5 on Friday, and SUYL

Hello, Fellow (ess??) Bloggers!! Happy Friday! (or as Paul Harvey used to say "It's Friday!).

I am linking up with http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/ for SUYL this week, as well as my 5 on Friday with the girls:)

My NEW favourite song this week is from Point of Grace. I am not ashamed to say that I have almost all their CD's save for their favourite hits CD, and a Christmas CD or two (I think they have 4 Xmas CDS out!!).
I have listened to it...oh I don't know..about 10 times this week? In my car. Alone.
I made my own iced coffee this week. Milk, coffee and Equal and it was devine! It was really good!!!

                The Royal Baby; Prince George. Yes, I AM the person that bought (or rather, will buy, since it isn't out quite yet) the People Magazine and US Weekly Mags. Despite my infertility issues, I didn't seem to have a problem with watching/seeing it on TV. I know a lot of other of my infertile friends did, and I feel for them...I guess this week has been a good week. Also, with all the horrible news going on, I figured that the world was due for some good news.
I am reading (and LOVING) my first Nicholas Sparks book that I have read. I did start on the Notebook, but I was in school, so I didn't/couldn't quite get into it. I am reading Safe Haven, and it very good. He sometimes gets a bit too detailed, but it is overall a good book. Plus, he is pretty easy on the eyes, too:) (I am also waiting to get the movie from the library..soon!)
I got a ton of magazines from the library this week. It isn't different than the usual, but these were bright and shiny and new (ish). Anyway, I am having fun looking through them this week.
I know that I have already mentioned it this week, but definitely one of the highlights (favourites) of my week was spending time with my sisters! I was able to steal a few photos from K, who took some more pictures of us...
Having supper, before being driven in by the wasps.

A parting shot. We were just missing one sister.

One of us on the dock.


I am loving Amazing Race Canada. LOVE it. Hubby has gotten bored of the Amazing Race in general, but I still love it!! Plus, John Montgomery is pretty cute, too:)
Just because I am in a good mood, it is our anniversary wknd, and it is payday, here is one more...the sunset last night was amazing (ok, I was a little late, but it was still pretty.

Ok, so on to the next subject of my post:)
This week, it is all about our favourite Charities and Non-Profits. I wasn't going to participate this week, partly because we don't give a lot (mainly because we are so strapped a lot of the time ourselves), but we DO give when we can.
Here are a few of our favourites right now. I don't know how to encrypt, so here are the links...
World Vision Canada. We are sponsoring a little boy in Uganda. We love WVC. They do awesome work. http://www.worldvision.ca/
Our local hospital (RIH) foundation. Trust me. They need the money. http://www.rihfoundation.ca/. Whenever there is something going on in town, where they have proceeds going to the RIHF, we try to go, or at least, try to give.
Ronald McDonald House Canada. When I was sick (as a baby) I don't think there was a place for Mom to stay when she visited me. I totally believe in this, and what they do for families. Every McHappy Day, we go and eat a Big Mac for the kids. It is the least we can do. http://www.rmhbc.ca/
That being said, there are a few places (DQ, Wendy's) that do promotions for kids Children's Wish Foundation, and Miracle Network Dream Lift Day, and send Kids to Camp, etc. We do try to go to those when we can, and when we know they are happening.
Another thing we do (although not all the time) is give or support our local Mission. It is an awesome place that helps people (and houses men..the women's house is called House of Ruth) in our community. http://www.newlifemission.ca/
Well, I think that is enough words for today:) Have a wonderful Friday! I will be doing Ten things of Thankful:Marriage/Anniversray Edition.


Anonymous said…
Hi thanks for stopping by my blog. I love blog hops too!!! It's a great way to make new friends. Yes I am Canadian, on the east coast.

Happy Anniversary, I hope that you guys have an awesome weekend!!!

I saw the movie to the book your reading, I didn't read the book but the movie was great....you have to see it. Also that ice coffee you made looks really good :)
Hi Sky-Ann. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I have started following your blog in the last couple of weeks. I LOVE Canadian bloggers. Congrats on your girl. So exciting!
Anonymous said…
Hi there, I really enjoy your blog posts. Yes I seen you started following along with me thanks and I am following along with your post as well. Also I forgot to mention I tried your link for Instagram in one of your post, however it did not take me to your Instagram page. Do you still have Instagram? I just recently started an account.
Anonymous said…
p.s thanks for the congrats :) that was very nice of you
Hi Sky Ann..yes, I still have it...here is the link (I think)..http://instagram.com/aprilnanker
@Sky-Ann...Are you "following" me, or just checking on my blog from the blog hops? I am only curious because you said that you were following me, but I still only have 6 (like I had before). Just wondering:)
Anonymous said…
Done and done lol..I thought I selected follow button, not sure how I missed it. Hope u had a great weekend.

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