Five on Friday

Just a short post today.

1. I got my repayment assistance on/for my loan approved:) Yay!!! This means that I won't have to pay on my SL until April.

2. Our Christmas stuff is in the house. Now we need to put it up. Where are those fairies?

3. Tim Hortons has a Gingerbread White Hot Chocolate. It is delish!!

4. My parents came into town on Tuesday. We had a good visit, and spent some time together.

5. Christmas movies. I have been watching WAY too much TV, and part of that is because of the TV movies that are on right now. I am watching NBC`s version of Sound of Music.

That is all this week!


Yeah for Christmas decorations!!!! Putting it up is the fun part, taking it down is the part I dont like.

The hot chocolate looks yummy.

Glad you had a great visit with your parents.

Hope you having a good week
Hi Apirl, I have been meaning to tell you this for sometime now as another blogger helped me with this as well.

When you leave me a comment I will get it via email, however I would reply straight from my phone to your email but it says your a no reply email.

If you want to change this so people can write you back to your email you need to click on your profile. Next click the Edit Profile button.Then check the box that says show my email address.Then save. Then anyone who leaves you a comment will also go to your email you have set up :)

Not sure if you will use this but I find it so useful to reply to comments.

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