Five on Friday

Happy Weekend, Friends. I don't know about you, but I am SO happy that the wknd is here!!!

Here are my fives for the week:

1) Our Car is Running Again!!
'Nuff said! I am VERY happy!!

2) Oreo Candy Cane Ice Cream
Y'all, I need this in my life, every day, every day!! My brother bought it for us when they were here, and it was soo good, that I bought another one. Yum!! 

3) Christmas Everything!!
 Eggnog, Christmas Drinks, Red Cups, Christmas Morning Tea, Christmas Eve Tea, Decorations, Christmas Movies.....have I missed anything? Stash Tea has some pretty yummy Christmas teas out there, and I bought the Christmas Eve one the other day...Yum!!!

4) A Short Work Week
We have a day and a half off this week. Yay!!!

5) This Recipe

Ok, so it didn't EXACTLY turn out like the picture (I burnt, but it tasted REALLY good..well, ok, it tasted good..ha! And it was the first meal that I had made in, well, too long.

That's all for this Friday!!!


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