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All in God's Timing

***This was a post that I had originally started back in September, but due to knowing on how much (or little) I wanted (or should) to write, I left this in my "drafts" section of my blog. So, finally, after 2 months at my new job, here is the post about it.***

When I went to school in the Falllw of 2012, the reason was that I wanted to be an Education Assistant (TA, CEA, etc), so that I could work with kids, knowing that we would probably have none of our own. I did my practicum at our neighbourhood school, and I really liked it. It was tiring, and challenging, but I did enjoy the students, and the school, etc. I was pretty sure that that was where I (and of course, God, right?) would want to be after I finished school.

Well, I finished up in April 2013, and I got a job at the Christian Store, which I loved, and I went back to working with another company that I had previously worked at/for. I loved both at the time, as that is what I needed after being at/in school for awh…

Cars, Coffee, and Community

I do realize that the ol' blog has been lacking! But I am alive and (mostly!) well...I promise!!

Our car has been having battery all started last Thursday, when I went to start it as I was leaving took a second to start. Anyway..then, when Anker and I went with our friends for dinner, it wouldn't start. We had to get our friends to come and jump start us...then it would work, then it wouldn't. Last Friday was a PD day at school, I had a meeting to go to, so it worked in the morning, but not later on during the day. So, Anker rigged something up, and he charged it...where is was fine until Tuesday. It then wouldn't start again, during the oil change. I ended up taking it to CT, to (hopefully!) get a new battery, as it was under warranty. Hubby had to come with the wrench to get the battery out, and we spent over an hour wandering around CT, while waiting for the battery to re-charge. Ugh...but, at least it ended up turning into a date night, which …

Life Lately

I will start this on Thursday, and I will probably finish this over the wknd. I am THAT busy! Ugh!!!

So, when was the last time I blogged? Oh yes, a week ago!! I just haven't been feeling the blogging bug lately.

In case you haven't noticed from my blog posts/profile on the side, I have started a new job. I will probably post about it (I actually have one waiting to be published, but I haven't pressed "publish" But suffice it to say, I am working with kids, and I love it!!

So, what's up with us? Well...nothing, but everything!

This last wknd was Canadian Thanksgiving (and yes, I say that we have the "real" Thanksgiving!!), so hubs and I went to the ranch for that. We had a lovely time, probably the best time in a LOOONG time..just super relaxing, and lots of fun. My brother and his family came from V. Island, and it was great to see their girls again. They are SO adorable!!! I wish I could post some pics of them, but their parents have re…

Shopping Spree

Even before I got my new job, my mom said that she wanted to take me shopping for some clothes! Most of my clothes are rather old, and although I buy a few tops from Wal-Mart, which are half decent, they are in no way professional-looking clothes! Add to the fact that I don't have (surprisingly) a lot of high (ish) neck-lined tops. Even with the tank tops underneath, it was still a bit iffy. And don't even get me started on pants. I have have NONE! I had two pairs of jeans, but one was too big, and other other too small! I have two pairs of yoga pants, but one pair are not really good to wear, well, anywhere, let alone to work! I had one pair of decent capri pants, and one pair of shorts. So, that was it! I would have definitely been a great candidate of What Not To Wear! I am THAT BAD of a dresser. Ok..not all the time..just sometimes!

Because I am not thin, and we are in a small city, getting clothes that fit (and look good on) me in nearly impossible..HOWEVER, we have two (…