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The Last bit of Summer

Well, Summer is OVER! How sad..but from what I remember, we did have some good summer weather, so I really can't complain.

I hope your summer went well. The rest of our summer remained pretty quiet. We went to the "Becoming Shiloh" Music Festival the second in August (8-10), but we only went from Sat-Sun. It was a great weekend..hindered only by the weather. It was fun to see people I hadn't seen in YEARS there. It was really wonderful to see the community come together. Alot of people from all three towns were there. I hope it is even bigger next year.

August 22-24, we went to Vancouver, to see Anker's sister, and her family. We went to the PNE again, but Anker wanted me to go on the roller coaster! This was the old one..and I don't do Roller Coasters at all. But I figured, hey..might as well do it now..I may never get another chance, so I went for it. It was awful! It was very scary, and I was sure I was going to die, but I am glad I did it. We made ourselves…