Friday Favourites

Hiya!!! I am still around...despite not posting much :) I just been busy, and lazy, and not really feeling much like blogging, but have no fear...I am here today!!

I haven't done a FOF, I thought I would join up this week.

First off, though, I want to talk about what happened at/in Abbotsford Senior Secondary this week. You may or may not know that two teens where stabbed this last wk. One of them has died. My heart broke when I heard this. I cannot believe that this happened (I also can't believe that there is a VIDEO showing the stabbing...I am SO GLAD that CBC has chosen not to post it!)....I was shocked and angry. This is another needless, senseless tragedy that has yet happened in yet ANOTHER school I tend to think that this stuff doesn't happen in Canada, but of course, we all know that it does. This has hit home even more, as I now work in a school. I tend to think (as we all "should"), that our schools are safe...for kids, teachers, support staff and parents. But sad to say, that they are not...this makes me very angry. My heart goes out to the girls, and their families. ***I was just on another bloggers website, and I found out that the girl who died went to their church.***

Here are some of my faves this week.

1) Coconut Clusters:

I found these bad boys at Costco a couple of weeks ago, and they are VERY good!! And, they are organic, so that makes them healthy, right?

2) This is Us:

I swore I wouldn't get into a new show this season, but when I saw on how everyone said good it was, not to mention on how well the previews looked, I had to try it...and it really is good! I love it!!! Anker even got into it. And yes, it took me two episodes to understand that they were the same family, but two different eras. Hubby had to explain it to me. Justin Hartley, who played Adam on Y&R is on it, so that definitely makes it worth watching!!!

3) Eggnog/Christmas Movies:

Two words: Eggnog Lattes! I had one today (thanks for my free drink, Starbucks!), and it actually wasn't as good as they normally are....buuut, it was still good. Eggnog is also back in stores...hubby has made me a of eggnog lattes already, and they were good!! I also watched my first Christmas movie last night. Please, no judging!!

4) Girls' Night Out!/Awesome Work Environment:

On Thursday night, one of the EA's hosted a Color By Amber that one of the teachers sells. She had already given me two items, which I really loved, and I wanted to host a party, so when one of my coworkers said she was hosting one, well, I definitely wanted to go!! I had SO MUCH FUN trying stuff on...and I didn't even buy anything!!! I hope to buy something sometime, but I just can't right now. Anyway, the evening was a ton of fun, we had drinks, food, and we tried on jewelry. We had such a fun evening. And, while we are on the subject of coworkers...I also want to say that I love my job! Everyone there is so positive and fun. It is such a great and positive work environment.

5) Hubby:

Anker has been pretty good at not losing it over the car. Yes, it still has been giving us grief. We got a new alternator, but it still has some issues. He has done great at doing his best working on the car. We will be busing it for awhile, until we get more money to get more parts. He has been really great at keeping it together. Me on the other hand, well, I had a cry last night.

6) Warm Weather:

It has been warm here the last few days...up to 19c the other day! We'll take it! That being said, tho...I did take out my winter jacket this last week.

7) More IG Filters:

I discovered about 10 more filters I never knew I had yesterday. I just had to check mark them to "download" them onto my IG account. It has opened up a whole new world for me!

8) Bank Mobile App:

I am probably the last person in North America (who has a screen-and not a flip-phone) to download their bank app. Mind.Blown.


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