Show and Tell Tuesday: Winning My Heart

Linking up with Andrea for the bi-Tuesday link up: Show and Tell Tuesday! This weeks (well, last weeks now) is Winning My Heart.

It doesn't take much to make me happy...especially when it comes to things from my hubby. We did The Five Love Languages a few years ago, and although mine is pretty much all five...(we al actually NEED all five)I really love gifts and physical touch. And acts of service. And Words of Affirmation. And Quality Time. Ha! I NEED all these in my life. I am actually lacking in ALL these right now..but that's for another post :) Anyway...I think my LL are Gifts and Physical Touch. When hubby goes and gets me something (esp on/for special holidays)..albeit a card, or something small from the dollar store. There is something that makes me feel loved and cherished. And that isn't just from him...when ANYONE gives me a gift, it makes me heart happy, and my soul sing. Another one is physical touch. I love hugs, and arms around each other...and of course....lots of cuddling (this being done with my I love on how put his arm or hand on my back, or gives me a surprise hug. Those things show me that he loves me. AND I do those things (ok, not the cuddling, etc) to/for others to show my love for them.


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