FOJTTNPhotoADay Project; Days 5-11It

Yes, I am still alive:) Just not into blogging much. I will do a WS post (if I am still able to link up), and maybe a couple more today.

I am back at the store for a few days over the Christmas Shopping season. It is great, as it gives us some money, and some time away from each other:) I must say though, I LOVED not having to go to work every day:) That being said, I am still looking for a more permanent position (more about that in another post).

Here are the from the last few days. I have been putting them on IG, but not on here...

Day 5. My favourite part of my day. On Thursday, I relaxed in the evening:) I had Christmas music playing and I was Facebooking on the couch:)
Day 6. Something I am reading. I wish I could say that I am reading something profound, but sadly, it is mainly magazines.
Day 7; Red. I took a picture a few days earlier of Starbucks' christmas cup, as I knew that that was one of the things that I was supposed to take a picture of.
Day 8; Something Sweet. I was going to post about my baking, but then realized that I had made a gingerbread house at my friends bday party a couple of days before.
Day 9. Joy. I don't have a decoration that says JOY, and when I went on IG to see what others were posting, they were posting about the parts of the day that brought them joy. So, I posted the two winning S&W tickets that I had won $13 on:)
Day 10; Favourite Christmas (Holiday) Song. I am loving "What Child is This" By Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige.
Day 11; Shopping. Well, since I work in a store, and I probably won't be going shopping today, I thought I would post a pic of our store:)
That's all for now!!


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