Friday, August 28, 2015

8 Year Blog-iversary!/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

 ****Edited September 24/15****

I thought I would use this post to link up with Let's Be Friends Blog Hop this week. It isn't super old, but I just don't feel like doing a new post (i have a few I NEED to do), but I wanted to link up...and I thought this would be a good post for that. So, here you go!! Enjoy!!

Not a whole lot to about/on this post, just that I have been blogging for 8 WHOLE YEARS! My actual blog-iversary was on the 24th of August, but I forgot! I can't believe I kept up (with) this blog for this long. I didn't think I would. This blog has undergone a few changes. I haven't done a MAJOR overhaul on/with it, but it has changed directions over the years. I have met a lot of fun blogging friends (ok, they don't know I exist, but still...), and have followed a lot of blogs.

The blog-iverse has changed over the course of 8 years. Blogs are more cool, more hip, and generally, MORE FUN then when I started blogging. People make businesses out of blogging; they have built/made themselves a brand. I remember when I first heard the word "blog"...or as we all called it back then..."weblog"; I was like, "what IS that"? Remember the show "Felecity"? Remember on how she did a "vocal/recorded blog" (sorry, I know that's not the right word, but I can't think of the correct one right now), and on how odd we all thought that was? Apparently, she was on to something!!
There are now blogging sponsors, conferences, followers, guest writers, blogging "swaps", "buttons", "exchaneges (still am not sure what that is all about), link ups (my fave!); a whole WORLD dedicated to the Blog-isphere (some of which even I don't know about!)!

Of course, like I have mentioned, there are things that I DON'T like about blogging...and the main one is the comparison. You see these cool mamas (bc, let's face it..most of the bloggers are moms), wearing all these cute and cool clothes; having an awesome time, with their gorgeous hubbies. They are rich (well, richer than me/us, anyway), have nice houses, bake great things, have great kids great hair, nice accessories (jewelry, purses, sunglasses, shoes, etc), travelling all over, nice cars, name it. I actually feel really sad/upset/depressed/mad sometimes after reading posts (yes, this is like FB, IG, and PT as well, another thing I don't like about SM). I even had those feelings today. But, they can (and are!) also be inspiring! I love seeing what people make, how they save, where they travel, how they better their marriage, and of course, infertility. So, like with anything in life (and on SM), I take the good with the "bad", and embrace it. I do what I can to "shape" whoever comes on to my blog. I encourage. I laugh. I cry. I vent. I do what I can to make my corner of the internet (FB, IG included) a bit more fun, and encouraging! To make it better.

I started blogging in 2007 after our wedding, in order to document our lives. It started on FB then I moved to Blogger (which, btw, I have never moved to a new blogging website..I love my little Blogger!). Like I said, this blog has changed directions a few times. My writing has changed. I have learned new things (like on how to posts links!). A few years ago, I wanted it to be strictly about infertility. I quickly realized that that would be too depressing, though I still talk about infertility, I also talk about our life. Our life is not perfect; it is ordinary and boring. But, it is also fun, and never without some sort of crisis. We actually have a bit of a crisis today, in fact. Fun times. Please pray for us if you think of it.

I am so glad that I got into blogging. I do love to write, and although I keep a journal, that is much more private, and I don't like sharing stuff on here that I write in there. Besides, I am able to put my writing on display for everyone to enjoy!! :)

Here's to another 8 years!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friday Link Ups/Ten Things of Thankful

What? I am doing my Friday Link up post on Thursday? Shocking!

1) How 'bout them Apples?

Hubby and I bought a BUNCH of apples today for $20! They are Spartans and are SO GOOD! He has made some apple chips and applesauce. Not sure what else we can do with them.

2) $1 Menus.

Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time), I don't want to cook, and we are usually broke, so we can't afford to splurge on two full meal deals. Often, especially, when we have fries at home, I will buy two burgers off of the dollar menu (and sometimes, a pop), and come home, hubby would have cooked the fries, and BAM! That's a meal! Healthy? No. Delicious, easy and cheap, with no mess? Yes!

3) Lime Zest Chocolate Bars

We found it at/in the grocery store today, and I wanted to try to out. I really like it. Anker doesn't. Oh well. And it's dark chocolate, too (which I am usually not a fan of), which means it will fill me up without my having to eat the whole thing.

4) Funny Memes/Things I have found/seen on Facebook

 A few of these I am sure that we have all seen, had a laugh, a groan, etc. and these last few are no exception.

There was also a meme that was SO CUTE, and I STILL find myself quoting it..sadly, I have spent awhile trying to find it, and I cannot, so quoting it will have to do.."No one Understands the Teenage Kitteh". Makes me laugh. Every.Single.Time.

Growing up in the church, being a PK (Pastor's Kid), and as I continue to go to church in my adult years, I always am interested in "church-related" articles...whether they are hilarious or are in depth (or both!) Here are a few articles that have popped up in my newsfeed (that I have since had to go and find..God Bless Google...that's all I am saying), that have made me smile. And groan.
 10 Things a Pastor Doesn't Want to Hear After his Sermon 
10 Things to Never Say to your Pastor
...and my person favourite (which, I JUST saw today, and laughed SO STINKING HARD!!)
25 Really Weird Things Said to Pastors and Other Church Leaders  (I actually am with the first one...JUST KIDDING!)

5) Free Magazines (to Keep!)

I found a few at my doctors and dentists office and asked to take them home. Did I mention that they were People and US Weekly Magazines? I was very happy.

6) Broken Vessels

Love this song from Hillsongs United. I was very sad when I thought that it was on the new HU CD. ( I didn't know the title, and when I heard it on their sound system, I asked what CD it was on, and they said that it was on the CD that I was holding. Sadly, they were wrong. BOO! But I was able to find it online, and I have listened to it a few times. I LOVE it!! I hope to find/buy it on CD one day.

7) World Book

I totally forget that our library has the last two years of World Book Encyclopedias! The current year you are just able to look at, but the previous year, you can take out. I took out the letter "A". LOL. I hope to get all of them done/taken out by the end of the year, in time to start taking out the 2015s. This is particularly fun, b/c A) my dad used to sell them, and B) they STILL have a set (albeit a 1990 year) at the house. And they/we STILL look at/through them. You know, when we are too tired to pick up our laptop or phones. As a tactile person, I LOVE thumbing through them (FYI, I cannot understand e-readers, and magazines on their tablets...I am ok to read the headlines online, but I would much rather sit down and thumb through a print version of a magazine/book, than read it on a device).

8) Calico

Calico has been doing awesome this week. She LOVES her scratch post box, and we LOVE that. She pretty much sits in that all day. She hasn't slept on/in our bed yet, but she at least knows that is where we go at night. She did spend an hour or so last night, before going to sleep in in her box.

9) Family

Love that I have my brother and SIL SO CLOSE (which will soon be changing, as they are moving up the hill, near where we used to live...waa!) to us! I went over there last night, as I was having a tough time with some stuff, and needed an ear, and a prayer. They did both (Anker chose to stay home), which was awesome.

10) Facebook Groups

I have said that I enjoyed my infertile groups on Facebook, but in the last few days, I have gotten into a few other giver, cat, anxiety, among others. I love having other people to talk with/to about similar things.

(I was going to post pictures, but I didn't feel like taking the time this wk. LOL)

That's all for this week..Sorry so long!

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 Christine @ A Fly on our Chicken Coop Wall

I am SO OVER Infertility/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

**********Again, I had this in my post drafts, and I am just getting to write this now, or, I may not even finish it up tonight...who is August 26 at 11:40 pm********

I am SO over infertility. There. I have said it. I am not ashamed of it, either. I hate it. And NO ONE talks about it (in general and to me). NO ONE asks on how I am feeling (ok, very rarely...and it' s usually my SILs who have/are dealing with this as well). I have been blessed in the last while in the fact that my news feed hasn't been plugged up with pregnancy announcements. That being said, though..I saw one today, and one a few days ago. In a short while, there will be pictures of kids going back to school (for the most part, kids don't start back to school until Sept 8). Yay. Then, it will be Halloween. Then Thanksgiving (or TG, then Halloween..depending on what country you live in...our TG is in Oct, before H'een), then Christmas. It's not even so much about the kids...that part's ok (for the most part). It's the fact that I don't know why, when, God KNEW that I wanted kids SO BADLY, that He allowed us NOT to have any. I just don't get it. I try to not allow myself to dwell on/wallow in it for too long, cause I get very upset.

There is the physical part of it. I get my you-know-what every month. I mean, can't there just be a sign, like "nope, not this month" and move on? Look at all the month I'd save! Then there's the PCOS part of it, which really doesn't have much of factor in that anymore. I know that if I got pregnant, there would be a TON of issues..I have diabetes, my heart/lung/breathing would definitely take a beating, but couldn't that be just over looked? I HATE that I have these problems. Hubby is sterile. I HATE that. As much as he is unstable at times, I think he would have made a great dad! Yes, we don't have a ton of money, but A LOT of people don't have money and they manage to have kids (and some of them probably shouldn't). My heart breaks sometimes. My heart yearns to hold my baby in my arms. My heart years to be called mama. My heart wishes that I was a "cool mom", doing all the "cool mom" things. I wish I were getting my child ready for school. Or having trouble getting my baby to sleep. Or having the "terrible two's" with my toddler. I wish I was involved in kid-related outings, and play-dates, and activities, but sadly, God hasn't seem to have that in store for me. Some days, I am ok with that. Other days, I am so over it.

One of the reasons that I "re-branded" my blog was to bring encouragement and hope to women regarding infertility, but, since, I actually want viewers and followers, as well as for it not to be totally depressing, I change it up, and talk about other things. And I am happy with that. There are only a few local bloggers in this area, so it is fun to "show" everyone where I live, etc. Our lives are not perfect. We don't have a perfect house, we don't have a lot of money, we don't travel every weekend. Our lives are, in a sense, boring, but I blog about it anyway, so that I can connect with fellow bloggers who are either Christian, Canadian, infertile, or just plain crazy, like me! I also have connected with some groups (Infertile, Anxiety, Carer, Cat, etc) on Facebook the last few days...even more than usual, and that has been helpful. I love to connect with people who have the same thoughts, ideas, careers, struggles, and hobbies as me. Both blogging have helped me. They have helped me to not be so sad. Not so alone. Not as hurt. Not as scared. I "talk" to more of my Facebook friends about life than I do to my Real Life family and friends.

So, back to the original title of this post....

I am over infertility. And, I am pretty sure that people are over me being over at it. So, I try. I try to not dwell on the sad/bad parts. I try to think of the positive side of/to not having kids. I can sleep in, eat whatever/whenever I want...go out, spend hours at a coffee shop, at the mall..go for a rides with out screaming, crying kids....the list goes on. But still...there is a tiny bit of me, a tiny part/bit of my heart that will always yearn for a baby. We have lost something, too. No, we haven't lost a baby, but we have lost the dream of having one.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Blakelee, Izzy, and Sam

I don't usually do posts like fact, I am not a huge fan of people asking for money..buuut...when I read Izzy's story in our local paper, combined with the other two young ladies in our community, I thought I would just shed some spotlight on them.

Blakelee is a 1 month old beauty who has Tetrology of Fallot. Her mom is an acquaintance of ours through our church, and her daddy came from TX to pastor a small church here in town. They were supposed to move back to TX, but due to Miss B's DX, they will be remaining in BC. He is unable to work (which is partly why they were going back to TX, as he was unable to get his Canadian Residency), so, they are living on her mom's Mat leave (Mat leave is a year in Canada...unless you chose to go back sooner, or if you want to split it with your spouse), and they are so far unable to sell their house (something that they were doing, since they were moving). Anyway....they were supposed to go the Children's Hospital in Vancouver, but the Dr. is coming up here to look at her, and she may not even have to go down there now to have her surgery. The link I have given you is to her Facebook page, but there is a Fundraising page set up as well. You don't have to give money; you don't even have to pray, if you don't do that...I just ask that you would think of them, and if you go their page, please send a little encouraging word to them.

Sam (antha) (again, this is to her FB page), is a young lady who is 5 (?) who got cancer last July, and has since reappeared. I worked with her maternal grandmother a few years back, and I know her mom and aunt (I actually lived in the same duplex-different suites-as her aunt nearly 10 years ago!), so though I have never met her, I feel a bit connected to her. She is our towns little Superhero (and yes I realize that she isn't the only child in town fighting cancer-or any other disease-, but I think she is one one of the famous ones!)!! There have been A LOT of bake sales, parties, dinners, dances, and even a fair, as well as lots of money being donated. Both of her parents are with in Vancouver, helping her get well.

Izzy is a little girl who has EB. This was a story in our local paper the other day (I think I found it on Facebook), and I was touched (pun not intended) by this. EB is a VERY real disease, and my heart breaks for children and families who have to endure this daily.

Well. those are my do-good stories for this week!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up, and A Busy Wk Ahead

Happy Tuesday!!

I hope everyone had a great wknd! I had to work most of it, but it was actually not that bad. I didn't have my usual "weekend working buddy", as she was on holidays, so I worked with our casual, and another staff who I don't work with very much (we are on opposite schedules). It was a busy wknd, but it went by fast.

Friday, I had it off, and hubby and I ran a few errands, then we relaxed (as usual), and I went out to fax something to Service Canada for Anker, then I met up with my girl friends for supper at CeCe's Kitchen. I had their fish and chips again, which were better than the last time. We had a great time chatting, and laughing, as we always do. We all left around 8:30. I went to pick something up for Calico (she was having problems eating, so we thought she wanted soft food..she didn't eat it, and she is eating fine now), and sat in the car and journalled for a bit. I think I just relaxed and probably Facebooked, and then went to bed.

Saturday, I got up at went to work at/for 9:30. It went well, and I was out was all day, running errands with clients. I did various things; banking, filling our van with gas, etc. I stayed later on Saturday, due to stuff happening at the last minute, and came home, had a glass of wine, a shower, and watched a movie while read magazines and relaxed before bed.

Sunday; I pretty much did the same thing. I stayed at the house for most of it, and went grocery shopping for the house, and to out after supper to grab a few things. I stayed late again, due to another incident happening, and I also chatted with the night staff. I got gas for our car, grabbed a chocolate bar, had that, along with a glass of wine, and a shower, relaxed and went to bed.

Monday; (ok, I realize that it isn't part of the wknd, but's my blog, right?) I slept in a bit, and did a load of laundry, and had a late breakfast. I went to the library, and then grabbed a coffee at Starbucks, and continued journalling, then I went to work. Work was pretty cray-cray last night. Lots of stuff happened, but it calmed down after supper. I left work late, but that was partly b/c I was catching up on stuff that I wanted to do/read before I left. I went to Tim Horton's to journal (I hadn't journalled in nearly two weeks..and I was trying to finish my latest update), and to have supper, since I hadn't eaten supper at work. I stayed until 11:45 pm, and came home, chatted with hubby, and went to bed. I didn't sleep well last night, something that has been happening more and more the last few years. I slept in this morning (Tuesday).

So..this week is going to be super busy....

Today (Tuesday), I have a dental appointment to get TWO cavities filled. I will be under sedation again, so will be no good to anyone for the rest of the day. I MIGHT go to my friends bday supper (who, is also my dental hygenist, and will see me today, drugged and, and hubby has graciously offered to drive me there IF I feel like going, which I doubt, and that makes me super sad.

Wednesday, I have a meeting at work (something that I didn't know I had until Saturday), then am driving hubby to his eye appointment, then I am meeting my friend Jill in the afternoon for coffee, and a visit, and hopefully, some time outside.

Thursday, we both have Dr. Appointments, then we will be free for the rest of the day.

Friday, is pay day, so I will have done paying bills, and buying a few things (I saw a few movies at Wal-Mart that I really want to buy..for cheap..yay), then I have to work.

Saturday, we are meeting my cousin and his wife for supper.

So..that's it for this wk!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Link Ups

Happy Friday, y'all!!! It is actually my Sunday, and it's my Sunday after my I am kind of bummed about that. Oh well...can't really complain, as I have had a wonderful 11 days off!!!

Here are my 5 faves for this week....

Probably the biggest news/fave of the week, is that we got a new cat. Yes, we broke down, and after A LOT of talking, when we got a line on a free 4 yr old, spayed, and vaccinated kitty, we decided to jump on it. Her name is Calico (her name she came with, which I think we will keep), and is SO sweet, and beautiful. We got her on Tuesday, so this is her 4th day with us. She likes to hide-A LOT-, but last night, she came out on her own, and stayed out until we went to bed. She still likes to hide, at night, and hasn't taken to sleeping in our bed (which is fine with/by me, since she is so fluffy), nor will she sleep in her scratch post bed, but at least she is less shy.


I made a new friend yesterday. I was at Starbucks (something I wasn't planning on doing, but ended up going there anyway), and my friend saw me and sat down, and mentioned that she was meeting her boss' wife there as well. We three ended up talking for over an hour! She is so nice. We are friends on Facebook, and texting friends :)


I/we have had some yummy food this week. I didn't take pictures of everything we ate, but, here are two of them...
 Helmut Sausage, chipotle yam fries, and our own beans. Yummy!! Helmut is a company who/that makes sausages in Vernon, BC (two hours away), and hubby was told about them, from a friend, and they are really good!
Waffles, and (I think) BC fruit. Nectarines and strawberries. I topped it with Summerland Sweets syrup. Yesterday morning, I had a similar breakfast, with blueberries. Yum!

I also made some sort of chicken taco salad c**p which didn't taste very good. I actually couldn't eat all of mine. I think I added too many weird ingredients to the chicken. The salsa I made was good, though. While grocery shopping over the weekend, I came across some pork bones for $2. I thought I could pretend they were ribs. They actually tasted pretty good. I had fries, and our beans again. Which reminds me, I have some leftover..maybe I will have them for lunch :)

I have had LOTS of downtime since coming back from Victoria. Too much. Ha! I did manage to do a bit of cleaning, though, so that makes me happy. I am SO NOT ready to go back to work tomorrow. But, back to work I must :)


I got to to Skype with my sister on Sunday. I haven't Skyped with her in awhile, and it was great to "see" her again. We chatted for an hour or so, which was great. She is doing so great in Far, Far Away.

That's all for this week. As usual, I have a few posts mulling around in my head. Not sure if I will get to them all before tomorrow (if at all), but I will try.

Happy Friday, friends, and have a great wknd!

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Husband is now a Mac User, I follow Way too Many Blogs (but no one is Following me), and Other Concerns

 Have any of you read Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And other Concerns) I have read through parts of it, and I think it's funny...I have never really watched any of her shows, but I have read about her in magazines, and I think she's awesome! So, the title of this post is a take on that. I hope no one sues me :)

My husband is born-again (not to sound sacrlidge at all), Mac User..thanks to his sister and brother-in-law. And previous to brother and his wife are Mac users, and they each have an iPhone. And my mom has an iPhone. This could be a problem. LOL. I am a DIE HARD PC/Windows gal..and will probably never change. I just don't see the need for Macs. I don't know how to operate them, and they confuse me. LOL. That being said though...I CAN see why people like them...sort of. LOL. He now has a re-burbished Mac, again, thanks to our BIL. He actually had one before, but never really used it...but a few days before we left, he was trying to catch a fly near his PC flat screen monitor, when, as he hit it...he knocked over the monitor. It was already dying anyway...and he said that his actual computer was starting to die,, I guess he has switched users. So sad. I don't know if we can be married

I follow WAY TOO MANY blogs. It is a problem. Thankfully, I don't spend ALL day reading them, and I will sift through them (if and when I remember my PW and how to do it), and delete the ones that are no longer an interest to me, or ones who haven't blogged in years. What kind of makes me sad, that I only have 32 followers. Now, it's not that I want/like/need a ton of followers to make me (or my blog) worthwhile..but still...I would like to hope that I people are reading it...and that I am inspiring people...or something. I hope that someone will contact me for a free trip, or some free products...or that I will be asked to be featured in some online magazine (like Huff Post, etc), or even be featured in someone's blog. Oh least I am getting SOME exposure, which is all I really want, anyway, and to get the word about infertility out. That's the most important thing, but I will never turn down free products, passes to places, or a free trip!

I have lost our password book. Not only does it make me upset, but it is dangerous. I packed it when we moved, and as we were unpacking, I tried to find it, but as of yet, it is lost. Ugh! I am very upset. I am HOPING that it is just in a box somewhere. My plan is to look for it this week.

Those pesky small flies are back. Every (late) summer they appear, and I was hoping that moving to a new area in town, that there would be less (or none at all) of them. Sadly, that is not the case. I know there is a way to get rid of them, but I can't remember..does anyone know? I will ask on Facebook :)

Gas is 135.9!! It is only a few cents cheaper than Vancouver, and more expensive than the Island! Ugh! I see no reason as to why gas should be this expensive. It is all supply and demand, if you ask me. I REFUSE to fill up until it goes below 129.9.

I just now looked for a funny and CLEAN Christian book store meme...something that says "BUY ALL THE THINGS", but sadly, I cannot. That's just sad.

I still haven't really gotten back into reading books...and barely reading magazines...hmmm...I hope that this odd streak ends soon.

That's all the concerns this week....hey..maybe I will start a "Concerns Weekly and link up post".  I like the Currently and It's Okay posts (and I have done some of them) that I see floating around. Hey..maybe this subject will become a thing!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

(Not) Colour-Blind

I was inspired by this post by Lauren Casper a couple of months back, and I have been wanting to write something similar for awhile....I remember talking with my mom a long time ago about being "colour-blind", and I am not sure what we said, but I think it was something to the effect "we should just be colour blind." And while I get where she was coming from, I think that's a false statement. False forward to a couple of months ago (after I read this article), and I told her that I had just read this amazing article about not being colour-blind to others' ethnic beauty, and she totally got where I was coming from. She essentially agreed with me. But that isn't the point of this post...

A quick back story on Lauren, and her family...she struggled with infertility for years, before she and her hubby adopted two beautiful children from Ethiopia. They have since had their challenges (both of them have autism), which she blogs about, and she also has a speaking ministry, etc.

So, anyway..I read this article, and essentially, it talks on how we SHOULDN'T be colour-blind to others. Sure, don't let it be the only thing we think of, but I truly believe that we should embrace their differences, and compliment them (remember, flattery will get you no where, so be sincere about it, and don't be ignorant when complimenting them). I also remember reading a blog that I frequent, and when they adopted their first daughter, they actually said that they didn't want to discuss what race she is (I could tell she wasn't fully white), and I remember thinking on how sad that was. I know they did it, b/c to them, it didn't matter, and it shouldn't matter, but it should noticed.

Case in point....our family are all boring whities. Or rather, we WERE all boring...then we FINALLY got some ethnicity and culture added to our group. Krystle is half Caucasian and half Caribbean (or is it African American?). She is gorgeous! I love talking hair or about her culture with her. H knows he is white, and his daddy and his family (us) are white, and that his mama and her family (excluding her dad) is brown. He likes to use the brown plates while he is at Grandmom's, and the white plates as his house. He knows that his mama looks like Grandmom, and he looks like his dad (in case you haven't followed along in the last four years, they adopted him right from birth, and his birth parents are both Caucasian). I love that he knows this. Colours don't mean a thing to him, yet he knows the difference, and embraces it.

Then there is Naomi. She is Haitian. Her parents adopted her while they were in Haiti. They also adopted her sister (not bio) at the same time. They are both beautiful. They both have the darkest skin...and the most beautiful hair....she will often wear extensions in her hair, so I never know what she will look like! I am sure that she will introduce us to some of her culture as well (though she has become pretty Canadian/Americanized!!). I am sure we will talk of her/their life in Haiti (I have talked wither mom about a few times), and remind us on how good we have it here in Canada. I am proud of my sisters-in-law. I love and embrace their ethnicity. I am happy that they are apart of our lives. I am happy that we/they have added some culture to our family!

Contentment/Knowing and Doing God's Will

I have a confession to make. I am not super happy right now (well, I am RIGHT NOW, b/c I am holidays...but you know what I mean). If you ask me in what area in my life that/where I am not happy, I can pretty much name you any area. I think Anker and I need some sort of a change. What kind of change, I don't know.

I strive to be content in every situation. And I think in general, I am doing an OK job at being content, but I know I could be better. I think part of it is that it's summer, and we haven't done a whole heck of a lot. I am hoping that I will be feeling better about things after we get back from our holidays (and then a week off a home..yay!). I know I complain a fair amount. I can be moody, and at times, just plain rude to the people that I am talking to. I feel that they don't get our life, where we are coming from, and they don't get my job. It is HARD, PEOPLE! I think in a way, it is harder than nursing. We run the house....we do personal care, we run errands, etc. It is rewarding, but it is HARD! I am DONE at the end of a shift. I like to lie/lay low on my days off. I sleep in a fair amount, and part of that is due to my job.

I feel that God is calling me (us) to do something more. I could be wrong. Maybe I am. And that's ok. But there has been something niggling at me for awhile now...years, actually. I don't know what. I would love to work with kids, which was why I got into this field in the first place. I don't know if we are supposed to stay where we are (Kamloops), or move somewhere else...whether it be in BC, or another place in Canada, or in another part of the world. Since we don't have passports, and we both have health issues, I don't think that going out of Canada is an option, but I think God could use me here in my own country. And I am ok with that. I don't NEED to go to another part of the world to feel like I am doing God's will, though I would love to go to an orphanage and love on some babies. There is a place in Mexico or Guatemala (sorry, I have a blog link somewhere, but I can't find where that is) that houses girls with special needs, and I would love to do that. But I think we are to stay in Canada.

So, I have praying and reading the Bible (though, not nearly as much as I should be), and seeking Him as to what we are to do. Maybe we are to stay where we are, and continue what we are doing. But I think we need some sort of a change. Yes, we moved, and that has been great, and that definitely helps, but still...I wonder...

I have no clue as to what God is calling us to do. I don't even know when I will know what it is. Heck, maybe we're doing it now. Maybe I AM supposed to be where I am right now. Some days, I definitely think I am where God called/wants me to be...other times, I have no clue.

I am not perfect. God is. I am striving EVERY DAY to seek him (even if it doesn't look like I am...I am). I WANT to be doing what He is calling me to do. I want to be all that he wants me to be. I hope that I figure that out soon. Cause I am tired.

Friday, August 7, 2015


                                                                  July 27, 2007

Nearly two weeks ago, Anker and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. If you have been following me on here, or on FB, you know that we haven't had an easy marriage. We have overcome (and still are overcoming) illnesses, infertility, financial issues, among others. While others can lay claim to fame that they have lived (moved around) to several countries, have kids, are married basketball players, etc, we can say...we have only lived in one country, had no kids, two nieces, one nephew, survived one cat (my step-kitty), one move, 3 cars, one year of schooling, several jobs, and a bunch of Western Canada (mainly BC) road trips, lots family and friend events (marriages, funerals).

We have survived several celebrity marriages (Eva and Tony, Blake and Miranda, and Kermit and Miss Piggy come to mind..though I don't know when K and MP got married), and we don't even an eighth of the money or resources they have. Neither of us look amazing, and I wouldn't even say that either of us are a "typical spouse"; ie, being the Spiritual Leader/head of the home (him), being the sole bread winner (him), though I guess I would be considered that now...being great parents (both of us, since we don't have kids), and I can honestly say that neither of us are strong Christians at the moment, and I am sure there are more. But, we are still together. Is it always easy? No. Is it always fun? No. Are we committed? Yes. It's not perfect, and probably not really the normal marriage (but honestly, is ANY marriage, a "normal"one?). But guess what? That's ok. We aren't perfect. We annoy each other. We avoid each other (which is why I like to get out for long periods of He snaps at me. He makes me cry. I tick him off somehow (though I am not sure He won't talk to me. He steals the TV. He doesn't always clean us his messes. Though I will say that he is getting better at doing that...and cleaning around the house in general.

I have seen him through his hoarding phase (thankfully, we have moved, so most of his stuff is moved outside..yay!), handle his smoking (he hopes to quit soon), and I have helped him navigate the daily tasks of doing things (he is pretty good and doing most of his ADL's, but I need to remind to do certain things..and I am usually the one who fills out forms, etc), and have helped him through some pretty tough times. He, in turn, has helped me through a few very tough times...including two illnesses (infertility being one of them), two health conditions, is super chill about my going out pretty much whenever I want (or need) to, doesn't care about what I buy (for myself, for the house, etc), is helping me through my magazine and Starbucks addictions, and loves me for who I am. I have introduced him to ER, Friends, Grey's, Y&R, and he has introduced me to The Hobbit, LOTR, and several other dumb shows that I could care less about watching! Ha! We have discovered new and exciting things, like Big Bang Theory, and Facebook :)

I think the number one thing that I admire about him is that he trusts me. He doesn't care really what I do, as long as I check in with him once in awhile. I also love (actually this is probably tied with number 1), is that he is resourceful, which is probably partly he is a hoarder. He can do pretty much anything. He can pickle stuff, can fruit (do you call that preserving?), garden, clean the house, and fix things that no one else would think to know how to do. He has done a host of things, job-wise, and he KNOWS SO MUCH! If you have a conversation with him, he can pretty much engage you in any subject. I am not sure what his number one thing about me that he admires, but I think it would be (and I will ask him and probably end up changing this) that I am patient with him. Actually, I am not all that patient with him. But I don't flip out, which is what he needs, so I guess that is good. I let him have some say in I don't plan holidays, etc without some of his imput. I think my greatest frustration with him would be that he needs to plan stuff for bdays, anniversaries, etc. Even for going for dates is tough...I am always the one planning, saying.."Let's get out, hon". I know that there are other things, but that is the one thing that really bugs me. I do all the planning, etc. It gets tiring after awhile. Of course, him not being a Spiritual leader is tough on me, but he never really was, so I can't say too much about that :) His number one frustration with me? I can't think of any, b/c I am perfect! Ha! Probably that I spend too much time at/in Starbucks! Ha! Probably that I bug him about going out more...either couple time, or meeting up with family, etc. He is SO not a people person! We are SO opposite, but SO alike in many ways. We miss each other when we're not together; the quiet presence. One of my favourite things to do is just relax with him in the living room; both of us on our computers, and watching tv...just chilling. A few words here and there...a simple conversation. I do love a good conversation. I also love a good road trip. One with not too many cars, and preferably a four lane highway. With maybe a stop or two.

So, this last anniversary was pretty good. Since it was our eighth, and gifts were supposedly bronze, linens, or lace, I was hoping to get us some new towels and or sheets, but since we are going away NEXT WEEK, we decided to let that one slide until next pay chq. My gramma gave us $50, so we used that towards our dinner. I was given a GC from a local Greek House here in town, and we have been wanting to use it for we thought that our anniversary was a perfect time to use it. We went btwn lunch and supper, and the waitress was kind enough to give us the lunch menu. It was SO GOOD, and Anker LOVED it! After that, we headed to the ranch, and stayed at one of the cabins on the ranch, that used to be used as a B&B. I may or may not have ended the night with a cooler, magazines (Mom bought me a HELLO Magazine. I was so thrilled), and some baklava.

We spent the next few days just hanging out, relaxing, and visiting. My cousin was at the ranch, too, so we had a great visit. I had a nice visit with Mom, which was nice. I watched a couple of movies (we watched HOME last was good), and we spent time together.

So, that is our (my) anniversary post :)
                                          Anker had the Gryo, and he said it was very good.
                                                  I had a Surf and Turf. It was very good.

                                                          Anker and I, June 5, 2015

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Photo (from phone to laptop to blog) Dump and Friday Link Ups!

 ***I did the title of this post on Aug 6, then just put in my drafts..not doing a thing about it today...August 16th. So, even though it says August 6th, it wasn't really written on/updated/posted until today****

Happy Sunday!!!

This will be a combo of a bunch of random pictures, AND the/a Friday Link Up (s) Post.

But first...a little preview of what I am doing as I write this...

So, in no particular order....

1) Victoria Vacation.

Hubby and I had a great trip to Vancouver Island. His sister and her family live in Victoria (they used to live on the mainland), and we LOVE going there! It was too short, though...would have loved even another day. But we had a great time, anyway.

2) Back in Good standing... the library! For over a month had a huge overdue fine bill to pay, but I didn't quite have the money to pay for it...well, a couple of weeks ago...I finally paid most of it...and happily took out books/magazines/dvds, etc.

 3) Night Gazing.

A few weeks ago, we had a bit of a lightning storm, and I went out to try to get some good shots. Sadly, I did not (not of the lightning, anyway), but I got some great shots of the dusk-to-night sky.

4) New Lipstick (Stain).

I think I found this at Wal-Mart, and I love it. It is Megalipsticks, and it s cheap, but lovely. I would definitely buy more from them.

5) New Tote Bag.

I usually carry bag of some sort carry my books, journal, etc. The old one that I had been carrying around for who know how long kind of kicked the bucket before we left..soo, instead of buying one...I looked around our house, and I found one that I had bought at our local farmers' market earlier this summer. I love it. It is durable, and big.
6) H.

This kid continues to make me laugh all the time...he is so smart, but loves to ask questions. A while back, I was looking after him, and decided that we should get out...he rode his bike, and walked...and I could hardly keep up with him..that kid is FAST!
7) New Sunglasses.

I somehow lost my pair of sunglasses while we were on the island, so I made a quick trip to the dollar store to grab a couple...I like them....they are cheap...but I don't care...and yes, I realize that I probably look like a dork...

8) New CDs.

There are two Christian book stores in Victoria...and I managed to find one of them...and spent over two hours in there...I had SO MUCH fun! I was in heaven! I bought three cds..two of which I really like..and one is ok...I was/am a bit disappointed in/with the Hillsongs one.I thought it would be have been..different...I love Chris Tomlin (Love Ran Red) and Michael W. Smith (Sovereign). I also got a cd for Dad, and an angel for our niece. It all came up to just under $60, which was what I was striving for. I also got Country Heat 2015 and Kelly Clarkson's First Decade of Hits (or whatever it is called)..I love those, too.

9) New Movies.

LAST payday, I got a few movies...two Nicholas Sparks ones, and Beethoven 1 and 2.

10) A Resourceful Husband.

My husband can fix pretty much anything (read the anniversary post), and this last time was no cord to my laptop broke (where it connects...or something), leaving me without a laptop. I know. Very sad. Anyway..I have mentioned before that he is a huge  slight hoarder. Well, I told him what happened, and he proudly stated that he could probably fix it. I didn't think so...but sure enough, he had it fixed in about 10 minutes. True Story.

11) Magazines and Books.

I still haven't gotten back into reading books..and barely am reading magazines..but here are some tha I have bought/taken out from the library (I also have taken out some DVDS from the library, too..HIC, SSN 4, DM 1 and 2, Saving name a few...I hope to get a few of these watched over the next few days....along with all my PVR'd shows!).

12) CFL.

Though we didn't watch the game, I do have the app, so it updates me when there's a game, the scores, etc...well, the results from this last game were horrible! :)

 Let's hope they do better on Friday!

13) Tomatoes (and other veggies) from our garden.

I found this tomato in our garden before I went to the ranch a couple of weeks ago (Hubby was already there). I took it to show him, then I promptly forgot. Sadness! We also have zucchini, cucumbers, celery, and carrots.
14) Rainbows.

I got a couple of pictures of a rainbow (and then it became a double one) on the way to the ranch a couple of weeks ago..
15) Air-conditioning.

I just got an A/C unit today...I hope hubby can put it in SOON, before this heat decides to leave us.

16) Thankful.

I am SO thankful that God kept my parents safe on Friday coming home from Calgary. I read through FB (which is where I get all my would be be without Facebook, hey?), there was a 6 car pile up, with 4 dead and 15 injured just TWO hours after Mom and Dad went through. I forget that we need to pray for safety during the summer months, too!

Well, that's all for this week...

....oh, and just because I can...

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