Five On Friday/Ten Things of Thankful (Canada Day Edition) Link Up

Happy Friday!!

I am linking up with the 5OF Girls and for my wkly (and semi-wkly) Link up:)


Being Canadian. 'Nuff Said.

The HOT weather we had while we were away at the ranch:)

That I brought my bathing suit AND that I was able to swim in parents' pool.


Instagram:) I LOVE it!!!! I have over 30 pictures uploaded so far.


I made some AWESOME iced tea this week. I make it with lemon, tea (duh) and sugar. YUMMY!!
I also love the McCafe Iced Coffee, and the magazines that I brought along with me to enjoy in the sun:)
I got my August issue of Canadian Living Magazine this week. I am getting CL again, and I also may start getting Chatelaine, too.
July 2013

August 2013
I am very nearly done THE BIG BANG THEOR season 3. I love that show, and I just may have to buy all the seasons...sigh.
I got a new awesome top from Avon. I LOVE it!!! I actually have it on right now:) It is very flowey and light.
I am thankful that I didn't have more damage done to our car when I side-swiped/fender-bended a co-worker backing out of work the other night.
I am thankful/my favourite was spending time with my nephew last wknd.
...and of course, spending time with family and friends.....
Family and Friends sitting at the table:) 
The other side of the table.
Happy Friday!


Considerer said…
Wow that looks like an AWESOME family gathering. And that pic of your nephew is so cute :)

Nothing better than some kind of tea and a good read, is there? Thanks for linking up with us for these Ten Things of lovelywonderfulsparklyglitteryness
aww..thanks..yes,I will link up tomorrow:)
Ashley said…
The pool looks wonderful! Jealous!
The Canadian flag is sooooo pretty!

I do love sweet tea, just without lemon, please.

I'm going to guess that Canadian Living magazine is pretty much the same as Southern Living or Midwestern Living (and I'm sure there are more incarnations). Full of recipes and decorating ideas and local points of interest?

What a great family gathering! Yay for good food plus family and friends to share it with.

And I LOVE Big Bang Theory! Sing with me, "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...."
Looks like a great time was had by all...Happy Canada Day!

One other thing: please explain why Big Bang theory is so are not the first person to tell me that it's great, but I am just not seeing it. Any insight would be most helpful!

Have a lovely day!
Kristi Campbell said…
I haven't seen Big Bang Theory but I keep hearing about it. Perhaps it's time to cave in and become addicted. Love the family gathering photo! And the pool looks delicious.
Hi Ladies, thank you for leaving such sweet comments on my blog:) Yes, Canadian Living is similar to Southern Living (I think), filled with recipes and decorating tips. It also has some articles, health, kids, family, etc. I have know idea why I like BBT:) I had already seen a few eps, and I thought they were funny. I also wanted something that I could become addicted to. I also like the fact that it is so different that (a)your usual show, and (b)how I live my life. I am SO not a nerd (at least like them), but I can appreciate their nerdiness. I love SOFT KITTY...:)
icansaymama said…
What a great list!

That pool looks awesome! Would like to have one, too!

I am a big fan of the Big Bang Theory, too!

And I love your new top! I did not know that Avon sells clothing, too?
Clark Farley said…
(liked the tree house back behind the pool...)


very sizable family gatherings... haven't been to one of that scale since I can remember, but I see them as I drive through the local neighborhoods... the cars parked along the street, the smoke of the grills and the badminton nets.
Good Post.

(I am one of those people who love the heat that Summer brings...)
Kristi said…
Your family gathering looks like a lot of fun!
Thank you, Kristi:) Yes, our family get-togethers are always a fun time. We are going back there this wknd.
Anonymous said…
Oh I love that pool. Next year I think I need to get one. I think I would be in it all day! A pool and a glass of that ice tea looks wonderful.

I love Instagram too and just started an account. Will go check out yours now.

Love the family photos, really nice.

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