TToT-2013 Edition/Christmas Week Edition. Two posts in one.

Happy Sunday.

I am going to do two posts of TToT in one. I am going to do the Christmas (this last week) edition, and Liz is also hosting a 2013 edition; which would be 12 things of thankful:)

So, first off...Christmas Week Edition:

1. The roads were okay/fair going out, and they were great coming back.
I hate winter driving, and I am always stressed about it. I was glad that the drive both ways went well.

2. Spending time away from the family at the B&B.
As much as we love spending time with the family (and we do), we also love getting away from the house and having our own time in our own little place for a few hours. Anker especially needs this time away.

3. I can still make my own fire (and keep it going).
I woke up at 4 am, to a cold cabin. Usually Anker would get up and get it re-lit, but I thought I would try. I got it going, and it went pretty much all night. Yup! This girl still has it!

4. Yummy food. 
This included LOTS of mincemeat and butter tarts, fruit cake, ginger-toffee pudding, oranges, and two turkey dinners, with a few veggies sprinkled in.

5. I was able to keep Anker out longer than we had Planned.
We originally had planned to come back on the 26th. I encouraged him to stay out there until the 27th. I am SO glad we did, because we avoided a really bad day of freezing rain (and bad roads) in town.

6. Extra Cash (and a great visit).
My aunt gave us a few bucks for whatever we needed. We also had a great visit with my aunt and uncle.

7. Spending lots of time with N.
I spent a lot of time cuddling with N while I was there. She wasn't much of a cuddly baby, but we did have our moments. I took her sledding on Christmas Day, while everyone else watched a movie. She really was adorbs!!! I got a ton of pictures of her; some of which I posted on FB (but I tried to only post side profiles, or far away pics).

8. Relaxing Christmas Day.
We had our dinner on Christmas Eve, so we just relaxed on Christmas Day. So fun! I would definitely recommend it.

9. Christmas Bonus.
I got 3 cds, and three books from work as my Christmas bonus. That was better than Christmas:)

10. Upcoming Relaxing Week.
I am going to do as little as possible this week. Just watch movies, maybe clean a little, and watch more movies.

Twelve Things of Thankful-2013 Edition:
 (as of the above, this will be very simple, with no pictures...i will try to get a Christmas post done for tomorrow; complete with pictures.

1. January-I started a new semester!
I remember on how excited I was last Jan when I started my new (and last) semester. I remember thing that I was now on the home stretch!

2. February-Time away (alone).
I was thankful that I was able to spend time at my family's B&B for a few days and was able to get some school work done. And yes, I did the fire then, too.

3. March-I really started Blogging; meeting new friends; link ups, etc. (sadly, I have just read that the WS will no longer be around..oh well).
I am happy that I have a place as an outlet for our infertility, along with daily life. I love "visiting" people, and I am sorry that I haven't been doing it much lately (the visiting). I will try to do it more this week.

4. April-I finished (and passed!) my course!
I was so happy when I took my final psych exam. And even happier when I knew that I had passed it. I also was able to visit my lil niece.

5. May-I got a job at the Christian book store.
Ok, this technically happened end of April, but I needed something for May. I loved that job. I am very sad to see the store go:( It was just the job I needed after a hard year of school. Something calm and quiet, and fun:)

6. June-My birthday/Joining IG/Twitter
I don't really know what to say about June. I remember I was thankful for TWO couples who took us to dinner on my bday. I also remember being thankful that I discovered Instagram. I don;t remember when I actually joined IG, but I know it was in the late spring/early summer. I re-joined Twitter. I am still not sure about that. But I am thankful that I at least gave it another chance.

7. July-Our 6th Anniversary.
Thankful that we have been together for 6 years!  I was also thankful that we had a nice together. We went to Paul Lake (about a half hour from here) with a picnic supper. We had a nice time, which was good.

8. August-Making new friends:
I don't know when I started connecting with K (my next door neighbour), but I think this was about the time. We have spent MANY hours together hanging out and watching TV, and wandering around Walmart:) I was also thankful for the 24 hour girls getaway with my sisters.

(I got 2/3's of the way through, and I got tired, and I couldn't remember what I had to be thankful for, so I am just now coming back to this (Dec 31).

9. September-Trip to see family and Puppies:
I can't think of anything exciting to be thankful for this month, although I am sure there was something, but I was looking through my blog, and I saw that I went to my parents to see the puppies. So, I am thankful for puppies!

10. October- Thanksgiving, a Birthday and A Wedding
I am thankful that I was able to spend time with my family (and cook my first turkey dinner for more than two ppl) for Thanksgiving! The wknd was great. The supper was wonderful, and the family time was even better! I am thankful that we were invited to my friends wedding. It was such a fun evening. I am also thankful that Anker was ok to spend a quiet evening at home for his bday.

11. November-Our Vets/The Start of the Christmas Season:
I am at a loss as to what to say, so I will say that I was thankful for my freedom; the military fighting for us, and the start of the Christmas season.

12. December-Christmas with Family:
Of course, this was the highlight of the month!!! I will post more about this, well, hopefully, soon.


Christine said…
I am completely impressed with your fire building skills. My husband was always in charge of that, up until the day our two oldest boys were full-fledged Boy Scouts and took over the job.
Glad you were able to enjoy so much time with your family over the holidays.
Have a wonderful new year!
Lizzi R said…
Two in one! Wow! I think this is a first for TToT - well done you :D

You've had a really varied and interesting 2013 - thanks for sharing your recap with us. Congrats again on passing your course and cooking your first turkey dinner.

Wishing you all the best for 2014.
Zoe Byrd said…
whoah! Who has energy for writing a double header at this time of the year and fire building, cooking, and extra money... okay truth?! I always have energy for extra money! Happy New Year!

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