The Last bit of Summer

Well, Summer is OVER! How sad..but from what I remember, we did have some good summer weather, so I really can't complain.

I hope your summer went well. The rest of our summer remained pretty quiet. We went to the "Becoming Shiloh" Music Festival the second in August (8-10), but we only went from Sat-Sun. It was a great weekend..hindered only by the weather. It was fun to see people I hadn't seen in YEARS there. It was really wonderful to see the community come together. Alot of people from all three towns were there. I hope it is even bigger next year.

August 22-24, we went to Vancouver, to see Anker's sister, and her family. We went to the PNE again, but Anker wanted me to go on the roller coaster! This was the old one..and I don't do Roller Coasters at all. But I figured, hey..might as well do it now..I may never get another chance, so I went for it. It was awful! It was very scary, and I was sure I was going to die, but I am glad I did it. We made ourselves stay away from the carnival games this year, as we spent waaaay too much money on them last year. We also went to the IMAX theatre, which was fun, and enjoyed some relaxing time with them. We came home in a bad rain storm, which thanfully only lasted from Chilliwack, to HOpe. We also came home with their Futon, as they are moving, and wanted to get rid some stuff. So, we know have a decent place for people to sleep when they come. We had an ugly old leather couch, which we (not so sadly) said goodbye to.

On Labour Day weekend, I made a less than 24 hour trip to my parents, as Luke was there, as well as my Sister-in-Law's family, who we all know. It was a short trip, but glad to see everyone, if even for a short time. Anker was very tired, and not very sociable, so he stayed home. EVERYONE asked about him, so I told him that he is not allowed to that next time:)

My sister/'s in-law came in mid August, for the day. We had a nice time of shopping and eating, and I decided that we should all get our pictures done at Sears, and since I was (am) working there, I figured we might as well get in on my discount. It was a fun time, and although some of the pictures didn't turn out like we hoped, we got new ones done last week, and had a fun time both times getting them done. Speaking of Sears, and of pictures...I am FINALLY going to order our wedding pictures. Yes, I am very excited. I am also glad that the colour can be changed into black and white, since my face was red in pretty much most of them. I am still at Sears, although barely, as I don't work many hours, and my last two shifts were cancelled. I am not sure as to how much longer I will be there. It was a good summer job, though. I made some friends, and money, and those are always good things!!

I took my fundamentals of Insurance test on Sept 10, and sadly, I failed. I wasnt worried too much about it, as I thought that even if I failed the first time, I could still get a job in an insurance agency. Sadly, this doesn't seem to be the case. I had a job "invterview" (if you could call it that) at one of the agencies in town, and when I got there, she was too busy to see me. She just asked if I had passed. I told her that I hadn't and she told me to call her when I knew. So, she called me yesterday, and I told her that I had failed, and she basically said I couldn't work there until I had passed the test. I also went to another place, which sounds more promising, but it is for a Mat leave, which is fine, but it doesn't start until Decemeber. (if I even get hired) I just wish someone would give me a break. I did have an interview on Friday with an Underwriter Company, for and Admin Assistant, but I dont know if I will get it or not. Also, if I do, I may not end up writing the test. I would still like to write the test, as if I do, I will have a sense of accomplishment. I officially didnt get any certificate for my MOA, so I really hope to pass and get on with my new career. So, that is the end of my rant!! Oh..I am planning on re-writing it on Oct 15. I have found a lady here who lives just above me, and she was in the insurance field for years, so she has helped me study for it. I am also going back to the South Kamloops WorkSearch Centre, so that we can find jobs (mainly office) for me.
Anker is doing ok. He is kind of pain right now, due to his back, and shoulder. I keep pushing the vitamins into him. He is getting more work, which is great. More contracts just keep rolling in. This is a very enocouraging thing! We are spending more time together (more date nights), which is awesome!

I think that is pretty much the rest of our summer:) Joe and Cade's wedding is December 20/08:)


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