Saturday, October 29, 2016

All in God's Timing

***This was a post that I had originally started back in September, but due to knowing on how much (or little) I wanted (or should) to write, I left this in my "drafts" section of my blog. So, finally, after 2 months at my new job, here is the post about it.***

When I went to school in the Falllw of 2012, the reason was that I wanted to be an Education Assistant (TA, CEA, etc), so that I could work with kids, knowing that we would probably have none of our own. I did my practicum at our neighbourhood school, and I really liked it. It was tiring, and challenging, but I did enjoy the students, and the school, etc. I was pretty sure that that was where I (and of course, God, right?) would want to be after I finished school.

Well, I finished up in April 2013, and I got a job at the Christian Store, which I loved, and I went back to working with another company that I had previously worked at/for. I loved both at the time, as that is what I needed after being at/in school for awhile. I had tried to get a job with our local School District, but that didn't pan out (which was a good thing, since there was a Teachers' Strike that June...oops!). I worked at the store until December, until it closed, and in the meantime, I had gone on a few interviews, but nothing panned out. I tried with a few of the private schools, a couple of community (day) programs in hopes of working with kids (or adults), but again, none of them panned out. I would be lying to say that I wasn't upset. I mean, hello?...didn't God want me working in any of these places? Wasn't that the reason why He allowed me to go (and to pass) school? I had dropped off an resume at the Christian school, and I may have even gotten an interview, but nothing came out of that.

In December 2013, I had an interview with my previous employer, but I didn't get hired on until February, due to them closing down one of their programs, Christmas holidays, and the Crim check (those can take a month), etc. Move ahead to last summer (?), I was at Starbucks, when I met a friend of a friend, who is a SpEd Teacher at a local school. We talked for a while, and she said that she was pretty sure that they were going to be hiring EA's, and to send in my resume. I sent in, and had an interview at the end of August. I didn't get hired, and I was sad. I didn't understand why God would allow this opportunity to happen, and then not have a job come out of it. But, by then, I had a position at work, and I was getting in the groove of the job, so I stuck with it.

In February, I got an email from them (the school), asking if I wanted to come in for an interview. I was definitely surprised and excited!! I went for the interview, but again, I didn't get it. Then, in May, I was chatting on FB with my friend (the SpEd Teacher), and she asked if I wanted to be on staff there for the upcoming (now) school year. didn't have to ask me twice! I was SUPER excited, and happy...and she said that she would let me know in a few weeks. Mid-June rolled around, and we connected again, and she told me to apply, and to wait and see about an interview. After applying, she came over (her mum lives in the same complex as me), and told me that I will be having another (was it my 3rd for 4th?) interview. So, the next week, I went on said interview. I found out thru email, that I had the job depending on the number of special education students, which they would know later in August. I was super excited, but a bit stressed, b/c I still wasn't 100% sure if I had the job, and/or on how many hours I would have. I just decided to continue on with working in my position, until I had more information. Well, at the very end of August, I found out that I HAD THE JOB!!! It is a 30 (day time) hours a week, position, and I love it!!! I actually worked at my other job until the DAY BEFORE I started with my current one! 

So, yes, as the title of my post was all in God's timing! I am in awe that I get work at/in/for an amazing place, and that I get to work with kids!!! I absolutely love it!!! For privacy reasons, I won't say much else, except that I am in the elementary section, which is great, as that is math that I can do!! The first two months have gone well, I think. It is still a HUGE learning curve for me, but I love learning new things, which helps. The staff there are amazing...everyone is friendly, and supportive, and there is no "higher and lower" rank, which is awesome. The teacher that I work is super nice, and includes me in stuff, which is amazing. I love that we pray at the beginning and end of the day, the staff have devotions, we sing and have devotions in our classrooms, and we have chapel weekly. I am super tired by the end of the day (having a cold, and looking after H the first wk didn't help), bit it has gotten better. I love that I will get all long wknds off, Christmas, Easter, and Summer breaks, and I have my evenings and of course, weekends, off. Though I won't know each summer if/that I will have a job the next school year will be a bit stressful, I KNOW that God is in control, and I refuse to worry about it right now.

One of the things that I am wanting and hoping to do is revamp our life...well, at least try to. I am hoping to be out 3-4 nights a week, eat out (or take out/in) 1-2x (MAX!) a week (and yes, that includes my going and having my "snacks"), and am trying to only get coffee a couple of times a wk. I also want to eat healthier, and to actually get involved in things. However, I don`t want to get too busy, either, as I can burn out easily. But I am excited to finally get involved in/with and attend things.

Hubby has been great...he has been getting up even before me, and putting on the coffee. He usually does something productive around the house for me, and he has even started supper a few times!!!

I am really happy to have a job that I love...where I get to work with kids, and be in a Christian environment. This has been a long time coming!! I have wanted to work in the classroom for YEARS, ever since my dad's cousin started doing it 20+ years ago!!!

So, that is the newest around the WW house!!!

Cars, Coffee, and Community

I do realize that the ol' blog has been lacking! But I am alive and (mostly!) well...I promise!!

Our car has been having battery all started last Thursday, when I went to start it as I was leaving took a second to start. Anyway..then, when Anker and I went with our friends for dinner, it wouldn't start. We had to get our friends to come and jump start us...then it would work, then it wouldn't. Last Friday was a PD day at school, I had a meeting to go to, so it worked in the morning, but not later on during the day. So, Anker rigged something up, and he charged it...where is was fine until Tuesday. It then wouldn't start again, during the oil change. I ended up taking it to CT, to (hopefully!) get a new battery, as it was under warranty. Hubby had to come with the wrench to get the battery out, and we spent over an hour wandering around CT, while waiting for the battery to re-charge. Ugh...but, at least it ended up turning into a date night, which was kind of fun (we went to Wendy's after, as I was going to a Tupperware party that night). So, our battery is charged, and we also have our winter tires put on the car. And, we have our oil changed, and it is winterized. Other than a fan belt, our car seems to be running well!!

I have been having coffee with several friends lately...a couple of weeks ago, I went and had coffee with a colleague, and then went out and had coffee with the girls from church. I also had coffee with a friend on Wednesday, and then yesterday (Friday, as this is now Saturday), had coffee with some ladies from school. Last Friday, one of the days where we had issues with our car battery, I had a light lunch with some ladies from school. And, last Thursday, as I mentioned above, we had lunch with our friends (they paid) for hubs' and our friend D's birthday. They then came over and had cake and a visit with us. I am having coffee with my aunt today, and I had coffee alone this last Monday.

On Tuesday, our class went on a field trip to a local First Nations Museum. We went along with another class, as both classes are doing reports on the Aboriginal People and the community, respectively. It was a GORGEOUS day, and the museum was even better than I hoped. I definitely want to go back and do more reading. It had a lot of info on the First Nations..on how they lived, the (sad) life they lived in the Residential schools (we avoided that part with the kids!!). All the kids were great listeners, and asked lots of questions. The lady who did the tour and who led us around, did a great job, and was wonderful with the kids. I wish I had taken more pictures of the day (outside, as we couldn't take pictures inside), but I was too busy shepherding the kids. It was a great day, and I would highly encourage everyone to go!!

Secwepmc Museum

 The museum, and the former Residential School in the background.

 The pit houses they used to live in.
The museum.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Life Lately

I will start this on Thursday, and I will probably finish this over the wknd. I am THAT busy! Ugh!!!

So, when was the last time I blogged? Oh yes, a week ago!! I just haven't been feeling the blogging bug lately.

In case you haven't noticed from my blog posts/profile on the side, I have started a new job. I will probably post about it (I actually have one waiting to be published, but I haven't pressed "publish" But suffice it to say, I am working with kids, and I love it!!

So, what's up with us? Well...nothing, but everything!

This last wknd was Canadian Thanksgiving (and yes, I say that we have the "real" Thanksgiving!!), so hubs and I went to the ranch for that. We had a lovely time, probably the best time in a LOOONG time..just super relaxing, and lots of fun. My brother and his family came from V. Island, and it was great to see their girls again. They are SO adorable!!! I wish I could post some pics of them, but their parents have requested no pictures, which I TOTALLY understand! But trust me, they are adorable!

This week has been kind of younger brother and his wife came back from the ranch, through town, on their way home, and took me out to supper. Anker was peopled out, so I just went. We went to White Spot, and we had a nice time. Wednesday,  I went to coffee with a new co-worker, and we sat outside and talked for an hour. I ran to the drug store, and then back home, where we had pizza, and then I met up with the girls from church for a quick coffee (where, btw, I didn't get A THING!!!), and visit. I was kinda tired, so I headed off to the library, then back home. Tonight, I met with a former co-worker for coffee, then I headed to the library. Then, I organized my jewelry. I know. Awesome! I also did two loads of laundry, took out the garbage and recycling, talked with our neighbour, talked with Anker, cleaned our bedroom a little, and put some stuff on/in the bidding sites. That is the most productive that I have been in awhile.

I FINALLY watched "Miracles from Heaven", and it was really good! I will probably end up buying it one day. Loved, LOVED Jennifer!!! I haven't really been in to GG lately. I am still stuck on Season 3. I bought TBBT Season 9 awhile back. I think I have watched most of it (again). So, I said that I wouldn't get into any new shows this season...well, I got sucked into "This is Us". They had better not cancel it, or I will be mad. It is actually quite good. I still have to get caught up Code Black, and I have given up on watching DWTS. I just can't be bothered to watch 4 hours of dancing every week. Y&R is is kind of bleh, though. JJ is always good for a laugh, and the two Canadian news parody shows haven't started yet...and neither has Saving Hope. GA was pretty good last week, as was TBBT. I am in no way condoning SHAMY living together (please, no hate mail), before getting married, but at least they are being a "real couple" (more affectionate, etc), so that is sweet. I kind of got into Masters of Flip, but the TV in our room has picture tinting issues, so I can't see a lot of what they are doing...but it is still good (Anker and I seem to watch TV in separate rooms). I haven't watched much DL, or Motive, 20/20, or the A&E documentary about JonBenet yet. As far as movies, I hope to watch SULLY, and I have Mother's Day, My Name is Doris, and The Meddler on hold at the library.

We have been giving away tomatoes like they are going out of style. Anker must have grown a 100 of them! We went to pick apples at our friends a couple of wknds ago, and we got a bit carried away, and picked too many for us, so we have been giving those away, too. I love fresh produce!! Speaking of food...awhile back, I found the Chipnuts that I had YEARS ago while/when I was in Calgary! I had seen (and eaten!) another brand of them, this summer, and while they are good, these ones were amazing!! They are onion and garlic...and SO GOOD! Y'all...can I just say HOT LUNCH!!? I didn't know that there was such a thing! Ok, well, I did, but I didn't know that the staff could order. It is only a few bucks for lunch, which is great! I had Wendy's chili and salad today, and it was really good. They have it twice a week, which is a bit tempting to eat it every time, but I have only ordered 3 days in the next month or so.

Hubby has been doing pretty well. He did quite enjoy last wknd, and our nieces actually took to him, which is pretty amazing. There were some sweet moments with / btwn the three (four, with H) of them, which was neat to see. N LOVED seeing A and K knit. She would ask them TONS of questions (Anker knitted me a pink hat!!). He has been dyeing my family's sheep's wool, and is knitting hats and mittens. It is actually his birthday on Saturday, so we are heading out to supper..nothing fancy, just the two of us. We went on a DQ date a couple of Sundays ago. We live a gripping life, don't we? He has been feeling pretty well. His moods have been pretty stable, and he has been physically feeling ok. He has been busy drying apples, tomatoes, and making applesauce.

I have been doing awesome! I LOVE my new job!! Everyone can see and hear the difference. Even my dad said something about it to me over the wknd...on how I sound different over the phone. Sadly, I need to be eating healthier, and doing more exercise. I SHOULD be walking two-3 times a week, but I haven't been doing it. I think my sugars are OKAY, not great, and I think I have been retaining fluid again. My specialist in Vancouver said that everything was fine, and I don't think I am retaining a lot of fluid, but enough for me (and others) to notice. I hope to get into my doctor and maybe get a small dose of a water pill. I am finding that getting up early is haaaard!!! I am STILL a night owl. Even when I try to go sleep early (like on Monday, when I wasn't feeling well), I just lie there. Ugh! Oh well. I worked 2 full weeks (with wknds off, obvs), and now we have two 4 day work weeks. Yah, I am happy. Mom was giving away her dvds/VHS movies last wknd, and we took a few, so that was kind of fun. I also organized some papers, etc awhile back. Ok, that part wasn't exciting...but oh well. We should do a yard clean up soon. Maybe this weekend. I have a dentist appt on Friday, and I think I have a cracked tooth! Ugh!! Then, I am babysitting H, and hopefully, watching a couple of eps of GG. On Saturday, we (or at least me) are getting together with some friends for coffee. And, other than celebrating Anker's bday Saturday night, and church, those are our plans.

Oh...and Calico! She was very happy when we got back on Monday. She isn't used to both of us being gone at once (at least not for very long). She is so sweet, and very curious!! Anker said that he let her out in the back yard for a bit this evening, to eat grass....she hasn't been feeling well the last while, so I hope that that will help. She is definitely more friendly, and playful. She will come and greet us in the morning, and when we (or I) come home.

I think that is all from us!!! We are doing pretty well, I gotta say!! I am VERY thankful, and blessed right now!! AND I am not taking that for granted.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Shopping Spree

Even before I got my new job, my mom said that she wanted to take me shopping for some clothes! Most of my clothes are rather old, and although I buy a few tops from Wal-Mart, which are half decent, they are in no way professional-looking clothes! Add to the fact that I don't have (surprisingly) a lot of high (ish) neck-lined tops. Even with the tank tops underneath, it was still a bit iffy. And don't even get me started on pants. I have have NONE! I had two pairs of jeans, but one was too big, and other other too small! I have two pairs of yoga pants, but one pair are not really good to wear, well, anywhere, let alone to work! I had one pair of decent capri pants, and one pair of shorts. So, that was it! I would have definitely been a great candidate of What Not To Wear! I am THAT BAD of a dresser. Ok..not all the time..just sometimes!

Because I am not thin, and we are in a small city, getting clothes that fit (and look good on) me in nearly impossible..HOWEVER, we have two (well 4 if you include WM and Mark's) stores that are actually pretty good! We went to Penningtons, which is a pretty great place! They have a fair amount of selection, have (mostly!) great people to help you, and while their prices aren't cheap, their clothes ARE pretty good as far as durability goes. They never shrink, and last pretty well (I got my bathing suit, two br*s, and my only decent capri pants there). I am definitely a casual- type of dresser. I am not even sure if I have a fashion "type"! But I think the closest would be casual. I really don't like trying new styles, and I am pretty conservative (but not least not most of the time!) in what I wear and choose.

Most of what we got was the store brand, but I did get one brand that makes me really happy!!! I ended up getting Melissa McCarthy's Se7en brand of jeans!!! I thought it would be fun to post a picture of one of the outfits each day this week (since I am doing it already on FB/IG) to show what I got! I mean, all the other bloggers are doing it...why not me? So, while I started this on Monday, I will actually not post this until Friday, so that I can post all 5 (or more) pics each day on/in one post! Trust me, the pictures don't/won't do the outfits justice (esp where colour is concerned), but you will just have to trust me (then go to the website to get the ACTUAL correct vision!). I see that MM's stuff is exclusively at LB in the US, but is at/in Penningtons in Canada.

So, without further are my posts (please don't laugh and


Since I was helping in the nursery and Anker wasn't coming with me, I opted for a casual look:

Pants: D/C Jeans (approx style)
Shirt: Shaped - Fit Store Brand (approx style)


Though I do usually wear pants two days in a row, I thought I would go all crazy and do a completely different outfit today.

Shirt: Store Brand (Midight)  
Pants: Michel Studio/Alexa Charcoal Ankle Pant

Shirt: Active Zone Essentials  (I can't find the actual top online right now, but here is the link to that dept on the Penningtons website)
Pants: Melissa Mcarhty Pencil/Ankle Cut Jean 


Shirt:Addition Elle/Michel Studio Frill Blouse
Pants: D/C Coloured Skinny Jeans (approx style) I actually had to take them back, and a new pair is supposed to be sent to me, so I don't remember 100% what they were, but I will double check when I get them back. There was a rip in the front (discovered during the day!), so I wanted a pair of new ones.
Shirt: Same shirt as Tuesday (I discovered that another one of the blouses had a broken button loop, and it still needs to be fixed...they have gave us 15% off, and we will sew it...but I ended up wearing the same shirt..washed, Tuesday).
 Pants: Michel Studio Alexa Petite Pants (approx style)
Necklace: Color By Amber (A co-worker GAVE this to me after she saw me wearing the top earlier in the week, saying that this necklace would go perfect with it!! She was right...and she actually gave me another one to add on to the first one she gave me).

So, those are what my mom bought me; my fall/winter wardrobe. I love it, and I was in awe all wknd from it!! I felt so spoiled and loved. She also bought me some shoes, which I have worn, and I really like. I had to go with comfort and dressy...and these were what we found. I will show them on the blog probably soon.