All in God's Timing

***This was a post that I had originally started back in September, but due to knowing on how much (or little) I wanted (or should) to write, I left this in my "drafts" section of my blog. So, finally, after 2 months at my new job, here is the post about it.***

When I went to school in the Falllw of 2012, the reason was that I wanted to be an Education Assistant (TA, CEA, etc), so that I could work with kids, knowing that we would probably have none of our own. I did my practicum at our neighbourhood school, and I really liked it. It was tiring, and challenging, but I did enjoy the students, and the school, etc. I was pretty sure that that was where I (and of course, God, right?) would want to be after I finished school.

Well, I finished up in April 2013, and I got a job at the Christian Store, which I loved, and I went back to working with another company that I had previously worked at/for. I loved both at the time, as that is what I needed after being at/in school for awhile. I had tried to get a job with our local School District, but that didn't pan out (which was a good thing, since there was a Teachers' Strike that June...oops!). I worked at the store until December, until it closed, and in the meantime, I had gone on a few interviews, but nothing panned out. I tried with a few of the private schools, a couple of community (day) programs in hopes of working with kids (or adults), but again, none of them panned out. I would be lying to say that I wasn't upset. I mean, hello?...didn't God want me working in any of these places? Wasn't that the reason why He allowed me to go (and to pass) school? I had dropped off an resume at the Christian school, and I may have even gotten an interview, but nothing came out of that.

In December 2013, I had an interview with my previous employer, but I didn't get hired on until February, due to them closing down one of their programs, Christmas holidays, and the Crim check (those can take a month), etc. Move ahead to last summer (?), I was at Starbucks, when I met a friend of a friend, who is a SpEd Teacher at a local school. We talked for a while, and she said that she was pretty sure that they were going to be hiring EA's, and to send in my resume. I sent in, and had an interview at the end of August. I didn't get hired, and I was sad. I didn't understand why God would allow this opportunity to happen, and then not have a job come out of it. But, by then, I had a position at work, and I was getting in the groove of the job, so I stuck with it.

In February, I got an email from them (the school), asking if I wanted to come in for an interview. I was definitely surprised and excited!! I went for the interview, but again, I didn't get it. Then, in May, I was chatting on FB with my friend (the SpEd Teacher), and she asked if I wanted to be on staff there for the upcoming (now) school year. didn't have to ask me twice! I was SUPER excited, and happy...and she said that she would let me know in a few weeks. Mid-June rolled around, and we connected again, and she told me to apply, and to wait and see about an interview. After applying, she came over (her mum lives in the same complex as me), and told me that I will be having another (was it my 3rd for 4th?) interview. So, the next week, I went on said interview. I found out thru email, that I had the job depending on the number of special education students, which they would know later in August. I was super excited, but a bit stressed, b/c I still wasn't 100% sure if I had the job, and/or on how many hours I would have. I just decided to continue on with working in my position, until I had more information. Well, at the very end of August, I found out that I HAD THE JOB!!! It is a 30 (day time) hours a week, position, and I love it!!! I actually worked at my other job until the DAY BEFORE I started with my current one! 

So, yes, as the title of my post was all in God's timing! I am in awe that I get work at/in/for an amazing place, and that I get to work with kids!!! I absolutely love it!!! For privacy reasons, I won't say much else, except that I am in the elementary section, which is great, as that is math that I can do!! The first two months have gone well, I think. It is still a HUGE learning curve for me, but I love learning new things, which helps. The staff there are amazing...everyone is friendly, and supportive, and there is no "higher and lower" rank, which is awesome. The teacher that I work is super nice, and includes me in stuff, which is amazing. I love that we pray at the beginning and end of the day, the staff have devotions, we sing and have devotions in our classrooms, and we have chapel weekly. I am super tired by the end of the day (having a cold, and looking after H the first wk didn't help), bit it has gotten better. I love that I will get all long wknds off, Christmas, Easter, and Summer breaks, and I have my evenings and of course, weekends, off. Though I won't know each summer if/that I will have a job the next school year will be a bit stressful, I KNOW that God is in control, and I refuse to worry about it right now.

One of the things that I am wanting and hoping to do is revamp our life...well, at least try to. I am hoping to be out 3-4 nights a week, eat out (or take out/in) 1-2x (MAX!) a week (and yes, that includes my going and having my "snacks"), and am trying to only get coffee a couple of times a wk. I also want to eat healthier, and to actually get involved in things. However, I don`t want to get too busy, either, as I can burn out easily. But I am excited to finally get involved in/with and attend things.

Hubby has been great...he has been getting up even before me, and putting on the coffee. He usually does something productive around the house for me, and he has even started supper a few times!!!

I am really happy to have a job that I love...where I get to work with kids, and be in a Christian environment. This has been a long time coming!! I have wanted to work in the classroom for YEARS, ever since my dad's cousin started doing it 20+ years ago!!!

So, that is the newest around the WW house!!!


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