A Comedy Of Errors

Oh boy.....all I can do right now is laugh! Our car is STILL having issues! If you read this post from a couple of weeks ago, you will know that we have been having problems with our car. We thought it was a battery issue, but when we had the batter tested, it was good. Last Thursday, Anker took it to a mechanic to have some diagnostics done on it, to see if it was the alternator. It was, so Anker was able to grab one, then he put it in himself (he was able to rig a charger to it, so that he could drive it for short periods of time). Last Friday morning, the car started ok, but seemed a bit off when I went to turn it on after work. I had a few errands that I was going to do, but I just wanted to come home. I was planning on heading up to my SIL's for a movie night, but even driving it a short distance, it sounded not right. I just stayed home most of last wknd. I finally decided to take it to a local shop that we have used before. On Tuesday, I limped it to the shop, with my SIL coming and picking me up. I called yesterday, and they said that the problem was the fan belt. I knew that there was part of the problem, but I still had a feeling that there was something else wrong.

As I was leaving work today, hubby calls to say that someone put half the money down towards the repair of the car, and that the guy didn't want the car sitting there all wknd (it's a long wknd here in Canada). So, I ask a co-worker if she could take me (she offered to drive me there on Tuesday) to pick up my car. I start the car up, and it STILL doesn't sound right! Now, I can give up easily on/at a lot of things...but this...THIS, I refused to! I call them (yes, from my cell phone, while I was still in their lot), and he comes out and takes a look, and realizes there this is most definitely a problem. He does some tests (after I start it again, and it doesn't start), and realized that the alternator we got was no good. So, I wait around (did I mention that I was cold??), for an hour, for him to look at it, the new alternator to arrive, etc. He puts in it....and it STILL doesn't sound right! He tells me the new alternator is faulty! He is going to order a new one, but it won't be here until Monday. So, I leave...and walk...and walk...8 FREAKING BLOCKS...in the cold...with a only a light hoodie on! Oh...and a HEAVY backpack of magazines and books. Then, I get to the transit exchange, where I miss, not one, not two, BUT THREE FREAKING buses! I sit, and wait..in the cold....! I then decided to grab my free drink from Starbucks, and a pizza from Shoppers Drug Mart on the way. I called my friend/co-worker/boss, as she wanted me to call her back about something....and I end up telling her what happened. She says to make me promise to call her if I am stuck in that kind of situation again, and she will either pick me up, or have someone else do it. Then, my co-worker texts me and asks me on if I am ok, and if I need a ride. I say, kinda...lol...I am at Starbucks drinking my Peppermint Mocha, so she picks me up..IN HER JAMMIES!!....and takes me home...and laughs at me while I tell her this story! In the meantime, I called Anker about 10 times to give him a play-by-play, and we are both laughing, groaning and frustrated about this hilarious on-going saga about our car!! I don't even want to know on how much this new bill will be on Tuesday! I told me friend/co-worker that God can stop stretching me any day!! Oh..and to top it off, I spent a lot of this week with Gr 7's!! Yes, another area in which God is stretching me!!!

Here's to a Long Weekend!!!


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