These are just some random, small bits of news that I feel doesn't really make the FoF/TToT post :)

*Our local McDonald's underwent a reno, and they re-opened after being closed a month. I LOVE their new look! It was actually the second time in the ten years that I have been here they this particular one underwent a reno...and I am very happy with the results :)

*I love new the Starbucks New Loyalty Program that will be starting up in April. As a latte/mocha/Frappuccino drinker, I think this is a great idea. The more money I spend, the more stars I get. Even though it now takes 125 stars before you get a free food or drink, I think it is a better system.

*I took myself on a date after ladies Bible Study on Tuesday night. I had a Cineplex card to use up, and since hubs and I couldn't think of a movie that we wanted to watch together, and I didn't get a Christmas gift from him (nor a VDay gift), I decided to go alone. I watched RISEN, and I encourage EVERYONE to watch it.

*I met up with a friend yesterday (Thursday), and we grabbed a coffee, and went to the park to sit, and then ended up having a walk. We talked for a full two hours, and we still could have talked longer. I think we get along so well. I am also enjoying our ladies Wednesday morning coffee/prayer/devo time at the church. I love connecting with other ladies, in a casual (but not a coffee shop) setting. Speaking of coffee shop, I met up with my girls group ladies for coffee last Friday (?) night. It was a short, but lovely visit. I always enjoy our times together. Oh...and Wednesday, my friend C and I got together at Tim Horton's. I hadn't seen her in AGES, and it was great to catch up. AND today (Friday), I went to my friend J's house for fresh bread and tea, and of course, a visit. We had a great time, as always. Our times are always too short!

*Since I have been off, I have been watching WAY too much tv. I have my dailies (JJ, Sugar - An old baking show, Bake with Anna Olson, and Y&R), plus Murder She Wrote, Grey's, Code Black, DA, Saving Hope, plus whatever award shows/specials/movies that are on. That doesn't even include the movies that I watch on our PVR, and that I get from the library, and/or movies that we own. I was planning on watching getting into Mike and Molly, but I think that will wait for another time.

*This could have gone in my Link Ups/TToT post, but I already have over 10 items, and since this one doesn't have a picture, and this was over two weeks ago, I thought I would put it here....I was spending a fair amount of time with H. He, Mom and I ran around town a few weeks ago running errands. It was hysterical seeing Mom interact with him while they were out and about. Now, I have obviously seen her in action before, but I don't think while they were around town. She totally spoiled him...it was hilarious! I loved it!!! I babysat him one night two weeks ago, which was fun...and Friday, the 12th, I looked after him, while his parents went out. I also stayed over night twice that same week, which H thought was fun. I did go over there Thursday, to drop off some books that I had bought for him, and we had a nice little visit over lunch. They are coming over here Saturday for lunch and a visit.

*This also could have gone in my link up/TToT post, since I am SO HAPPY about this (and I still might put in there, as well), but, again, since I was over my 10 (five for link ups), and it didn't have a picture, well, I thought I would put it here. My laptop's battery gave way probably over a year ago now, and I been having to use the cord, which has been fine, until last summer, when, while we were away, it started splitting and giving me trouble. After fixing it countless times, and us realizing that it was also the connecting INSIDE of the laptop, he finally was able to hard wire it in. I am SO HAPPY! I love that husband of mine!!! He may not give me expensive gifts, or take me out on/for fancy dates, but he sure can fix stuff!!! I heart him, big-time!

Well,...those are my randoms for this post!!!


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