Capture Your Grief Project; Days 19-24

19. Support: Share about what has been the best support for you since the loss of your baby. Maybe it is a special friend or family member? A pet? An organization? What have they done for you? Where would you be without them?

This I definitely have. I have talked a lot of about my groups that are on FB related to infertility. There are A LOT of groups on FB these days. There are tons of groups on infertility alone, and I am only in a few (plus a couple that I created). I love these group of gals.  They have given me SO much encouragement, and have let me vent when I needed. There are also a couple of ladies in the group that are PG, which is sad (for me), but nice at the same time...a happy ending! I have a couple of my SIL's that have been encouraging to me as well. My mom tries, but she doesn't completely understand...I don't even try to tell my other friends about what I am going through.

20. Hope: Do you have hope for the future? What do you hope for those who will join this club in the future.
As far as having kids, there is no hope (except a miracle), and I am slowly coming to terms with this.
My hope lies in Jesus, and I am leaning on Him daily.

21. Honour: Is there anything that you have done to honour your baby since they died? Did you give back to the community? Make a conscious decision to live as beautifully as possible? Take on the role of helping others in your situation? Maybe you work as an advocate for breaking the silence for our community.

My cousin pointed out that I did start a group on infertility, so I guess that would be honouring the infertility community:) I want to break the silence.

22. Words: Share your favourite quote, poem, song lyrics, scripture that you have found.


23. Tattoos/Jewellery: Do you have a piece of jewellery in memory of your baby? Or maybe a tattoo. Please feel welcome to share links too.

24. Artwork: Have you created a piece of artwork in the wake of your baby’s death? Or maybe someone has given you some artwork to honour your baby? Please feel welcome to share links to your own website or to other artists.

I am on the look out for a picture representing our infertility. I may ask my brother do compose some artwork for us. I currently haven't come across any special picture as of yet.


Nicole said…
For #21, you did start that group on FB for others dealing with infertility.
yes, i did, but I am also in a few others as well:)
oh sorry, you are right..I edited it..thanks:)

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