Photo (from phone to laptop to blog) Dump and Friday Link Ups!

 ***I did the title of this post on Aug 6, then just put in my drafts..not doing a thing about it today...August 16th. So, even though it says August 6th, it wasn't really written on/updated/posted until today****

Happy Sunday!!!

This will be a combo of a bunch of random pictures, AND the/a Friday Link Up (s) Post.

But first...a little preview of what I am doing as I write this...

So, in no particular order....

1) Victoria Vacation.

Hubby and I had a great trip to Vancouver Island. His sister and her family live in Victoria (they used to live on the mainland), and we LOVE going there! It was too short, though...would have loved even another day. But we had a great time, anyway.

2) Back in Good standing... the library! For over a month had a huge overdue fine bill to pay, but I didn't quite have the money to pay for it...well, a couple of weeks ago...I finally paid most of it...and happily took out books/magazines/dvds, etc.

 3) Night Gazing.

A few weeks ago, we had a bit of a lightning storm, and I went out to try to get some good shots. Sadly, I did not (not of the lightning, anyway), but I got some great shots of the dusk-to-night sky.

4) New Lipstick (Stain).

I think I found this at Wal-Mart, and I love it. It is Megalipsticks, and it s cheap, but lovely. I would definitely buy more from them.

5) New Tote Bag.

I usually carry bag of some sort carry my books, journal, etc. The old one that I had been carrying around for who know how long kind of kicked the bucket before we left..soo, instead of buying one...I looked around our house, and I found one that I had bought at our local farmers' market earlier this summer. I love it. It is durable, and big.
6) H.

This kid continues to make me laugh all the time...he is so smart, but loves to ask questions. A while back, I was looking after him, and decided that we should get out...he rode his bike, and walked...and I could hardly keep up with him..that kid is FAST!
7) New Sunglasses.

I somehow lost my pair of sunglasses while we were on the island, so I made a quick trip to the dollar store to grab a couple...I like them....they are cheap...but I don't care...and yes, I realize that I probably look like a dork...

8) New CDs.

There are two Christian book stores in Victoria...and I managed to find one of them...and spent over two hours in there...I had SO MUCH fun! I was in heaven! I bought three cds..two of which I really like..and one is ok...I was/am a bit disappointed in/with the Hillsongs one.I thought it would be have been..different...I love Chris Tomlin (Love Ran Red) and Michael W. Smith (Sovereign). I also got a cd for Dad, and an angel for our niece. It all came up to just under $60, which was what I was striving for. I also got Country Heat 2015 and Kelly Clarkson's First Decade of Hits (or whatever it is called)..I love those, too.

9) New Movies.

LAST payday, I got a few movies...two Nicholas Sparks ones, and Beethoven 1 and 2.

10) A Resourceful Husband.

My husband can fix pretty much anything (read the anniversary post), and this last time was no cord to my laptop broke (where it connects...or something), leaving me without a laptop. I know. Very sad. Anyway..I have mentioned before that he is a huge  slight hoarder. Well, I told him what happened, and he proudly stated that he could probably fix it. I didn't think so...but sure enough, he had it fixed in about 10 minutes. True Story.

11) Magazines and Books.

I still haven't gotten back into reading books..and barely am reading magazines..but here are some tha I have bought/taken out from the library (I also have taken out some DVDS from the library, too..HIC, SSN 4, DM 1 and 2, Saving name a few...I hope to get a few of these watched over the next few days....along with all my PVR'd shows!).

12) CFL.

Though we didn't watch the game, I do have the app, so it updates me when there's a game, the scores, etc...well, the results from this last game were horrible! :)

 Let's hope they do better on Friday!

13) Tomatoes (and other veggies) from our garden.

I found this tomato in our garden before I went to the ranch a couple of weeks ago (Hubby was already there). I took it to show him, then I promptly forgot. Sadness! We also have zucchini, cucumbers, celery, and carrots.
14) Rainbows.

I got a couple of pictures of a rainbow (and then it became a double one) on the way to the ranch a couple of weeks ago..
15) Air-conditioning.

I just got an A/C unit today...I hope hubby can put it in SOON, before this heat decides to leave us.

16) Thankful.

I am SO thankful that God kept my parents safe on Friday coming home from Calgary. I read through FB (which is where I get all my would be be without Facebook, hey?), there was a 6 car pile up, with 4 dead and 15 injured just TWO hours after Mom and Dad went through. I forget that we need to pray for safety during the summer months, too!

Well, that's all for this week...

....oh, and just because I can...

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