Frustration and Stress....

I was debating about even whether I should post this or not. It isn't a very positive one, and it doesn't paint either of us in a positive light. But, life isn't always happy, happy, joy, joy, right?

Honestly? It has been a week. I am very stressed. Finances, Marriage, name it, I am stressed.

I feel kind of bad that I didn't just keep with the job. I may have come to enjoy it. I KNEW that it wasn't the job for me. I can tell when a job is right for me, or not. But on the other hand, we NEED the money. I am not getting as many hours as I would like at the store.

Hubby is sick, and got into a bit of a funk last week. Our house is a mess. Anker has stuff (projects) scattered through out our place. I don't even want to have anyone set foot in it. Our place is too small.

 We both have colds. Anker got really sick on Monday, and is still in the throes of it. He won't go the walk in clinic, even though we both know that he has an infection. I got a sore throat last night, and it is a full blown sore throat this morning. It is raining. I also went back to my old job. I didn't want to, but they called me the other day, as one of their girls quit on the spot, and they were wanting me to work until they find someone else. But, we need the money. What am I supposed to do? I am only working 2 days a week (at my old job), as any more than that, well, I will lose my patience. I worked Tuesday and last night, and it wasn't that bad. I am still dropping off resumes, and I am getting some good responses, so that makes me hopeful. And September will be here before we all know it!

Our marriage isn't perfect, and anyone would be lying (bloggers, etc) if they said that their marriage was. No marriage is. I am thankful for who God gave me, but we go through some interesting things, that is for sure. We don't always see eye to eye on things. We are not always on the same page. He has a workshop in our one-bedroom apartment. It is in the kitchen. You do the math.

Our cat decided to throw up on our duvet/duvet cover on Monday morning. That made more extra work for me. I was not happy. I nearly threw the cat away. I was one ticked fur-baby momma!!! But hey, he's our baby. And duvets/covers/sheets are washable.

I am thankful that I can talk with my brother about work/school-related stuff, since he is in the similar field as me. I talked with him yesterday about not taking the job. He totally understood where I was coming from. So, I felt better after talking with him. He is a cool brother like that.

I am also thankful that I got two free drinks from SBX JUST from doing a survey! I am almost through my bday sbx money. True story. Even I am surprised that I went through it so fast. I guess buying Anker coffee didn't help much. And buying their lovely sammies and cookies:) I love warming up their chocolate chunk cookie in the micro..DELISH!

I (re)joined Twitter on Sunday. The jury is still out on whether I like it. I only have 57 followers, and no one re-tweets me:( I DO like it for news, though.

Well, I guess that is all for now. Enough complaining for one week. There is a Starbucks drink waiting for me with my name on it.


Considerer said…
It sounds as though you've had a tough week and it's never easy when the challenges keep piling up, but hang on in there :)

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