Ten Things of Thankful (pt 2) and Graduation Day!!

Well, I am still a bit confused as to whether the blog hop is in one or two parts...but I thought I would do 5+ more things that I am thankful for this week....So, here goes...

1. Strapless Bras. Whoever invented them is a genius. Just sayin.

2. Having Spencer West talk at my graduation (more on that in a bit). I am ashamed to say that I hadn't heard of him before today. I got to have my picture taken with him.
This guy is my new hero:)
3. My lil nephew. He came to my grad (he left for a bit during the ceremony) and he had lunch with us. He is such an awesome lil guy!
4. For beautiful vistas. I went to my friends for my bday party with my girl friends from church, and I LOVE her view. I think it is actually better than the view we have at the farm! Everytime I go there, I usually take a few pictures...
Her view faces the North Thompson River...and houses across the way...love it.
5A. A fully loaded Starbucks card! And also the fact that I have not one, but TWO free drinks (other than the money that is already loaded) on it:) This makes me happy! 5B. I have (re) discovered warmed up chocolate chunk cookies at SBX. YUMMY!
6. Our Kitty:) He has helped us this week...he totally calms us down, and KNOWS when we are upset, and comes and cuddle beside us.
7.. My Weekly mags. I don`t know what it is about them...but I LOVE read these nearly ever week! I love PEOPLE, and US WEEKLY, and I also get (not all the time) Women`s World. These are my therapy.
8. Fans. Love `èm!!
9.My job at the store. I love it:) I barely call it a job, it is so fun.
10. I already said this yesterday, but I love new clothes and shoes:)
Ok...on to my grad...well, on to my week, really...
On Wednesday, I spent it doing errands, having coffee, blogging, etc. I grabbed my box of Avon that had come in, and I came home and did some Avon business. I went to my friends out of town (picture above), to celebrate my birthday:) We do this with all of the girls in our group. We had a nice evening with friend chicken, and salads, and Tiramasu for dessert. I got GCs for the movie theatre, $50 in SBX card, for a pedicure, and for Tim Hortons I may have had an iced tea and cookie while having my pedicure...maybe. We had a nice time visiting outside, then went inside went it got too chilly. I came home around 9 or so. Hubby was having a blah night, so I spent the rest of the night cheering him up.
Thursday, I spent it RUNNING around. I got my hair cut, shopped for new shoes, got a new dress, and then hubby and I went to Arbys for supper. Came home and his sister called, so we talked for an hour.
Friday....GRAD DAY!!!
I woke up early, as I had to be there at 830, and the ceremony was at 10. Hubby drove me down, and I met up with some of my classmates. We got gowned, stolled, and capped:) We stood around for an hour just waiting around for it to start.
I met up with Anker outside, when he came with Mom, Dad, K, V and Bebop, and I gave him my purse and phone...he took this picture of me. I am holding my name tag.
....AAANNDDD then it started...SO FUN! I found out after I sat down that they had awesome seats, otherwise I would have looked over and waved (he got a very blurry picture of me walking in).
The ceremony was really fun. I was homeschooled, and I never had been to a graduation ceremony like this. I enjoyed very second of it. As I mentioned above we had an AMAZING motivational speaker, Spencer West who, at a young age, had his legs amputated from the hips down due to degenerative disease. He is the COOLEST guy ever. That is not to say that he hasn't had his fair share of disappointments. I thought his message was very encouraging, and uplifting.
Then it was time for us to get our papers;)

I was excited, but I was very nervous as to what to do, and I didn't want to forget to do anything.

Me with my Fake Certificate..they give you the real ones after you leave the stage.
After everyone in our related field (not just our class, but Education and SW) got their degrees, etc. it was picture time,
Me and my Sister.

My Dad, My Sister, Me, and My Mom (yes, my dad is carrying my moms purse. We should have told him to ditch it. lol:)

                                     Me and Bebop:) I wanted a picture of him with my hat.
Me and Hubby:)

Me and my sisters:)
Well, that was it. After lunch, they took us home, and we went out for coffee. The evening we just hung out and relaxed:)
Tomorrow, I hope to do a Fathers Day post:)


Considerer said…
The view from your friend's house looks gorgeous! Congratulations on your graduation - it looks like you had a fantastic day.

For clarity, the blog hop is open all weekend for people to link up, but is in one part (as it were) - I anticipate that people will either link up once with their ten things, or have the option of sharing consecutive days as you have done. Thanks for continuing to join in - it's great to hear about the things worth celebrating in your life at the moment.
Kristi said…
I had not heard of Spencer West, either, but a quick google search revealed quite an inspirational guy! How cool that you got to hear him speak.
Kristi Campbell said…
I'd never heard of Spencer West either. Incredible story (I just Googled him too!). Congratulations on your graduation and on a fully loaded Starbucks card. I really enjoyed all of your photos!
in the coop said…
Wow, to wake up to a view like that...marvelous.
Congratulations on your graduation!! So many people dread such ceremonies, it makes me happy to read about your excitement throughout the day.
Cracks me up that you started with strapless bras. :)
Thank you for linking up with us!
yah, well....I think they are genious...:) Thanks for leaving comments, ladies!!
Lisa Nelson said…
Awesome! Congratulations on the graduation!

My kids are homeschooled as well, but we belong to a coop and they do graduations and promotions - cap and gowns included. I'm glad you finally got that experience!

Wow, what a great speaker. It's amazing the paths people travel and how they inspire us!

Look at the landscape! Amazing!

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