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Friday Link Ups/TToT

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great wknd. I just finished watching the Oscars, and I thought I would try to continue with the Friday Link up/TToT Post before heading to bed.

1)New Shoes
A while back, I bought a pair of shoes for work. I wore them one day, and they were horrible. I went back, and bought a new pair, and I LOVE them!!! Because I have such bad feet, I HAVE to have decent/expensive shoes. I just can't spend $20 on a new pair. They have to have good soles, and they have to be walkers/runners. I got another pair of Asecs, and they are awesome.

2)New Fridge
 A few weeks ago, our fridge freezer when on the fritz. Our manager gave us a new (ish) fridge. I am not a HUGE fan of the fridge part, but I LOVE the room in the freezer. Plus, food, ice, etc, actually stays frozen as it should be.

I went to the ranch again a few weeks ago (see below), and part of the reason was to see their new Guard Dog Puppies. They are precious! I was talking to Mom tonight, and sh…


These are just some random, small bits of news that I feel doesn't really make the FoF/TToT post :)

*Our local McDonald's underwent a reno, and they re-opened after being closed a month. I LOVE their new look! It was actually the second time in the ten years that I have been here they this particular one underwent a reno...and I am very happy with the results :)

*I love new the Starbucks New Loyalty Program that will be starting up in April. As a latte/mocha/Frappuccino drinker, I think this is a great idea. The more money I spend, the more stars I get. Even though it now takes 125 stars before you get a free food or drink, I think it is a better system.

*I took myself on a date after ladies Bible Study on Tuesday night. I had a Cineplex card to use up, and since hubs and I couldn't think of a movie that we wanted to watch together, and I didn't get a Christmas gift from him (nor a VDay gift), I decided to go alone. I watched RISEN, and I encourage EVERYONE to watch it…

When Grief Comes Like A Flood: Fertility Matters Canada Edition

One of the exciting that has happened to me in the last while was that I was contacted by Fertility Matters Canada/IAAC to do some blogging for them for their new website. Well, "contacted by" them isn't really true...they asked on their Facebook Page if any Canadian bloggers who blogged about infertility would like to blog on/for their website. I contacted them almost right away. It took awhile, but they finally got back to me. When I first got the email, a week or so ago, I wasn't sure if my blog was really what they wanted, so I didn't respond. Then, the ED emailed me, and asked if she could call me, to talk about blogging. We chatted the next day, and I told her about my blog, and a bit of our story. She seemed really excited about it, and she took a look over my blog, and thought that it is what they are looking for. I was hoping that it would be a paying gig, but, alas, it is only volunteer, but hey, it gets my blog and name, and more importantly, this cau…


This is one of those Title-only posts that have been in my drafts for a month or so, so I think I should either write it up/out, or delete it.

*****Disclaimer**** I am in no way a parenting expert. I am not a parent, so I have zero experience in this area. I am only writing my experience as a child. I don't want to get nasty emails telling me that I have no business on talking about parenting issues, when I am not one myself.*******

I have never really been one for attachment-parenting. I always thought that it was something that "hippie-parents" did. I never really understood the bonding issue; I never understood on how parents (both bio and adoptive) could stay home for weeks and months on end and "cocoon" themselves with them and their babies. I have however, been thinking about this the last while. Here's why....

I was born with A LOT of medical issues...thus I stayed in the hospital for almost two years. Since my parents did (and still do!) live in the …

LBFBH/Salmon Arm Wknd

This last wknd, I went to Salmon Arm (from her on in, I will refer to it as SA), to see my aunt and uncle. They have been there for almost a year, and they have asked us to come on over sometime, so I finally decided to make the trek over to see them. Since it was primarily going to be a girls' wknd, I didn't pressure Anker to come, and it is nice to get away alone sometimes. He gets the wknd to watch is "weird shows", and to have wknd without my complaining or nagging (yes, I admittingly do this), and I get to hang out with my aunt, and do girl things. It's a win-win for both of us!!!

The drive is nice, and just over an hour from the edge of town. I also stopped at Steamers, thinking that there was a British Shop that used to be there, which seems to have gone out of business. Sadness! I arrived on Friday afternoon, around 4, and we basically just hung out all evening. We had leftovers of ham, and rice, and we watched some Big Bang Theory, then she and I watched…

Cooking and Recipes

Yes, I am still around :) I have a bunch of blog posts that I want to do, and like anything, I procrastinate for ever, then, once I start doing something, I can't seem to stop. LOL. So, be prepared for an enslaught of posts.

As I have stated before, I am not the worlds best cook. Between, not always having a lot of ingredients, not having a dishwasher, working, having a picky husband, and just being lazy, I tend to not make a lot of recipes or otherwise. I DO love looking at/for recipes, though, and I do enjoy cooking at work, since there seems to always be fun ingredients to work with.

Over the last few weeks, I have cooked three really fun (and great!) recipes lately. Of course, we have been eating more than three times, but these are the three recipes that I have found, made and ate, and were really good.

A few weeks ago ago at work, I made Becel Mustard Maple Salmon. It was SO good! I probably would have kept to the original amounts of syrup and margarine, though. …

Life Lately

Yes, I am still alive!! Just in a bit of a blogging funk, is all. Other than a couple of short posts (including one that was a draft from way last fall), it has been a month since a last blogged. You haven't missed much, trust me.

Here are a few of the happenings around here:

I am going to the ladies Wednesday morning coffee time, and I love it. I love getting up and out (sort of) early in the morning. I love getting to know new ladies, not just from our church, but from the community.

Anker has had to re-apply for disability benefits, which means we have to stand in line for who knows how long tomorrow, and sign papers...again. ugh! Thankfully, the Ministry called us, which is awesome. Kudoos to them.

Hung out with H a few times, and he, Mom and I ran a few errands a couple of weeks back. I stayed and A and K's twice week, which was kind of fun.

I am really hoping our neighbours move out soon. They are annoying.

Sahara is pregnant. Yes, she got out while she was on/in heat (w…

Show and Tell Tuesday: Winning My Heart

Linking up with Andrea for the bi-Tuesday link up: Show and Tell Tuesday! This weeks (well, last weeks now) is Winning My Heart.

It doesn't take much to make me happy...especially when it comes to things from my hubby. We did The Five Love Languages a few years ago, and although mine is pretty much all five...(we al actually NEED all five)I really love gifts and physical touch. And acts of service. And Words of Affirmation. And Quality Time. Ha! I NEED all these in my life. I am actually lacking in ALL these right now..but that's for another post :) Anyway...I think my LL are Gifts and Physical Touch. When hubby goes and gets me something (esp on/for special holidays)..albeit a card, or something small from the dollar store. There is something that makes me feel loved and cherished. And that isn't just from him...when ANYONE gives me a gift, it makes me heart happy, and my soul sing. Another one is physical touch. I love hugs, and arms around each other...and of course....…

What's in my (make-up) Bag

****I had hoped to have actually done an itemized list to go along with the pictures, but I never did get to it, and since this was in my drafts until a few weeks ago, and I still haven't updated  it in the way I had hoped, it will probably just stay like this. My apologies. I hope to maybe do a "favourite make up" post sometime soon. February 25/16****

I love on how in US Weekly, they have their segment on What's in My Bag! The stars spill out what is in their bags...which I find very interesting. And cool. So, that, along with all the beauty (bargain) finds posts that I see floating around, well, I thought I would do a make-up post.

So, here ya go! Please note, that I am a "drug-store" shopper, for pretty much EVERYTHING! That being said, though, drugstores have gotten MUCH better in the last 15 years in what they carry. We aren't in a large city, so we only have drugstores (ie: London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Wal-Mart) to chose from when it com…

When Grief Comes like a Flood

This is another one of those posts that have been title-only, and I have been wanting write this since before Christmas. Yes, it's raw and real...but fear not..there will be some "fluffy" posts coming soon!

Grief is a funny thing. It comes in waves. I was on my 4 days off, when this title/post came to me. I was having a really tough day. I was REALLY down, and I am RARELY super down on my days off. It was just a tough day all the evening, I finally chalked it up to (at least in part) our infertility. I was sad that we couldn't have kids. Sad that we had been "dealt" this hand of cards. Sad that our life was just us and our cat(s). Sad that I will never know it is like be called "mom". Just sad in general.

The thing with infertility (like most losses, and yes, it is a loss), is that you are fine (well, mostly "fine") with it for a few weeks, or even months at a time, then suddenly, something will happen, and you will have a of…