LBFBH/Salmon Arm Wknd

This last wknd, I went to Salmon Arm (from her on in, I will refer to it as SA), to see my aunt and uncle. They have been there for almost a year, and they have asked us to come on over sometime, so I finally decided to make the trek over to see them. Since it was primarily going to be a girls' wknd, I didn't pressure Anker to come, and it is nice to get away alone sometimes. He gets the wknd to watch is "weird shows", and to have wknd without my complaining or nagging (yes, I admittingly do this), and I get to hang out with my aunt, and do girl things. It's a win-win for both of us!!!

The drive is nice, and just over an hour from the edge of town. I also stopped at Steamers, thinking that there was a British Shop that used to be there, which seems to have gone out of business. Sadness! I arrived on Friday afternoon, around 4, and we basically just hung out all evening. We had leftovers of ham, and rice, and we watched some Big Bang Theory, then she and I watched a movie, called "No Reservations". I had seen in before a few years ago, but I hadn't seen in awhile, and it was great to see it again. Saturday, I slept in, and we had a late breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Then Shelley and I went into town. It was sunny when we started out, but it quickly cooled off. We had a fun time of wandering around the downtown core of SA. Some of the places we visited were The Candy Vault, The Lake Effect, Sapori Oil and Vinegar (this link says it's in Armstrong, but they have a Salmon Arm store as well), Bookingham Palace (in Picadilly Mall), Bella, and Spirit Quest Books (which I felt weirded out). I think those were all the places that I/we visited! Oh, and we also went to Starbucks :) We had a LOVELY visit, and thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Not sure what we had that night for supper, but it was good. Oh yes, Shelly made some chicken with a soy sauce. It was good...very interesting. LOL. We watched TBBT (I got her "caught up" as best I could), and stayed up far too late. Sunday, we got up and grabbed a bite to eat, and we went to take their dog for a walk/run. We went for a nice drive, and then parked by the lake for an hour, and we visited and played with the dog. It was a beautiful morning, and I took some great pics. We came home, and she made us lunch, and then she and I watched some more TBBT, and I left around 4:30. I got home around 6, and we just hung out, had a nice evening. Anker said he had a nice wknd at home, and he didn't miss me too much!!

Oh yes....while I was there, I totally forgot that our car's insurance was going to run out that night. Thankfully, I was able to renew it while we were in town, but I was panicked there for a couple of hours.

So, here are some pics that I took on my phone:

                                                      Downtown Salmon Arm

                                                               Beef Au Juis
                                                                 My fur-Cousin, Cassie
                                                               Shuswap Lake
                                                                Me and my tea
                                                             Mist over the lake.

                                                       And of course, a Starbucks :)
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