Friday Link Ups/TToT

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great wknd. I just finished watching the Oscars, and I thought I would try to continue with the Friday Link up/TToT Post before heading to bed.

1)New Shoes
A while back, I bought a pair of shoes for work. I wore them one day, and they were horrible. I went back, and bought a new pair, and I LOVE them!!! Because I have such bad feet, I HAVE to have decent/expensive shoes. I just can't spend $20 on a new pair. They have to have good soles, and they have to be walkers/runners. I got another pair of Asecs, and they are awesome.

2)New Fridge
 A few weeks ago, our fridge freezer when on the fritz. Our manager gave us a new (ish) fridge. I am not a HUGE fan of the fridge part, but I LOVE the room in the freezer. Plus, food, ice, etc, actually stays frozen as it should be.

I went to the ranch again a few weeks ago (see below), and part of the reason was to see their new Guard Dog Puppies. They are precious! I was talking to Mom tonight, and she said that they still won't stay with the sheep on their own, but they are great little followers :) I can't wait to see them again.

4)Another Weekend at the Ranch
Speaking of which, like I said, I went to the ranch a few weeks ago. I went alone cause hubby wasn't feeling well, so I didn't press the issue. It was a nice few days, and the weather was lovely. I think we will go out for Easter.

5)Wonderful Weather
I am horrible at trying to remember what the weather was like past the last few days (if that!), unless it was a major snow or rain storm or some such thing. I know we have been having warm weather the last while (except today), and it was beautiful! I went to the park on Tuesday, and spent some time in the sun. Fabulous!

6)Dates with Hubby
Hubby and I have been getting out together a bit more. He finally got his disability chq after not getting it for a few months, and we ran a few errands. We also went to his eye appointment, and to do some grocery shopping. We went and ran a few errands a couple of weeks ago, on a Monday, and we also went to the dollar store to grab a few things. AND quite awhile back, he and I went to the dollar store, and to Tim Horton's for coffee. Oh, and of course, we went out for Valentine's Day. We went to White Spot for a lunch/dinner, and it was a fun time. The food was great, too. I had fish Tacos, which were actually really good. Hubs had a mushroom burger, and he said it was very good. We shared a Cherry Tart.

7)Gift Certificates
A few weeks ago, I had commented on our local radio station's Song of the Day pic, not knowing that I had entered to win $60 for/to NuLeaf, which is a garden/fresh store. It was SO FUN! I rarely win stuff. It was fun shopping in two separate trips (once alone, and once with A).
                                          The bulk of my shopping below. I spent $40 here.

8)Trying new Coffee shops
When my aunt was in town a month or so ago, we tried a new coffee shop, which was awesome!  Reservoir Coffee is a great place, and I would definitely go again.
Last Thursday, when A got his chq, and he got his blood work done, I told him that I wanted to take him to The Crazy and The German. I had been once before, but I don't remember if I had any of their bakery items. Well, we tried some this time, and they were Uh-Mazing! Actually, I didn't LOVE my pastry thing, but I think that it was partially because it was in the cooler/glass thing.
 My mocha was so good. Plus, they also had the same dishes as us :)
 I had a raspberry plunderteig. Yum!
                                                  Anker had the apple strudel. YUM!

9)Connecting with Family /Family who "get it"
I love connecting with my family. I enjoyed visiting with my two aunts in the last couple of months, and I enjoyed visiting with my aunt and uncle last wknd. I really appreciate my family who at least tries to understand my line of work, and how stressful it can be.
10) H's toy basket
I have been looking for a basket to put toys for H (and for when other kids come by, which isn't that for when he comes over. I finally found one at our local thrift store for $2.50, and I love it. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for!
That's all for this week!!!


Christine said…
My brother and his wife have a small sheep farm. I love going to visit during lambing season. They also have guard dogs. Amazing creatures, aren't they?
Marisa B said…
first time hear - Omg those puppies are adorable - the desserts and coffee looks scrumptious - have a wonderful week
The A Team said…
Christine, That is so cool. What kind of sheep do they have? My family's lambing season is in April, which is always a fun time. I love the guard dogs. They are a hoot. Some of them are very timid and shy towards humans, but others are VERY (almost too) friendly.
Marissa, Welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting. The desserts were pretty yummy. I think I need to stay away from that place, since they have awesome desserts! The coffee was awesome, too. Thanks, I hope you have a wonderful week as well.
Anonymous said…
New shoes and a new fridge? That's a winner week! As long as the shoes are comfortable...
I love gift certificates - one of my favorite things. I love getting them from people as gifts and I think giving them is great, too. I like when the recipient can go enjoy something of their choosing or enjoy a store or restaurant as a treat.
The A Team said…
Hi Lisa...thank you for visiting!!! I was a winner of a (few) week (s)! The shoes are very comfy. The fridge is new(ish). I am happy. Yes, I love GC's. I love giving and getting.
Lots of yummy looking food on your post - my stomach is growling now! I have trouble with shoes, too. I have big, man feet. And a bunion. And, currently, a torn Achilles tendon with bursitis on one heel. Kind of a hot mess. So I fully understand the importance of comfortable shoes.
The A Team said…
Hi Dyanne,

Thanks for visiting!!! I need to stop by your blog today. Ouch! A bunion? That sounds awful. I am sorry about your torn Tendon and bursitis. I have have bursitis in my leg. It isn't fun. A hot Oh dear. Get better soon, my friend!!!

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