My Single Sis, V(SUYL)

I am loving all of the blog link ups I have been seeing lately:) At least 4 (?)!!! Well, today, Kelly, at is doing a link up for Singles:) So, I am going to introduce you to my sister, V. For safety reasons, I wont use her full name. But here is her picture...
Doesn't she look like me?
Well, V is in her early 20's, and is showing me up in more ways than one. We are nearly 16 years apart; she was my baby doll, then I got to boss her around:) I love that in the last few years we are finally getting closer, as women, and sisters. We have SO MUCH fun when we are together. She has a heart for God, can make a pie that will make Buddy Valastro cry, and is an amazing cook! She wants to get into midwifery, and would love to go overseas to get her training. She LOVES kids, and can't wait to have her own dozen!! She LOVES the farm life (animals mostly), and but also loves to get dressed up. She loves to shop, and hang out with her girlfriends (and sisters). She loves The Hunger Games series, and loves to read.
Well, if you have a son/brother/nephew/grandson about her age, well, contact me first:) 


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