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8 Year Blog-iversary!/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

****Edited September 24/15****

I thought I would use this post to link up with Let's Be Friends Blog Hop this week. It isn't super old, but I just don't feel like doing a new post (i have a few I NEED to do), but I wanted to link up...and I thought this would be a good post for that. So, here you go!! Enjoy!!

Not a whole lot to about/on this post, just that I have been blogging for 8 WHOLE YEARS! My actual blog-iversary was on the 24th of August, but I forgot! I can't believe I kept up (with) this blog for this long. I didn't think I would. This blog has undergone a few changes. I haven't done a MAJOR overhaul on/with it, but it has changed directions over the years. I have met a lot of fun blogging friends (ok, they don't know I exist, but still...), and have followed a lot of blogs.

The blog-iverse has changed over the course of 8 years. Blogs are more cool, more hip, and generally, MORE FUN then when I started blogging. People make businesses out of blo…

Friday Link Ups/Ten Things of Thankful

What? I am doing my Friday Link up post on Thursday? Shocking!

1) How 'bout them Apples?

Hubby and I bought a BUNCH of apples today for $20! They are Spartans and are SO GOOD! He has made some apple chips and applesauce. Not sure what else we can do with them.

2) $1 Menus.

Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time), I don't want to cook, and we are usually broke, so we can't afford to splurge on two full meal deals. Often, especially, when we have fries at home, I will buy two burgers off of the dollar menu (and sometimes, a pop), and come home, hubby would have cooked the fries, and BAM! That's a meal! Healthy? No. Delicious, easy and cheap, with no mess? Yes!

3) Lime Zest Chocolate Bars

We found it at/in the grocery store today, and I wanted to try to out. I really like it. Anker doesn't. Oh well. And it's dark chocolate, too (which I am usually not a fan of), which means it will fill me up without my having to eat the whole thing.

4) Funny Memes/Things I have found/s…

I am SO OVER Infertility/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

**********Again, I had this in my post drafts, and I am just getting to write this now, or, I may not even finish it up tonight...who is August 26 at 11:40 pm********

I am SO over infertility. There. I have said it. I am not ashamed of it, either. I hate it. And NO ONE talks about it (in general and to me). NO ONE asks on how I am feeling (ok, very rarely...and it' s usually my SILs who have/are dealing with this as well). I have been blessed in the last while in the fact that my news feed hasn't been plugged up with pregnancy announcements. That being said, though..I saw one today, and one a few days ago. In a short while, there will be pictures of kids going back to school (for the most part, kids don't start back to school until Sept 8). Yay. Then, it will be Halloween. Then Thanksgiving (or TG, then Halloween..depending on what country you live in...our TG is in Oct, before H'een), then Christmas. It's not even so much about the kids...that part…

Blakelee, Izzy, and Sam

I don't usually do posts like fact, I am not a huge fan of people asking for money..buuut...when I read Izzy's story in our local paper, combined with the other two young ladies in our community, I thought I would just shed some spotlight on them.

Blakelee is a 1 month old beauty who has Tetrology of Fallot. Her mom is an acquaintance of ours through our church, and her daddy came from TX to pastor a small church here in town. They were supposed to move back to TX, but due to Miss B's DX, they will be remaining in BC. He is unable to work (which is partly why they were going back to TX, as he was unable to get his Canadian Residency), so, they are living on her mom's Mat leave (Mat leave is a year in Canada...unless you chose to go back sooner, or if you want to split it with your spouse), and they are so far unable to sell their house (something that they were doing, since they were moving). Anyway....they were supposed to go the Children's Hospital in Va…

Weekend Wrap Up, and A Busy Wk Ahead

Happy Tuesday!!

I hope everyone had a great wknd! I had to work most of it, but it was actually not that bad. I didn't have my usual "weekend working buddy", as she was on holidays, so I worked with our casual, and another staff who I don't work with very much (we are on opposite schedules). It was a busy wknd, but it went by fast.

Friday, I had it off, and hubby and I ran a few errands, then we relaxed (as usual), and I went out to fax something to Service Canada for Anker, then I met up with my girl friends for supper at CeCe's Kitchen. I had their fish and chips again, which were better than the last time. We had a great time chatting, and laughing, as we always do. We all left around 8:30. I went to pick something up for Calico (she was having problems eating, so we thought she wanted soft food..she didn't eat it, and she is eating fine now), and sat in the car and journalled for a bit. I think I just relaxed and probably Facebooked, and then went to bed.

Friday Link Ups

Happy Friday, y'all!!! It is actually my Sunday, and it's my Sunday after my I am kind of bummed about that. Oh well...can't really complain, as I have had a wonderful 11 days off!!!

Here are my 5 faves for this week....

Probably the biggest news/fave of the week, is that we got a new cat. Yes, we broke down, and after A LOT of talking, when we got a line on a free 4 yr old, spayed, and vaccinated kitty, we decided to jump on it. Her name is Calico (her name she came with, which I think we will keep), and is SO sweet, and beautiful. We got her on Tuesday, so this is her 4th day with us. She likes to hide-A LOT-, but last night, she came out on her own, and stayed out until we went to bed. She still likes to hide, at night, and hasn't taken to sleeping in our bed (which is fine with/by me, since she is so fluffy), nor will she sleep in her scratch post bed, but at least she is less shy…

My Husband is now a Mac User, I follow Way too Many Blogs (but no one is Following me), and Other Concerns

Have any of you read Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And other Concerns) I have read through parts of it, and I think it's funny...I have never really watched any of her shows, but I have read about her in magazines, and I think she's awesome! So, the title of this post is a take on that. I hope no one sues me :)

My husband is born-again (not to sound sacrlidge at all), Mac User..thanks to his sister and brother-in-law. And previous to brother and his wife are Mac users, and they each have an iPhone. And my mom has an iPhone. This could be a problem. LOL. I am a DIE HARD PC/Windows gal..and will probably never change. I just don't see the need for Macs. I don't know how to operate them, and they confuse me. LOL. That being said though...I CAN see why people like them...sort of. LOL. He now has a re-burbished Mac, again, thanks to our BIL. He actually had one before, but never really used it...but a few days before we left, he wa…

(Not) Colour-Blind

I was inspired by this post by Lauren Casper a couple of months back, and I have been wanting to write something similar for awhile....I remember talking with my mom a long time ago about being "colour-blind", and I am not sure what we said, but I think it was something to the effect "we should just be colour blind." And while I get where she was coming from, I think that's a false statement. False forward to a couple of months ago (after I read this article), and I told her that I had just read this amazing article about not being colour-blind to others' ethnic beauty, and she totally got where I was coming from. She essentially agreed with me. But that isn't the point of this post...

A quick back story on Lauren, and her family...she struggled with infertility for years, before she and her hubby adopted two beautiful children from Ethiopia. They have since had their challenges (both of them have autism), which she blogs about, and she also has a speak…

Contentment/Knowing and Doing God's Will

I have a confession to make. I am not super happy right now (well, I am RIGHT NOW, b/c I am holidays...but you know what I mean). If you ask me in what area in my life that/where I am not happy, I can pretty much name you any area. I think Anker and I need some sort of a change. What kind of change, I don't know.

I strive to be content in every situation. And I think in general, I am doing an OK job at being content, but I know I could be better. I think part of it is that it's summer, and we haven't done a whole heck of a lot. I am hoping that I will be feeling better about things after we get back from our holidays (and then a week off a home..yay!). I know I complain a fair amount. I can be moody, and at times, just plain rude to the people that I am talking to. I feel that they don't get our life, where we are coming from, and they don't get my job. It is HARD, PEOPLE! I think in a way, it is harder than nursing. We run the house....we do personal care, we run …


July 27, 2007

Nearly two weeks ago, Anker and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. If you have been following me on here, or on FB, you know that we haven't had an easy marriage. We have overcome (and still are overcoming) illnesses, infertility, financial issues, among others. While others can lay claim to fame that they have lived (moved around) to several countries, have kids, are married basketball players, etc, we can say...we have only lived in one country, had no kids, two nieces, one nephew, survived one cat (my step-kitty), one move, 3 cars, one year of schooling, several jobs, and a bunch of Western Canada (mainly BC) road trips, lots family and friend events (marriages, funerals).

We have survived several celebrity marriages (Eva and Tony, Blake and Miranda, and Kermit and Miss Piggy come to mind..though I don't know when K and MP got married), and we don't even an eighth of the money or re…

Photo (from phone to laptop to blog) Dump and Friday Link Ups!

***I did the title of this post on Aug 6, then just put in my drafts..not doing a thing about it today...August 16th. So, even though it says August 6th, it wasn't really written on/updated/posted until today****

Happy Sunday!!!

This will be a combo of a bunch of random pictures, AND the/a Friday Link Up (s) Post.

But first...a little preview of what I am doing as I write this...

So, in no particular order....

1)Victoria Vacation.

Hubby and I had a great trip to Vancouver Island. His sister and her family live in Victoria (they used to live on the mainland), and we LOVE going there! It was too short, though...would have loved even another day. But we had a great time, anyway.

2) Back in Good standing... the library! For over a month had a huge overdue fine bill to pay, but I didn't quite have the money to pay for it...well, a couple of weeks ago...I finally paid most of it...and happily took out books/magazines/dvds, etc.

 3) Night Gazing.

A few weeks ago, we had a bit …