My Husband is now a Mac User, I follow Way too Many Blogs (but no one is Following me), and Other Concerns

 Have any of you read Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And other Concerns) I have read through parts of it, and I think it's funny...I have never really watched any of her shows, but I have read about her in magazines, and I think she's awesome! So, the title of this post is a take on that. I hope no one sues me :)

My husband is born-again (not to sound sacrlidge at all), Mac User..thanks to his sister and brother-in-law. And previous to brother and his wife are Mac users, and they each have an iPhone. And my mom has an iPhone. This could be a problem. LOL. I am a DIE HARD PC/Windows gal..and will probably never change. I just don't see the need for Macs. I don't know how to operate them, and they confuse me. LOL. That being said though...I CAN see why people like them...sort of. LOL. He now has a re-burbished Mac, again, thanks to our BIL. He actually had one before, but never really used it...but a few days before we left, he was trying to catch a fly near his PC flat screen monitor, when, as he hit it...he knocked over the monitor. It was already dying anyway...and he said that his actual computer was starting to die,, I guess he has switched users. So sad. I don't know if we can be married

I follow WAY TOO MANY blogs. It is a problem. Thankfully, I don't spend ALL day reading them, and I will sift through them (if and when I remember my PW and how to do it), and delete the ones that are no longer an interest to me, or ones who haven't blogged in years. What kind of makes me sad, that I only have 32 followers. Now, it's not that I want/like/need a ton of followers to make me (or my blog) worthwhile..but still...I would like to hope that I people are reading it...and that I am inspiring people...or something. I hope that someone will contact me for a free trip, or some free products...or that I will be asked to be featured in some online magazine (like Huff Post, etc), or even be featured in someone's blog. Oh least I am getting SOME exposure, which is all I really want, anyway, and to get the word about infertility out. That's the most important thing, but I will never turn down free products, passes to places, or a free trip!

I have lost our password book. Not only does it make me upset, but it is dangerous. I packed it when we moved, and as we were unpacking, I tried to find it, but as of yet, it is lost. Ugh! I am very upset. I am HOPING that it is just in a box somewhere. My plan is to look for it this week.

Those pesky small flies are back. Every (late) summer they appear, and I was hoping that moving to a new area in town, that there would be less (or none at all) of them. Sadly, that is not the case. I know there is a way to get rid of them, but I can't remember..does anyone know? I will ask on Facebook :)

Gas is 135.9!! It is only a few cents cheaper than Vancouver, and more expensive than the Island! Ugh! I see no reason as to why gas should be this expensive. It is all supply and demand, if you ask me. I REFUSE to fill up until it goes below 129.9.

I just now looked for a funny and CLEAN Christian book store meme...something that says "BUY ALL THE THINGS", but sadly, I cannot. That's just sad.

I still haven't really gotten back into reading books...and barely reading magazines...hmmm...I hope that this odd streak ends soon.

That's all the concerns this week....hey..maybe I will start a "Concerns Weekly and link up post".  I like the Currently and It's Okay posts (and I have done some of them) that I see floating around. Hey..maybe this subject will become a thing!!


Trisha said…
Wanna feel better about how many blogs you follow?
My feedly says I follow... 568. But I don't clean it out as much as I should and good blogs from years ago I hope they post again. :)
The A Team said…
Oh wow!!! And I thought I was "bad". LOL. That makes me feel a bit Thanks again for visiting! I did check out your blogs, but two of them were by invite only, and one was by your hubby, so I didn't add it..I did add your main one, though!

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