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I thought I would put "Exploring my Family History" for Five things Friday, but since I have SO many other favourites for this week (I am having of fun thinking, planning, and deciding on what to put in for this week...and taking lots of pics of my fav things of the week), I thought I would do this as a separate post.

First though..just a quick health update...not having the healthiest of days..I am not overly worried, as it is probably because I have had too much fluid:( I feel very full, and I feel like I am out of breath a lot. I get like this once in a while for a day or so. I am not blue, and I use my mask at night, so unless it gets worse, I won't worry about it.

Ok...moving on...

I was working on a project for our website  regarding my grandparents' love story. She wanted it down in 10 days. I got it done in about a month. Because I am slow and forgetful, and a procrastinator like that. I finally finished it about 5 minutes ago. Although it was frustrating trying to get information, and I have spent the last school year writing papers, I actually had some fun digging up info, and writing it out.

I think family history is amazing!!! I love hearing the stories of our grandparents. I remember being young, and being with grandpa and his oldie goldie friends, and being bored silly because of all the stories of history that they were telling. What I wouldn't do now to sit down and chat with them all. Perhaps when I get to heaven we will all get to chat:)

One of the things I am watching, and a bit into, is Who Do you think You are?. I love seeing celebrities tracing their family roots.
I even got the first season from the library!! I currently record the series when it comes on TV.
Watching this show makes me want to do more digging into both sides of my family's roots. I would love to back to my family's ranch back in the 1940's, and be a fly on the wall, seeing how they lived. Can you imagine. Everything they did on the ranch took time, energy, and resources, and of course, patience. There was never any free time during the day, and what little free time they did have, they spent with their family in the evening. The ranch didn't get electricity until the 1950`s, so most of what they did was done by the natural light of the sun, and by the lamp at night. Everything they did they did with purpose.
I know their lives were hard, but they very rarely complained. It was just the way it was. Everything day did was an adventure, and they looked at it, and took it on as such. Even having babies was an adventure!
My greatgramma was 8 months pregnant, when she went by canoe in the middle of December from the ranch to Kamloops to have my Great Uncle Ted. I happened to read the letter she wrote to her sister, and she proclaimed that the entire trip was an adventure!
Anyway, as usual, this post isn't make sense, so I will just conclude that I think family history is amazing, maybe I should have gone into ancestry, or genealogy or something. I think that would have been great fun!
We are finally getting some sunny weather again! That makes
me very happy! (that is 86F for my American friends)

I spent today and yesterday at the park, surrounded by books and magazines. I am trying very hard to not get burnt again. I also spent time outside on our balcony, where hubby has very lovingly made a bit of a city garden. He also has solar lights spread around the balcony, which is very nice:) I spent some time both evenings relaxing and reading my book.

And who wouldn't want to sink your teeth into this yummy treat?
Google or Pinterest Cronut. I dare you NOT to want to try it (or at least to not want to pin it). I wish our local bakery made it, but alas, it is only found (for now) in a bakery in NYC.
Well, I guess you could call this a pre-5 things Friday:) I have SO many, that I may have to make it 10 things Friday:)
Happy Wednesday!


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