lvl 117. I don't play as much (time wise) as he does, though.

4. Christmas Pressies are (almost!) bought!
We only buy for one person (plus our SO's), so as to make it not as expensive and stressful for us all. I love it. I went out and bought all the gifts we needed to, in about an hour last night. Love it! Just one more to get (plus maybe some stocking stuffers), then we are done. Oh, hubs still has to get mine.

5. Impromptu Girls Movie Night last night.
A Friend of mine texted me last night to see if I wanted to hang out with her and watch a movie at her house. Thankfully, the weather was NOT frightful, so I went. We had a fun time hanging out and watching movies. We watched Christmas With the Kranks, and License to Wed. I had seen the first one before, but not the second. We had a great evening:)

Now on to the next part of the post;)

I am participating with Kelly this Friday for Christmas Traditions:) I am so happy to share with you some of the traditions that I grew up with.

Christmas Eve we try to have everything all wrapped, and most of the pre-prep for Xmas Dinner the next day. We all sit and have egg nog (usually homemade), and eat cookies (after having either a dinner of 7 Layer Dip and salad, OR snacks/finger foods) and sit around the fire and visit. Then we will usually got for a walk on the farm. Then we come back in and Dad will read the Christmas Story, and when we were all younger, let us each open one gift (this was before we all drew names, and a million gifts under the tree). We hang our stockings (if we are doing them that year), and go to bed. The adults visit, and./or go to bed. I usually will go with Dad over to Grandpa and Aunty Val's house (which is now Uncle John and Aunty Valerie's house; Grandpa died), and visit there for a bit, and bring any gifts (if any). I LOVE going there on Christmas eve. You have to understand that their house is 50 yrs old, so it seems more old fashioned. Then back to the main house (or cabin) we go. Hubby is usually long in bed.

Christmas morning, we all wake up to the (usually) same Christmas Album; Living Strings and Living Voices (it is the best album ever. Just sayin). We open our stockings, and then we sit at the table and read the Xmas story again, and also read about His Death and Resurrection. We have communion, and we make a promise either as a sacrifice for someone else, or to improve our spiritual walk, etc. We all light candles and it is a memorable time.


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