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Yes, I am still around :) I have a bunch of blog posts that I want to do, and like anything, I procrastinate for ever, then, once I start doing something, I can't seem to stop. LOL. So, be prepared for an enslaught of posts.

As I have stated before, I am not the worlds best cook. Between, not always having a lot of ingredients, not having a dishwasher, working, having a picky husband, and just being lazy, I tend to not make a lot of recipes or otherwise. I DO love looking at/for recipes, though, and I do enjoy cooking at work, since there seems to always be fun ingredients to work with.

Over the last few weeks, I have cooked three really fun (and great!) recipes lately. Of course, we have been eating more than three times, but these are the three recipes that I have found, made and ate, and were really good.

A few weeks ago ago at work, I made Becel Mustard Maple Salmon. It was SO good! I probably would have kept to the original amounts of syrup and margarine, though. I did add some extra, thinking that it needed a bit more, when, in the end, it was a bit too much. We also didn't put any mustard in it. Definitely would try it again.

A week or so ago, I made Pork Schnitzel. It was VERY good! I didn't add any sauce to it, as it didn't "come" with any, but I did make some dill sauce tonight, to go with the leftovers (which, FYI, didn't really taste good), which was ok, but not great.

Then, last night, I made chicken noodle Soup. Now, I am NOT a huge soup lover. Just ask my mom. However, I did not want to waste the roast chicken that we bought and ate, so I thought it would be fun to make a soup out of it. It turned out really well. I didn't take a good picture of it, so I wont post it here, but if you follow me on IG, or FB, you can check it out on there. I added Rotini to it, some veggies, and Anker seasoned it, and it was awesome!!!

With me on sick leave right now, I hope to try to make some good dinners!


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