I am now in Instagram, and a Weekly Wrap-up!

Here is my link...since I have no clue on how to put this on the side like the other bloggers I have seen, I will just put it here..I also have to put a Pinterest and Twitter icon.

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I was trying to find the link/icons or whatever they are called for FB, Twitter, and Pinterest, but I cant seem to find them now..oh well.

So, my weekly wrap up..who likes this? I do it partially so that I don't forget what we did over the weeks and months...I do go into more detail in my journal, but I don't do that here, so as not to bore you.

First, thank you for all the kind comments on my last few blog posts:) That is all very sweet. I enjoy writing, and I want to the world to see what life is like from a Childless Momma's view. I also can't stand "perfect blogs".  You know the ones..perfect life, perfect hubby, perfect kids....perfect house...anyway..not everyone has a perfect life...which is another reason why I blog:)

Ok..on to the week:)

I now have the full-blown cold, thanks to hubby and Bebop. It isn't terrible, but neither do I feel like doing much, and I also have a headache, but I am we need the cash, so I am at work. It is quiet, as usual, so I am just sitting here, sort of relaxing. I did do some dusting of shelves, and I may clean the bathroom later...I have been doing that every Saturday.

So, Sunday, Anker and I went to church..it was Fathers Day, but we didn't end up doing anything too exciting. We took our friend out for lunch, as her hubby was away for the day. We went to A&W, where we were a bit disappointed, but it was fun to hang out anyway. Went home and had a nap, then just hung out for the evening.

Monday, I had a few errands to run, and I met up with Mom, who was going to on a trip, so we met up before she left. I worked in the afternoon. Tuesday, I worked at the store, and then I grabbed lunch, and went to my next job. I have gone back to my old job a couple of days a week, as one of their girls quit, and they were looking for someone to cover until they found someone else.  By this time, Anker had gotten really sick.  He should have gone to the doctor, but our doctor wasn't available, and he didn't want to go to a WI clinic.  Weds, I hung out and relaxed, which was nice. I grabbed a coffee, and dropped off some more resumes. Went to work, and we had Wendys for a late supper. Thursday, was my only full day off. I relaxed in the morning, and ran some errands in the afternoon. I was quite tired, so after I came home, I had a nap. I did a few more things (computer, I think), and cleaned out our car, since I thought that I would be picking mom up from the bus. That didn't happen since their plans got changed. But I have a clean car anyway. Yesterday, I hung out in the morning, checking up on the Calgary flooding. Man, is that NUTS!!!
This came up on my FB newsfeed this morning. This was seen in Calgary. I think it was very timely:)
I have lots of friends and family there, so my heart is there right now. I also lived there for nearly 6 years before moving back here.
In case you didn't believe me, this is a true picture of HWY 1 (TransCanada HWY).
Ok, so back to my week...oh yes..where did we leave off?
Yes..Yesterday..Friday. I love Fridays. That is when my magazines come out. Yes, I am a bit of a mag junkie!!! Even if I can't afford the People or US Weekly mags, I will get a Woman's World. Love those mags. So, I sat outside in the sun and read while I drank my "coffee". Fun times. I went to work. We had Subway for supper..YUM! Then I spent most of the evening on our balcony, where I journalled, and I read nearly a quarter of my book that I finally got started on! I am reading Beverly Lewis' book (Trilogy) called The Mercy. I still haven't read Sarahs Key or The Pianist yet. I had to get them out of the library again. It was National Aboriginal Day (the first, I think), and Anker found that there was fireworks, so we ended up spending nearly an hour outside waiting for them to start. They were really good. I love where we live...we have a pretty good view of everything/where from our view.
I also am nearly half way done The Big Bang Theory. I love that show. Not sure if I would buy the entire series and re-watch it over again, like I do with Friends, but you never know:)
I guess that is my week in a nutshell. Here is something funny I will leave you with. Again, I found this (as I do most things) on my newsfeed this morning...pretty funny...aaaand..correct!


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