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Friendships and Facebook, and Going Backwards?

I am going to do two posts in one, because I have a lot of posts that I want to do:) I don't know why, since no one ever seems to read this, but I love to write, so why not?

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I became addicted to it when I first joined, just after our wedding in 2007. I have honestly loved it; I love connecting with people, and finding my old school chums, and making new friends, etc. I played the games, changed along with FB (the sharing, of pictures, etc, the groups, pages, etc). I also have thought that being on FB is like being high school, and wanting to be the popular kid. Since I never went to high school, this has been a bit new for me. I am constantly amazed at how many of my "friends" can have 1000 likes and comments on statuses, pictures, etc. Then there is me, who yes, I do get a few where a lot of people will comment, but that honestly hardly ever happens. I guess you have to be a mom to get that many?

There ar…

5 on Friday Link up and a weekly wrap up

I am linking up with and 5 other blogs for 5 on Friday!! This is turning out to be the highlight of my week, which in a way, is a bit sad:) It took me a while to figure out what the 5 would be this week, but they soon started coming, in no particular order, here they are: 1. Strawberries. I love them!!  I am very happy that they are back in season. 2. I got this matching Tote Bag from Avon to go with a wallet I had gotten (for free!) a couple of months back. It is a bit bright, but I really like it. It kind of screams "summer"!                                                 What do you all think? Too much?

3. I got the new Orange Verbenia Refresher from Starbucks the other day. I really liked it. They were also half off from 3-5 on the latter part of this week.
4. Cheap gas. 'Nuff said. It was as high as 136/litre a week or so ago. 5. I made some chocolate crepes, and had fruit for the was good:) I may or may …

Miscellanious Monday Link up

Yay! Another Blog to link up with (or maybe this is one of previous ones...I don't remember, I am getting them all mixed up now)!.

I am linking up with for Miscellaneous Monday. I was debating on blogging today, so I guess I will.

The rest of the weekend was ok. Saturday morning, I cleaned our bathroom, and cleaned up our place a bit. I went to work, and I brought back Montana's for supper. I had a gift card that I was able to use, and I was craving ribs. The supper was amazing!!! The best ribs I have had from them in FOREVER, if EVER. Even Anker, who doesn't like ribs tried one, and said they were good. We watched the news, and then watched Madagascar 3, which was cute. We then both watched "Life As we Know it", which we both think is pretty funny.

Yesterday, Sunday, Anker was still really sick, so I went to church alone. My parents were also in town, as they were planning on going to Calgary, but because of the road closures, and …

I am now in Instagram, and a Weekly Wrap-up!

Here is my link...since I have no clue on how to put this on the side like the other bloggers I have seen, I will just put it here..I also have to put a Pinterest and Twitter icon." class="ig-b- ig-b-v-24">

I was trying to find the link/icons or whatever they are called for FB, Twitter, and Pinterest, but I cant seem to find them now..oh well.

So, my weekly wrap up..who likes this? I do it partially so that I don't forget what we did over the weeks and months...I do go into more detail in my journal, but I don't do that here, so as not to bore you.

First, thank you for all the kind comments on my last few blog posts:) That is all very sweet. I enjoy writing, and I want to the world to see what life is like from a Childless Momma's view. I also can't stand "perfect blogs".  You know the ones..perfect life, perfect hubby, perfect kids....perfect house...anyway..not everyone has a perfect life...which i…

10 Things of Thankful;)

I am linking up with (again) for TTT:) I am going to link up my post from yesterday in here, as well as try to think of 5 more...:)

6. For gifts and gift cards from great friends and family for my bday and grad.
This picture doesn't do it justice... I am looking forward to using these babies sometime SOON:) 7.I am thankful for a brother who I can talk to who is also in the similar work field than me. He understands stuff that other people don't. 8. I am thankful for the SUN:) It finally came out today!!! 9. I took a picture today on my phone, but it wont upload to FB, therefore, not allowing me to save and paste here..anyway...I had my usual Friday routine this morning...I got my Magazines, Starbucks, and sat outside in the sun. I had a lovely couple of hours before work. 10. I cleaned my car. It has been needing it for a few weeks..uh, I mean months. So, I am thankful…


I am blessed to be linking up with this week to talk about infertility.

This has become a very real and sad reality for Anker and I. And this has a special place in my heart. I haven't really talked too much about our infertile journey, but there are a few posts in which I have highlighted/touched on it.

As some of you are aware, I have PCOS (if you don't know what it is, look it up), which basically causes me not to ovulate on my own. Since finding this out (for sure) in Jan 2009 (approx.), I have been on Metformin. It has eased my cycles immensely, for which I am grateful. After trying for awhile, we (or I) started wondering why I wasn't getting pregnant. We were going to get some tests going, when I got sick in March 2010. Fast forward to August 2010; we went to the BCWCH for me to get checked out and to see if whether my body could indeed carry a baby. I was thought that I was told that we could cautiously go ahead with getting pregnant. I wa…

Frustration and Stress....

I was debating about even whether I should post this or not. It isn't a very positive one, and it doesn't paint either of us in a positive light. But, life isn't always happy, happy, joy, joy, right?

Honestly? It has been a week. I am very stressed. Finances, Marriage, name it, I am stressed.

I feel kind of bad that I didn't just keep with the job. I may have come to enjoy it. I KNEW that it wasn't the job for me. I can tell when a job is right for me, or not. But on the other hand, we NEED the money. I am not getting as many hours as I would like at the store.

Hubby is sick, and got into a bit of a funk last week. Our house is a mess. Anker has stuff (projects) scattered through out our place. I don't even want to have anyone set foot in it. Our place is too small.

 We both have colds. Anker got really sick on Monday, and is still in the throes of it. He won't go the walk in clinic, even though we both know that he has an infection. I got a so…

5 on Friday (Thankful Thursday)

Well, since I will be joining/linking up with KK tomorrow (if she has it),I thought I would do FF today. It was a bit of work coming up with 5 things this week...but here they are..

1. Hot Iced Tea. You should try it:) I had it a few times when I was growing up, and I tried it today, as I have a cold (more on that in my next post). It is very good. In Canada, we also put lemon juice in our iced it gives it that lemony goodness.
2. Wendy's Frosty. I stopped off on the way home from work last night, as Anker wanted a Frosty, and since I was getting a sore throat, I would wanted one too. I had the rest of it this morning. DELISH! 3. Our church gave me a GC for Chapters/Indigo, and I needed to buy a journal. So, off I went. The one I bought was pink (my fav colour right now) and ON SALE! This picture makes it look like it is red, but it is pink. Honest. 4. I also got a grocery list. I LOVE their funny notes, etc. I have been trying to figure out if I wanted to buy it for awh…

A Follow up Father's Day Post

I would be remiss to acknowledge how hard Father's Day can be on some people. There are people who have lost their dad, or who are estranged, who have a terrible relationship with their fathers, or who are not yet fathers themselves.

It can also remind us Childless Parents yet again that we don't have kids. Father's Day doesn't affect me quite like MD does. I think because MD has to do with, well, me. FD doesn't affect Anker the way it affects me. As reflected in yesterday's post, he doesn't let it bother him. It doesn't even really affect me much anymore, which I am thankful.

There a lot of people, however who for them, FD is awful. I find it very interesting that there are usually a lot more MD cards than FD ones. When I was shopping online for the store for FD cards, there were none..oh, there was FD stuff; cups, ties, etc., but no cards, which I found very interesting. I also recall a story that Mom heard from someone quite awhile ago, where a pris…

Just Daddy and Me:) (A Father's Day Post)

I was going through my photos that I have on my computer and on FB, and I sadly have very few of just my dad, and even fewer of Dad and myself. There are a lot from the past; I have a lot more in photo albums, that I could scan if our scanner was working. I DO have a few that I can and will post on here...

My dad and I are actually more alike that Mom and I, I think. We have a lot of similar personalities, and our make up is similar, as well. He was 25 (?) when I was born, and he is in his 60's now. It seems old to type it, but he really doesn't look or act old. He is still very involved on our farm's daily activities, and his a fully paid pastor at our church. He really quite a hoot. He starts off quiet and can seem a bit, well, dull, and not "into" people at times, but he really does have quite the sanguine personality!

 As a father, he is fantastic. He loves spending time with his kids. When I was taking my Driver's Ed classes, we would go into town once a…

Getting Connected:)

I am FINALLY (re) joining Twitter. Please follow me @the2ws. I am also on Pinterest Here is my link: And I am also on Instgram. It is aprilnanker. I am a serious Pinterest Addict:) I used to be on it EVERYDAY, but I am now on a few times a week...I LOVE it, which I stay away from it:) I am loving Twitter, too. Anker joined Twitter, and so I decided to rejoin:) I had joined awhile back, but everytime I logged in, it would forget my password. Now that I have a cell phone, I thought it would be fun to try again. Speaking of mobiles, and many apps do you have your cell phone? I tried to have FB, but it kept messing up my phone, so I deleted it. I do have Pinterest and Instagram..and am thinking of adding Twitter. I guess no one can add EVERY app to their phone, right? I just usually book mark them, to save a little time.

Ten Things of Thankful (pt 2) and Graduation Day!!

Well, I am still a bit confused as to whether the blog hop is in one or two parts...but I thought I would do 5+ more things that I am thankful for this week....So, here goes...

1. Strapless Bras. Whoever invented them is a genius. Just sayin.

2. Having Spencer West talk at my graduation (more on that in a bit). I am ashamed to say that I hadn't heard of him before today. I got to have my picture taken with him.
This guy is my new hero:) 3. My lil nephew. He came to my grad (he left for a bit during the ceremony) and he had lunch with us. He is such an awesome lil guy! 4. For beautiful vistas. I went to my friends for my bday party with my girl friends from church, and I LOVE her view. I think it is actually better than the view we have at the farm! Everytime I go there, I usually take a few pictures... Her view faces the North Thompson River...and houses across the it. 5A. A fully loaded Starbucks card! And also the fact that I have not one, but TWO free drinks (other…

Ten things to be Thankful (pt 1) Blog Hop

I am linking up with (among others) for Ten Thankful Things. I will do part two tomorrow:)  Here are the first 5 things that I am thankful for this week...(please refer to this post)

5 on Friday Link up

Well, despite having a somewhat crazy week, there are a lot of things to be thankful for, and that I regarded as favourites this week...probably more...but here are a few..

1. This lovely dress from Penningtons. I usually don't wear dresses, but I have a few, and I haven't had a sun/maxi dress, in well, forever..I love it!!!! I wasn't going to get a new dress, but I am so glad I did:)

I love the back, too...
2. And to add to that...(which I will consider the same new hair cut:) I rarely go to expensive salons; I usually go to the cheap ones, and why not, when I can get what I want there? 3. I got my first pair of wedged shoes. I quite like them:) Okay, you really can't see the wedges... Not sure if these are the exact ones, but close enough:) Apparently, wedged shoes are very popular, as a lot of girls wore them at grad:) They did squish my left baby toe, but hey, they looked nice:) 4. My friend gave me a gift card to a local spa to have a p…

My Single Sis, V(SUYL)

I am loving all of the blog link ups I have been seeing lately:) At least 4 (?)!!! Well, today, Kelly, at is doing a link up for Singles:) So, I am going to introduce you to my sister, V. For safety reasons, I wont use her full name. But here is her picture...
Doesn't she look like me? Well, V is in her early 20's, and is showing me up in more ways than one. We are nearly 16 years apart; she was my baby doll, then I got to boss her around:) I love that in the last few years we are finally getting closer, as women, and sisters. We have SO MUCH fun when we are together. She has a heart for God, can make a pie that will make Buddy Valastro cry, and is an amazing cook! She wants to get into midwifery, and would love to go overseas to get her training. She LOVES kids, and can't wait to have her own dozen!! She LOVES the farm life (animals mostly), and but also loves to get dressed up. She loves to shop, and hang out with her girlfriends (and sisters). S…

When A Door Closes...

I don't usually post twice in day, but when I saw a post to link up with, well, you know me, I HAD to do it:) Click on my previous post to take a look:)

Well, the job that I have I don't have any more. I won't get into it all, but suffice it to say, it wasn't for me. I had a 25 minute commute ( I know to most people it isn't a big deal, when your car is a bit of a gas guzzler it is), and I had to be on call the time. That was the main reason for me not staying. I also am not comfortable driving late at night in a car that isn't 100% reliable (granted, that would be fixed if we had more, and I know a not so-great-boss when I see one. I have had my share of really bad and abusive bosses, and even yesterday, I could tell that we wouldn't get along. The other reason was that it wasn't what I thought that it was going to be. It was working in a residential home, and taking care of their needs, plus running the house. I won't go into all the p…

Beautiful British Columbia

Yay! I have found yet another blog to link up with!! I love link up days/s posts:) Today, I am linking up with to share where we live. Most of the ladies are from the States, so I think it is called the State link up, or something. is what I love about my PROVINCE:)

1. The Ocean. I love it. I don't swim in it as much I as would like, but I love going to the seashore:) I love pretty much any body of water.

2. The mountains. They are so beautiful and mighty.

3. The farm land. 'Nuff said.

4. The desert-like weather. I love that we get +30C weather in the summer. Our winters are not too terribly cold or long, either.

5. That we have (mostly) 4 seasons:) Yup, we have all four.

6. Our world-famous golf courses, wine, beer (although I don't drink), and ski-hills, and restaurants, and fishing spots.

7. On how some of our province-no wait-MOST of our province looks like places in Europe:)

8. Nelly Furtado, Ryan Reynolds, and Josh…