Five On Friday

I am linking up two weeks in a row!!! I remember when I did it every week...maybe I will try to get back into never know!

Here are my five faves this week.

1) A Sense of Humour.

In case you haven't read my posts on our car (you can catch up here), you won't know that our car is having problems. Yes, STILL!!! Ughm! It is at the shop until Monday or Tuesday. At least we have a sense of humour about it.

2) Christmas Craft Fairs

Ok, I haven't gone to any yet, but I hope to start going once we have our car back and some money to spend. Ha! I love this time of year, though. Our city comes to life!!

3) Remembrance Day/Long Weekend

Thank u to all of those who have fought/are fighting for our freedom. My Gr-Gr Uncle Jack, my Gr. Uncle Archie both faught in WW 1, and WW 2, respectively. My grandpa, tho didn't fight was on the Navy base in Esquilmalt. My Gr-Gr. Uncle was wounded in Vimy Ridge, and killed in Ypres. My late Father-in-Law helped in the Danish Underground. There are no words to express on how grateful I am to those who have fought for our freedom; from violence, persecution, for peace, and for religion. A long wknd never hurts, either.

4) Christmas Drinks/Red Cups at Starbucks

Y'all...Christmas Drinks AND the fun, new red cups are baaaak!!! Love, Love, them!!

5) Google Docs

Guys, how did I live without them before? I have only used them once for something I had to do with school/work...but wow! Love, love them!!!

Bonus (because I can!)

Family and Friends.
 I Loooooove my work family!!! They are SO supportive, fun, and very encouraging! A friend took me to get my car (which turned out not be fixed), and a couple of other friends have taken me to work. And another co-worker, when I told her what happened, told me to call her if I find myself in that situation again, to call her. And, I have no clue who, but someone put $75 down towards our car!!! My brother and SIL kind of surprised us yesterday, and said they were coming out this wknd. We have them until tonight for sure, then we don't know what their plans are. And another friend invited us to their house today for turkey dinner. We had to decline, as my brother and his wife are here, but it was sweet of them to ask. Also, tomorrow, my girls group from church is meeting up for our friends' birthday. And they are willing to pick me up.

So, there ya have it!!


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