5 on Friday!

Yay! It's the weekend! And even better, it is my birthday weekend! I love birthdays! I don't know that we will be doing too much, because, as usual, we are a bit tight financially, but if we have a nice day together, I will be happy. It is supposed to be a great wknd, weather-wise, too!!! It is clouding up right now; but I spent an hour this morning on our deck, journaling and enjoying the sun. I was hard pressed to only find 5 (more) things this Friday, but here they are...

 1. Ok, Techinally, the two pics are one...SLUSHIES! An FB friend of mine was talking about how she loved an iced tea slushie, and I wanted to try it, but not knowing where to find it, I thought I would make my own. I had iced tea, and cranberry. Straight up juice and ice. That is all. It was very good.
 2. My balcony. I know to some of you, it looks awful, but to me, I love it. I love sitting out here in the mornings, or in the evenings, and reading or journaling, and spying on people..uh, I mean, people watching!
 3. The Big Bang Theory. I love this show! We started getting into it when it came on right after the news; we both laugh a lot over this show. I have got seasons 1 and 2 from our library. I am already done the first disc on season 1. I may watch some more over the weekend. (for the record, I don't believe that the BBT happened,  nor do I like some of their "theories" in the show, but other than that, I love it).

4. I finally finished UNTIL THE END OF TIME, and I am about half finished THE JUDGMENT (does anyone else think that word is spelt wrong?).  I have to read it at work, as I haven't bought it yet (our library didn't have that book in the series). I love Ms. Lewis' books. Even if you aren't a Christian, or don't read Christian fiction, you should read it. FYI, Ms. Steel has two small stories in one in the "Time" book, and the last one was about an Amish girl. I didn't think she portrayed the Amish in the best light...but that could be just me. There were a few things that she wrote that I didn't think were true.

5. T-shirts (yes, I like bright colours).I am not a big regular boring t-shirt person, they look awful on me, and they don't do anything for me. I love these, though. The red one (top) I bought at Target, the middle from Avon (I am getting another one from them..I am so excited), which sadly has some stains on it, but I wear it anyway. The pink one I got I think from Walmart. I love them all. I wish I had 10 of each colour:)

I still have a few that I will save for next week (even if I do SUYL, I will still do this); a salad that I have been making this week, and one of my new favourite colours:)

Happy Friday!


Considerer said…
I, too, love Big Bang Theory and think that my balcony is *so* chic! Yours is lovely.

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