Five on Friday, Camera Dump, Christmas, etc.

Hello again. Yes, I am still alive. Just fallen off the blogging band wagon. Not really in a blogging-type mood. You know, well, with trying to keep ourselves from being homeless, etc:) Life is VERY stressful (financially) right now. I thought I had a job, and they renaged on their offer. I was going to blog about that, but I don't think it is necessary now. I am having trust issues with God right now. Anker is feeling the same (worse, actually) as me. I haven't been going to church as much as I should. Anker hasn't bee since September. He is grumpy, sore, and basically, just tired of life. Honestly, I can't blame the man. Like I said, I am upset with how things have been going lately. I try to trust God; with EVERY area in our lives, but it is so hard sometimes. I needed a Christmas miracle. We still do, really, although God did gives us a bit of a reprieve. I am back working at the store for the next couple of weeks, and as I was grocery shopping yesterday, a friend of mine stopped by and chatted with me, and gave me $40 to help with the groceries! So, yah, I was pretty pumped! That was a nice shot in the arm:) Thank you Jesus!

We have been really curbing our spending. I haven't been to Starbucks since Sunday, and we haven't been eating out as much. I didn't buy ANY magazines last week. Not even WW. I did buy PEOPLE b/c it had TLC's TLC on it. I made lunch today, when I normally would have gone to McDonalds to grab something. Even Anker has cut down on his ciggies:) We are trying....although I know we could be doing better.

Anyway...on to Five on Friday:

1. I did break down and get People and an ENL at Starbucks today.
2. Our tree (and Christmas Decorations) are up!! (pictures to follow)
3. Our House is CLEAN! Anker's hobby stuff is out of my sight!!! I feel like I can have people over, and relax for the rest of the season.
4.We are hoping to watch Catching Fire this wknd. Our Aunt gave us $$ to go and see it.
5. I get to see my niece in less than two weeks! (oh, and her mommy and daddy, too!)
5.1. I am able to make some extra (much needed) money and work at the store over the next couple of weeks!

Here are some pictures: I will post some of our (now almost clean) house. But I don't have any good ones to share right now.

These ones are mostly of our tree and a few of the tree at work.

The above pictures are at work:) I don't have any claim to this. My boss did it. Isn't it awesome??

                                              Our own version of Elf on the Shelf. LOL.


                          Our tree this year. The year this there is that there is no theme.

                                            Our head board. I love putting lights on this:)

                               I took a few pictures of our favourite Christmas ornaments!
   Aren't these pretty? Most of our decorations are either wood or blown glass (or some kind of glass).

I am also having fun watching LOTS of Christmas specials:) 22 Minutes had a 1 hour special the other night, which was hilarious! There are lots of Christmas movies on tv, and ones that I have got from the library. I was watched the DD Christmas special (last years and this years). Loved both of them! I will do another post about the gatherings that I have been going to.


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